Win my favourite winter essentials! {Over $500 worth of beautiful goodies!}

Brought to you by American Express Offers.Win my favourite winter essentials! {Over $500 worth of beautiful goodies!}

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit of a bargain hunter. I LOVE a bargain. There’s nothing more satisfying than saving money, or getting a good deal. We got our house for a bargain price which constantly thrills me no end {after I stopped feeling sorry for the owners. I did tell the Real Estate Agent to tell them I was sorry, and she said they were happy… so I just kept celebrating}.

Anyway, I got side-tracked.

American Express has just given its offers program a little freshen up. Basically how it works is they have a whole list of popular stores that they create offers for. Shops like Witchery, Country Road, David Jones, Liquorland and more being added regularly. You save the offers to your card when you spend a certain amount at these, American Express puts money back onto your card for you {as a credit on your statement}.

Amex sent me out to go shopping, so let’s pretend I got dressed out of my PJs and went shopping… when you all know I sat on my couch and shopped up a storm from there. But I didn’t shop for me, I shopped for you.

Everything I bought, I bought with the idea that one of my readers would win it all. So I bought the essentials for winter… because it’s going to be a chilly one.

First up I went to Country Road and bought you a handbag {getting $20 back using the offers program}. Then I went to Trenery and bought some beautiful spotty socks, a beanie and a wrist cuff {another $20 back using the offers program}. Next up I went to David Jones Online to stock up on beauty supplies for you, because I can’t have your skin be dry during winter, I just can’t. You’ll find face cream, a beautiful firming serum, hand cream, lip balm, a make-up bag to store it in and sunglasses {scoring $40 back using the offers program}. Lastly, I actually got dressed and popped into 7-Eleven and grabbed you my two favourite magazines and two of my favourite chocolate bars, because winter isn’t winter without a little bit of chocolate {and I get back $5 for grabbing those goodies}.

Win my favourite winter essentials! {Over $500 worth of beautiful goodies!}
Win my favourite winter essentials! {Over $500 worth of beautiful goodies!}

Win my favourite winter essentials! {Over $500 worth of beautiful goodies!}

You can learn more about the American Express Offers program here. They do change regularly and are limited, so you have to make sure you pop over the website and claim them before they run out.

So now to giveaway these goodies. To be in the running to win, just leave a comment below answering the following question: Let’s talk Winter! What are your essentials for a fun, stylish winter?

Pop over here to read the terms and conditions for this competition.

The winner of this competition is Sharon Chisholm. Congratulations!

821 thoughts on “Win my favourite winter essentials! {Over $500 worth of beautiful goodies!}”

  1. A great jacket, a good hand cream, and many many scarves to change up your basics! Easy to reinvent over and over with simple accessories!

  2. Oh how exciting! My essentials for winter are BOOTS! In all of their forms- wellies for puddle jumping and wet weather exploring with my baby, knee highs for city street strutting, and soft ankle boots for relaxed weekends hanging out with the fam. I look forward to winter every year just so I can bring out all of my boots again!!

  3. A couple of pairs of black leggings and long cardigans in different colours and matching scarves. Ankle length black boots and this senior citizen can face Melbourne’s yukky winter !!!!

  4. Ah, fun! Thanks Chantelle!
    Currently, my winter essentials include: my colourful Bohemian Traders blanket jacket, my tan wittner boots, black go-with-everything-leggings paired with tunic dresses, and a hard-core hand cream for my super-dry winter skin!

  5. Definitely a scarf and hat. Unless it’s raining I always walk to school for drop off and pick up. Certainly need to be rugged up, yet looking great, on those cold Melbourne mornings.

  6. My essentials for a fun stylish winter are the perfect pair of boots that can be worn for both day and night, a good recipe to whip up a decadent cake paired with hot chocolate and to share this all with great friends during a game of pictionary.

  7. I need a warm and cute pair of slippers! Especially this year as I am home on maternity leave and so am spending a great deal of time rugged up in my freezing cold house! My current slippers are my favourite to date…beautiful felted wool. Oh and I need a good hand cream and Hurraw lip balm and then I am good to go! Stay warm!

  8. Scarfs are my winter must have, easy to dress up and outfit or dress down.. And a great snuggle blanket for the lounge…

  9. As wooly cap (love the beanie you chose). A jacket, and I do love a shawl. The big thing is more, more, more moisturizer and I also have to change my shampoo and conditioner..somehow my hair knows the minute winter hits and demands something more intense.

  10. My essentials for winter are beautiful leather boots, there’s nothing warmer or more stylish, a scarf is a must down here in Melbourne and my gorgeous pure wool beanie if it’s particularly freezing. My other and probably most important essential is my black and white chevron ceramic travel mug that goes everywhere with me from school drop off to early morning netball games, it’s my hand and belly warmer!

  11. Nothing gets me through winter like a sexy pair of knee high boots and my colourful scarf collection, the absolute essentials to go with skinny jeans that look great and still make you feel gorgeous.

