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scatter love.

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Picture this: You walk to your mailbox and expect the usual, a pile of bills {ugh} and a heap of junk mail screaming at you to buy things you really don’t need. And that’s exactly what you get. Sound familiar?

Now, picture this: You walk to your mail, expecting the usual, you reach in and pull at the pile and papers, and as you do you glimpse something colourful. Not the colours of a gas company logo, or the bright colours of a catalogue, but something else. And as you grab for it you notice handwriting, you know that thing when people put pen to paper? Yes, that! Are you smiling? Yes? That’s why it’s called happy mail. Handwritten mail makes people happy.

Many moons ago Emma and Chantelle {me!} dreamed up a little project that would start getting smiles back on faces when people went to the mailbox, and beyond that moment too.


Introducing the Scatter Love project. We thought that if we created a sweet packet of 10 positive-feeling-inducing postcards that would make people happy when they received them, and then they’d send on 10 postcards to 10 other people, and we’d start making happy mail ripples throughout the world. Doesn’t that make you feel all gooey inside?


Inside each Scatter Love package is 10 beautiful postcards {you can see the designs here}, and they’re wrapped in the most beautiful little box {all done with love from the dining table of my home – fancy eh?}.

Do you want to start scattering love in your life, and in the lives of others? You don’t have to write an essay, just grab a pen and write a little. Like; I like you. I miss you. I’m so proud of you. This thing happened and I wanted to tell you. Remember when we did that funny thing?

The Scatter Love postcards are available all around the world. We’ve tried to make them as affordable as possible, so that everyone can take part. If you’re in Australia the packs are just $16 {with free shipping}. Everywhere else in the world is just $20 {including shipping}.


Ready to be part of something wonderful? Click here to grab your set.