27 thoughts on “Absolutely, postively the most perfect gift ever.”

  1. You’re a gorgeous one Chantelle! Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your lovely words. Hope your ice cream party is fabulous! We’re having another one with friends this weekend as a Christmas celebration. So much fun!xoxoxox

  2. We’ve started making our own ice cream recently – whiz up 600ml of full cream, a tin of condensed milk, 2 teaspoons of ginger juice and 200 grams of melted dark chocolate (or 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence if you prefer vanilla).

    It’s super easy, super yummy and you really don’t need to eat a lot because it’s really rich.

    We haven’t tried any toppings with it yet… Not sure what would complement it!!

    Tasha xo

  3. Having been on the receiving end of Amy’s gifts I can totally testify to her being an awesome friend and cook! I LOVE this gift idea so much. x

  4. Amy really is amazing. One of the sweetest and most talented women going around. I’m so lucky to call her a real life friend and I’ve been lucky to be the recipient of many a sweet treat from her. She oozes warmth in real life. Have a fabulous party Telle! xxx

  5. This is such a great idea! I love the “just add…” gifts (like the cookie jars that have all the dry ingredients, or the hot cocoa packages…) and they always seem to work out great as “for the whole family” sort of gifts. This would be awesome for a few neighbors I’ve been thinking about gifts for!

    Oh, and I’m a praline and white chocolate girl all the way.

  6. What a lovely idea! I love making ice cream, but my trusty old ice cream turner packed it in last summer. I’ve hinted to hubby that I’d love the ice cream bowl attachment for my kitchen aid for christmas. Any ice cream churner would do though Here’s hoping.

  7. Fabulous idea, and how much do we all love Amy? If she wasn’t already married, I’d ask her to marry me… or maybe adopt me 🙂 xx

  8. My parents used to be the life of the parties when they brought their home made ice cream! Their secret? Substitute 1/2 of the white sugar with brown sugar… gives it a bit of a carmel-ly taste…. oh man, I think that just might be a “Welcome Summer Arkansas” present this year… an ice cream maker!!!!! Oh, and if it can’t be their ice cream – I do so love white chocolate mousse!

  9. Fantastic idea!! I need something for my 12 year old nephew who thinks he is quite the master chef.
    I’m going to do this with an I cream maker.
    Hope he let’s me use it!!

  10. What a fantastic idea! I am definitely bookmarking this for the future, I can already think of a few people who would love to receive one.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Chantelle!

  11. How thoughtful! I LOVE anytime ‘just because’ gifts and, assuming you set it all out, how beautiful you made it! That is a happy happy box of goodies and you’ll have happy happy guests, but I bet Amy is even happier that she gave a gift of happiness! I’m going to look at her blog now! Thanks xx
    Oh and my current favourites are: cookie dough ice cream (or strawberry cheesecake ice cream) with melted nutella and peanut butter!

  12. So I had a look at The Misadventurous Maker and it turns out Amy set it all out ( think?) Either way, it’s just great!

  13. That’s so cool! I’ve always thought of doing one, but never really had the time. I love mint chocolate chip and espresso madness, topped with Reese’s hardening peanut butter shell. YUM 😀

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