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A new little princess.

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I’m writing this as a mama to two beautiful princesses. Last Wednesday I welcomed a little girl into the world, Luella Blue.

I want to write the whole story but I’m at that baby blues stage where everything makes me cry {all happy tears} and I know I’ll flood my keyboard putting it all together. I’ll write it soon though and can’t wait to share the beautiful details. If ever I had any concerns of not having enough love, well turns out your heart just kinda explodes and fills with enough room to love two little people, and a lot more. I just couldn’t love her more. And here come the tears.

I’ll be around still, but my focus will be soaking up my new little person and my family of four. Some of my favourite bloggers have written pieces for me to share here, plus I’ve been making recipes over these past few months that you’ll see over the coming months, among other posts. I did plan on writing a post titled ‘Maternity Leave’ or something like that explaining my plans, but little Luella arrived early and I didn’t get the chance. Cheeky monkey.

For those that have wished us well on social media, emails and messages, a huge thank you. Usually I’d reply or acknowledge your kind words, but my hands are pretty full {much like my heart} at the moment.

Before I get back to baby-gazing, I put together this page so if you need me for something you might find answers here – otherwise I will try and respond when I can.

Now back to my beautiful baby girl. Here’s a quick snap from this morning while she was napping. Sigh. I love her. Have I said that already?

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 1.51.32 PM

I love her so much. I truly do. Somebody pass me the tissues. xx