  12. Cups of hot chocolate, a blankie under the heater, socks and slippers, beanie and fluffy jacket – not really stylish, I obviously need help!!!! But with the above as well as both of my kids tucked up with me, my heart is warm

  13. Winter is all about my super soft poncho! I love love love it and feel excited when it’s time for it to come out of my wardrobe πŸ™‚

  14. Stylish and winter don’t go in the same sentence for me – I love to rug up in mismatched flannel pjs, oversized dressing gown and the loudest, woolliest socks I can get my hands on! Then plonk my warm, cozy butt on the couch as often as possible! (I know you know what I’m talking about πŸ˜‰ )

  15. Definitely a pair of boots (ankle for work and knee high for everyday), a blazer or super comfy knit, and of course a soft, warm twosie set of pjs, ugg boots and hot choc! Plus a super gorgeous handbag to dress up whatever winter outfit you’re rockin’!

  16. I love light scarves for winter (I live in North Queensland so it’s not a bitter cold but we still feel it) they go great to layer a few things I already have mostly black and grey so a nice pop of colour in my scarf makes me smile…plus A colourful pedi and I’m set!
    Got to have a really good hand cream and I’m loving my Moo Goo moisturiser…

  17. A gorgeous lightweight sari scarf to keep the neck warm, some great boots to style up the classic jeans and tee look and a lip balm/handcream/facecream trio to keep your skin smooth and fresh.

  18. Mine would have to be my gorgeous pair of Hunter gumboots and a beanie for these cold wet Canberra winters!

  19. I love that winter gives me the opportunity to sit on the couch with a blanket and lots of cups of tea. Plus, there’s that extra excuse to buy a new scarf or two – the more polka dot scarves the better!

  20. My converse joggers and scarves keep me warm chasing my boys around the backyard and park. No need for blush in winter with the cold making your cheeks rosy

  21. Had my 2nd baby 8 weeks ago so I would love to be able to fit into my jeans and boots for winter:) at the moment it is pjs and trackies for me!

  22. I moved to Melbourne (from Brisneyland) four years ago and spent the first year absolutely freezing my tushie off. I’m on top of it now. Winter must include rich moisturiser, some sort of fabulous hat, a scarf shoved into a pocket at all times (doubles as a hand/face/knee warmer), and some of those amazing fleece-lined Ambra tights that feel like you have a bunny cuddling your legs πŸ™‚

  23. A fun and stylish winter means a good pair of purple fluffy Ugg boots for in front of the fire, a good pair of gumboots with roses and skull & cross bones for walking in the rain and watching kids play footy or soccer with a gorgeous chunky roll neck knit. Oh and don’t forget the pink beanie with giant pompom to keep your head warm and dry.

  24. Winter in Tassie is pretty brutal! So beautiful chunky knits, nice jackets and boots are a must!

  25. I’m completely unstylish. Essential for me is my rip curl beanie which doubles as a Collingwood beanie and a footy mum beanie and to go with this is my long black puffy billabong coat to keep me warm. I know, so stylish!

  26. Layers & layers – teamed with Nice big boots πŸ™‚ and moisture for my hair (its curly & we all know what curly does in winter…lol)

  27. I’m all about the wool for melbourne winters – a big knit, scarf and headband, and lip balm to protect my lips from the bone chilling wind!

  28. Warm socks for night time, a pretty scarf and bright summery nail polish on my toes to make me smile and remember summer.

  29. Out & About: My converse and a good warm beanie! At Home: Sitting at home in a nice warm house with with trackies and ugg boots! X

  30. It gumboots! Whether I’m out in the garden, at the local fete/farmers market or the truffle kerfuffle gumboots rock my winter world. Add a pom pom scarf, oversized beanie and a love of warming fires and your in for a few great smores fulled months xx

  31. Winter in tropical Darwin is hardly cold, in fact we just call it the dry season. I find that keeping hydrated and moisturised (especially those lips and heels) is a must in order to look my best. A good pair of sunglasses never go astray either.

  32. This is my first proper winter in probably 6 years. After living in Botswana where the winters are pretty mild during the day, I now find myself in the Clare Valley where this morning the town was blanketed in thick fog upon waking. I could use any help being offered on how to survive winter in the valley πŸ™‚

  33. Always have to wear my wool tights! Excellent for keeping warm and hiding the fact i haven’t shaved my legs all winter πŸ˜‰

  34. My winter essentials are winter woolies – I am loving chunky knits, knitted vests, ponchos and teaming it with a woolen hat. Add some boots and a hot cup of coffee and I am winter ready! How freezing is winter already for us SEQLDers?!

  35. Winter essentials for me: colorful socks to wear with my boots (so I’m not completely dressed in black or grey!), a great lip balm and hand cream, my boots, a beautiful warm scarf in my fave colour (green), and pumpkin soup for lunches – Canberra is freaking cold! πŸ™‚

  36. Must must MUST have lip hydration. It’s either the wind or cold-related mouth breathing that dries then out. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is on hand at all times!

