Christmas leftovers: Magic fried rice

This is a sponsored post for Woolworths.


I’m calling this fried rice magic, because it is. After the food coma many of us put ourselves through yesterday {did you do lots and lots of delicious eating too?}, it’s nice to be able to having something as simple and soothing as rice. Fried rice.

I surprised myself with this dish. My Dad used to make fried rice regularly, and I never liked it. I’ve learnt over the years that the trick lies in the rice, it can’t be fresh. It needs to be day old. I’m not quite clever enough to think to make the rice the day before, so I keep a few of those microwave rices in the cupboards for times like these. They make the perfect rice.


This dish is also magic because it helps empty out the fridge a little bit, you can use leftovers from yesterdays lunch or dinner. Get creative. I cut up a bit of my ham, and kept aside a few fresh prawns to put on top to make it feel fancy. I like fancy {in case you didn’t know}. This is an adapted version of this fried rice recipe from the Woolworths website.


1 tbs vegetable oil
4 cups cooked rice {or the quick rice in the pack – naughty but easy!}
2 tbs soy sauce
4 green shallots, thinly sliced
2 eggs, whisked
A handful of Christmas ham, sliced
3/4 cup of frozen peas
1 tbs butter
10 peeled prawns
And/or any other leftovers you have – corn, capsicum, snowpeas, roast pork…


♥ In a large frying pan {or wok} over high heat, place the vegetable oil and swirl to cover the base. Add the ham and brown for 1 minute. Add the shallots and peas. Stir-fry for 1 minute.
♥ Reduce the heat to medium and pour the eggs over the vegetables. Stir to break up the egg and cook until set. Add rice and sauce to frying pan. Stir to mix through the sauce and make sure all the rice is heated through. Once cooked through, place into your serving bowl.
♥ Place butter into frying pan and toss the prawns in. Once cooked through top the rice with the prawns and a few extra shallots. Serve.

How was your Christmas? Did you indulge a little, or a lot?

This is my final post for Woolworths this year. I want to thank them dearly for counting down to Christmas with me. It’s been a fun ride, with lots of delicious food along the way. Thank you Woollies!



9 thoughts on “Christmas leftovers: Magic fried rice”

  1. You know, I couldn’t eat fried rice for years because my mum put Chinese Five Spice in hers and that shit is the devil’s business. I used to have to go outside I hated the smell so much. Thank goodness I came to my senses! Good one, mum.

  2. I couldnt eat rice for about 5 years after spending 2 weeks in indonesia. Total rice overload. Rice for morning, noon and night.

    Love it now… especially good fried rice.

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