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‘Twas the morning before Christmas…

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This is a sponsored post for Woolworths.


‘Twas the morning before Christmas and all were asleep.
Hubby was having a lazy lie in
And from the little one I hadn’t heard a peep.
The house was sparkling clean {mostly}
And the guests were arriving
To impress them all I was a-striving.
The presents were wrapped,
The tree was bright
I was so happy I may have clapped.

The rhyming has to stop, doesn’t it?

I’m not actually here right now. My blog is publishing this for me while I’m out getting supplies before the crowds arrive. I’m probably in the fruit and vegetable department humming along to the carols while filling my trolley with juicy mangoes and sweet cherries…

There’s lots on my to-do list. Big Sis and Ma are already here, but today everyone else arrives too. Our house will be full. It’s kinda what I’ve always wanted. We hosted Christmas in our teeny apartment most years, but this is different. This feels real.

Today I’ll be cooking a Tim Tam tart, and a chocolate pavlova too. I’ll whip up my cob dip for afternoon tea, which we’ll eat out on the balcony as the sun goes down. Lacey will open her Christmas Eve present – a pair PJs which she gets every Easter and Christmas. We’ll take a stroll around and check out the Christmas lights in our neighbourhood and finish the night with an ice cream sundae party. Does life get better?

And we’ll sprinkle magic reindeer food on the front lawn so Santa knows how to find us.


{Magic reindeer food: Just go to the baking section of Woollies and grab some goodies. I got oats, green sugar and 100s and 100s – place them in a jar and shake}.

So I’m most definitely not here. I’m with the hundreds of others getting their last minute fresh food and stuff for the biggest day of the year {Yes, Woolworths is open today – check out the opening hours here}. How are you spending Christmas Eve? Will you be at the shops? At home?

P.S. If you’re a total last-minuter {I know there are some out there} you can check out Woollies for recipe inspiration. Crispy roast pork and apple stuffing, or Christmas shortbread, or even classic Christmas trifle?

  • Erin

    Tim Tam Tart!!! Perhaps a recipe post in the future please?! Merry Christmas!

    • Mahi

      My thoughts exactly Erin!

    • I’ve shared it on my blog before – but I’ll definitely share again. 🙂

  • Sandra Peters

    No shops today for me – just put the pork in the oven to take to a friends tonight – Merry Xmas Chantelle!

  • We do the reindeer food but we put glitter in ours instead of 100s and 1000s then sprinkle it around the house so then the shine from Rudolph’s nose makes the glitter shine:) Kids love making it every year:) Merry Christmas everyone!!

  • barb from australia

    Merry Christmas, Chantelle…
    I did the last of my cherries and grapes shopping yesterday…….
    My son and his wife are coming later today and my middle daughter and a friend and his mum will be here for lunch tomorrow,…will be a lovely day..
    Barb from Australia

    ps..I love doing the Photo a day..but still can’t join up with your page…I post mine on fb and my blog…..

    • Merry Christmas Barb. Can you remind what you mean by ‘can’t join up with your page’? I’d love to help. x

  • twopointfivekids

    Sadly I too am making an emergency dash to the shops as I forgot my darn LIST when I when to do an organised shop on Friday!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours Chantelle, its been lovely getting to know you this year. xxx
    Lisa @ Two Point Five Kids

  • Julie

    Yum a Tim Tam tart. I definitely want the recipe for that!

  • Sounds magical, Telle xx

  • First – Merry CHRISTmas to all!!! Since we celebrate with me, my 40 yr old bro and our parents, we don’t really do the whole kit and kaboodle any more! But, I am still enjoying the Holiday Cheer!!!!

    Second – Today I am declining a trip to grocery store with my parents to sit at home and color my hair!!!

    Third – a call to my past foster daughter… our foster grand-daughter (she’s 18 now), has just went into remission from cancer… and her personality has done a 180! Before leukemia, she wanted to be a doc, straight A’s, awesome girl – after she has run away, sleeping with every guy she can find, and is running amuck. (prayers, good thoughts, all needed please???)

    Fourth – getting my CHRISTmas present from my bro – he’s taking me to see “The Hobbit” and getting me concessions!!! (I love my bro – he’s actually a genius… but never remembers to buy presents! So, this present was my suggestion… hey, then I know I will get what I want!!!!)

    That is pretty much my whole day as I see it now at 10am in Arkansas USA. (I did the mad dash to Walmart after church yesterday – not a happy face in sight – so I hung my iTouch around my neck, turned on my Holiday Upbeat playlist and went up and down the aisles singing along with the songs!!! Amazing how that changes the looks on peoples’ faces – first comes the “where is that music coming from?” look, next is the “OMGoodness, I need to avoid that lady, she’s crazy” look, then comes “Oh, hey, that’s Christmas music!” look, and usually, lastly, a SMILE! Hey, who can resist a fat lady bouncing around and enjoying a Birthday!)

    • I adore your enthusiasm and energy! I’d love to run into you in the supermarket. Wishing and hoping that 2013 is the year that your foster grand-daughter makes a change, for the better. x