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How To Care For Your Nails At Home

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Brought to you by Sally Hansen.

I feel like I keep harping on about this, but this year a whole lot has changed in my life. I’ve talked {and talked!} about how I’m exercising more, and saying yes to more things. I’m also saying no to a whole lot too, to things that kinda just made white noise in my life. I think time is precious and I don’t really want to waste it.

For the past few years I was spending hours every fortnight at the nail salon getting my nails done. I have weak nails, so I was getting a system put on that made them stronger and was also a little bit artificial. You know the problem with those things is that they strip back the natural nail which doesn’t always end well.

I started really resenting the money I was paying for my nails and the time I felt like I was wasting there. I started playing netball too, where long nails are a big no-no {if you haven’t played before, you’ll be interested to know they actually do a nail check before each game to make sure your nails are short enough! It’s a thing!}. So, I went from long-ish, artificial nails to short, real nails… and fast. My nails had taken a battering though. They were weak and upset with me. If they could talk… I tell you.

So I’ve been working on them at home, and they’re loving it. I’m loving it. They’re still short {because, netball!}, but so much stronger. I thought I’d share today what I’ve been doing, and how I’ve been doing it. I’ve been using the Sally Hansen Color Therapy system, which uses Argan Oil to help dry, weak {and neglected!} nails. Read more about the Color Therapy range here, and check out the colours too.

STEP ONE: Soak your nails for fifteen minutes in warm water with a splash of nice hand wash. Gently dry them off and trim to the length you like, and file back to get rid of any jagged edges.

STEP TWO: Apply two coats of colour. I go for natural, but the Color Therapy has 14 colours to choose from {lots of amazing colours}. Allow time to dry between each coat. Add a coat of the Color Therapy Top Coat. Finish with nail and cuticle oil, and go on your way.

I try and do this every two weeks while my nails are getting stronger. Thankfully it’s working. Once the netball season finishes I’ll grow my nails out, because I can!

How are your nails? Do you do them at home, at a salon or not at all? Tell me more.








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  • Barb N

    .. hi Chantelle … my nails are doing well I’m happy to say. I had the world’s worst nails until about a year ago … they peeled off in layers and just kept breaking. I used to do my own nails with acrylic.
    Then my sister suggested I use Dr Scholl Velvet Smooth oil.. This was magic for me …. my nails were wonderful … I use this every second day now. I have also added Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Eraser and Balm … I love this cream .and it’s a pretty green and white .and I use this on the alternate days . xxxx <3

  • Kym P

    Hi Chantelle, my nails are absolutely appalling and make me feel so embarrassed when I look them. My mother shouted me a manicure as a special treat a few ago (after a rough time) and I had shellac painted on them. Instant mood lift to have pretty nails. Unfortunately it was short lived when they chipped and have taken off half my nails with them. Can’t wait for the finances to allow to try some of this stuff. Hoping for some nail treatment to be on my Xmas wish list.

    • Oh, I tell you. I know how you feel. After I went from beautiful nails to no nails, I wanted to hide my nails all the time. So nice to have them looking good again.

      Hope you like it when you try it. xx

  • Lynda Delaney

    I used to get gel nails because normal nail varnish will not dry on nails.
    Like you I stopped as it wrecks the natural nail. Now I use the sally Hansen gel that doesn’t need a uv lamp and it is awesome!

  • michelle barrington

    I have been converted over to jamberry wraps and adore them.

  • Wanda White

    A base coat before the colour is a must too, stops nails get discoloured, and helps strengthen them.