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Have I told you about Scatter Love yet? If you’re a regular reader you’re probably nodding your head and saying “YES YOU HAVE”. If you’re new around here then let me give you the quickest of run downs.

Emma and I connected about a year ago and wanted to cook something up together. We’re both huge stationery-lovers, both big fans of snail mail and both creative types. We decided that the world needed more snail mail, so we decided to cook up a little project called Scatter Love. It’s a set of 10 postcards that we send out to you, that you then send on to 10 people in your life to make them happy. Happy mail of sorts.

We launched the project on the last day of January and it went kerazy {understatement!}. We’ve been pinching ourselves, and have been amazed at how beautifully embraced Scatter Love has been. It’s changed lives. It’s made people happy. We’re so super proud of this baby.

You can read about Scatter Love in more detail here, as well as find information on how to grab a set for yourself.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 6.56.54 amThe beautiful Zoe Foster Blake shared her set on Instagram yesterday. So pretty.

We have a handful of cards left from this range, and we’ve decided to make it a limited edition range – so once this stock is gone, it’s gone. We’re then going to put our heads down, bums up and start working on some lovely new things.

To celebrate how fun everything has been, and these beautiful creations – we’re giving 10 sets away. All you have to do is head over to Instagram and share a photo of what love is for you. Add the hashtag #ScatterLoveFMS

This competition is open to everyone in the world. So where ever you live, you can play along and have the chance to win. Entries open today {right now!} and they’ll close March 30th {at midnight}. We’ll pick the winners and announce them on March 31st.

Looking forward to seeing all your LOVE-ly photos. x

And the winners are…