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40 Gifts For A 40th

Fat Mum Slim /

This month my sister will turn forty. It feels insane to be writing that because to me we’re still 7 and 10 and doing performances for anyone that would pay the 20 cents we charged them. Surely we’re not adults already?

But we are, and in fact I even asked my hairdresser to check for grey hairs this morning and she promised me that I’m all clear for the stray greys… so I’m still young-ish for a moment longer.

My sister, Sarah, is such an important person in my life. We’re three years apart in age, and we’ve been through everything together. We’re so completely different, in looks and personality, but we just get each other. I wonder if she wasn’t my sister and I met her if we’d be friends. I’m sure I’d think she was too cool for me, and too extroverted. I’d possibly be too quiet, introverted and quirky… but we’re sisters, and forced to be friends and I’m so grateful that it happened to be this way.

For Sarah’s fortieth I wanted to do something special for her. Forty is big, right? It’s a huge milestone, and a lovely, special one too. Present buying is so hard now. Everyone kinda just buys what they want and they don’t need anything, cos they’ve already got it. Sarah is about to do some traveling so I also didn’t want to get her anything that wasn’t useful… so I decided to get her 40 gifts to celebrate her 40 years of life.

Heads up, this isn’t a cheap way to gift someone but it is possibly the funnest way to spoil someone you love.

The best way to do it is to get a whole heap of people to contribute to the gifts {my mum and I did this one together} and to also buy a mix of cheap and cheerful things, and less cheap things. Nothing I bought was crazy expensive. It’s also a good idea to bulk it up with super cheap things like chocolates, lollies and scratchies.

I shopped at places like the supermarket, newsagency, cheap jewellery shops, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and then other little local shops. I bought a whole heap of face and hair masks for Sarah to use on her trip.

This is a few of the gifts. Some that you can’t see include a scarf, travel toiletries, this book, make-up, crystals, make-up brushes and other useful things.

Then I wrapped everything individually, using ribbons from my ribbon stash {I keep every ribbon I ever see!} and marked them from 1 to 40, popping them into a big box.

She was so happy with them, and took hours to open them and try each gift out.

What small gifts would you like to receive?