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Check out this interview with @wholesomecook where she shares how she achieves her beautiful Instagram photos {particularly delicious food photos!}, including her favourite Apps for editing. Read it now!

Howdy! Today I’m bringing you another Instagram superstar, and I think you’re going to finish this post feeling rather inspired and hungry. Enjoy.

Tell us a little about you.

My name is Martyna Angell and I’m a Polish-born Australian living in Sydney with my husband Matt, his two wonderful kids and our Jack Russell terrier, Kasha.

Food has always been a true passion of mine, so everything I do connects back to it. I’m a wholefood writer behind the popular allergy-friendly Wholesome Cook blog, a place where I share low sugar recipes with options for various intolerances and diets intertwined with stories from my daily life.

I am a regular columnist at Nourish Magazine and author of the recently published print cookbook, The Wholesome Cook, a real food wellness guide based around the notion of bioindividuality.

I’m also a keen food stylist and photographer for a number of clients, and an avid Instagrammer – I’ve made so many amazing connections on here that have translated into real life friendships and partnerships. Honestly, it’s a place that inspires me every day.

How did you get into photography or photo-taking? When did it all begin for you?

When it comes to photography and food styling, they became my second passion by default. To me, a cookbook or food blog without relevant emotive food photography is just a collection of notes that can never truly ‘speak’ to my desire to cook good food, because food is a sensory experience.

What do you love taking photos of most? {What’s your favourite subject matter?}

My iPhone’s camera roll is always full. It’s much easier to convey many of the wonderful aspects of cooking through imagery, so it tends to be an important aspect of what I do on my insta both @wholesomecook and @thewholesomecookbook.


Aside from the countless photos of food, I also love nature, architecture, travel and capturing precious family moments. I keep those more private, though printing some as magnets for the fridge, framing others or helping my step-daughter make a memory picture wall in her wall. We often look at them just before bedtime and reminisce.

What are your favourite Apps for editing?

I adore the simplicity and imaginative filters of VSCO Cam – I have a few favourite presets that I use almost on all my images. F2 is my favourite filter. I also like the slightly more subdued T1 but I apply it more to pictures I print for home. I also use Little Moments to embellish some of our family photos.

For text, I like Word Swag because it has plenty of text and layout options to choose from. Snapseed and Camera+ are also good editing apps that give that little more control over images.
Can you share a recent favourite photo of yours – and take us through how you edited it?


I actually styled and took this photo for a smoked salmon client as part of a social media image package I was shooting for them. I took it with my iphone 5s using the native camera, then cropped it to a tighter square to fill the frame. I imported it into VSCO Cam and applied the F2 filter followed by just a small increase in sharpness. The colours popped and the whole things looked super-edible.


Thanks so much for popping by Martyna. Check out more from Martyna on her blog, and Instagram. ?