  37. Being about to pop with our second bambino, my winter essential is a rather large, bright spotty dressing gown when I’m safely into the dark of evening (and no visitors are expected!). It’s hardly pretty, but pretty dang satisfying and I’ve deemed that more important than style right now :).

    On a side note: *what an impeccable selection of wintery wonders! I’m in love with that beanie*.

  38. Being about to pop with our second bambino, my winter essential is a rather large, bright spotty dressing gown when I’m safely into the dark of evening (and no visitors are expected!). It’s hardly pretty, but pretty dang satisfying and I’ve deemed that more important than style right now :).

    On a side note: *what an impeccable selection of wintery wonders! I’m in love with that beanie*.

  39. My essentials for winter are a good warm scarf, a nice and chunky knit and some knee-high Ugg boots. Current ones are being held together with duct tape thanks to an overzealous boxer dog πŸ™‚

  40. My essentials for winter are a good warm scarf, a nice and chunky knit and some knee-high Ugg boots. Current ones are being held together with duct tape thanks to an overzealous boxer dog πŸ™‚

  41. An electric blanket!!!! And at 3.30 every day…a hot chocolate from the patisserie across the road from work….mmmmmm!

  42. An electric blanket!!!! And at 3.30 every day…a hot chocolate from the patisserie across the road from work….mmmmmm!

  43. It has to be a funky scarf, chunky knit, jeans and some knee high boots. A pair of sunnies so I’m not squinting in the glare too. I don’t ‘do’ cold very well to be honest! Bring on summer! πŸ˜‰

  44. A dressing gown and ugg boots! Making nights feeds bearable since the begining of babies being born!!

  45. A great looking scarf, thick long socks that can’t be seen under anything to keep me warm and a great jacket. This years addition is the 3/4 katmandu jacket to keep me warm while standing in the cold watching the kids play sport.

  46. I love this time of year winter is the most fashionable season! When else can you drape yourself in accessories? I like to stand out with coloured leather, long chunky knit sleeveless cardigans over vintage dresses, eye catching sunglasses and a coffee-to-go at all times.

  47. Great high waisted jeans (I’ve had three babies) & anything red, wearing a great casual red jumper today. Brightens the dreariest of days!

  48. A super warm jacket (love the fact that puffer jackets are finally in fashion!), knee high boots (preferably taupe ones this winter), thick tights and whatever fits my growing pregnant belly (25 weeks and counting – by my estimate nothing will fit by the time we hit the dead of winter, excellent).

  49. My winter essentials consist of a pair of boots, a few scarves and beanies & a glass of wine on a cold night ❄ ❄

  50. My kindle, a cup of green tea, moisturiser, lip balm, print scarf, opaque tights/boots and a monthly visit to my wonderful hairdresser!

  51. MΓ½ winter essentials are my ‘keep cup’ filled with honey lemon and chamomile tea, paw paw cream and my fav brown leather ankle boots made out of the softest leather!

  52. I think that Country Road bag may be my essential…and I didn’t even know until now! Otherwise some aesop hand cream and a barista made coffee.

  53. I love hats at anytime of the year and in winter they are fashionable and essential, and I have so many scarfs to go with every outfit, when indoors I remove my scarf I have lovely chunky jewellery to accentuate my outfit

  54. Definitely a good lip gloss. My lips so dry from the cold air and heating. Also a comfy pair of jeans, unfortunately i just ripped the crotch of mine in the middle of coles while fixing up my son in the pram. Had to quickly race into the only shop with clothes, target country. And now im in a crappy pair of too tight jeans and my old faithful’s went into the bin.

  55. Rock a stylish winter by donning a pom pom beanie, khaki green anorak, distressed jeans and leopard print high top sneakers and then have fun by doing whatever it takes to keep warm. I highly recommend power shopping. It’s basically cardio, but way more fun! x

  56. Sportsgirl scarves are my winter staples, they always have such a great range of on trend patterns and colours and for about $20 you can update last year’s wardrobe in an instant!

  57. Jeans, Cardy and style it up with my handmade clay earrings I’m so hooked I’ve made a pair in every color lots of fun to brighten my day.

  58. The key is ensuring whatever snot/porridge/unidentified smear my toddler has left on me is stylishly disguised with a great scarf, preferably one with Pom poms – everyone loves a Pom Pom!

  59. Ankle boots with a thick heel to give me height and the illusion of being ‘dressed up’ plus a patterned scarf and a faux fur vest. Then a swish of blush to colour up my cheeks and chap stick to soften my lips. Or if I’m at home, Peter Alexander PJs + matching ones for the kids!

  60. I think you have just nailed it, Chantelle !! I LOVE that bag !! In addition to your amazing haul (as we know you can’t go clothes shopping to suit everyone, but we can’t be walking around in cute socks & a hawt beanie no matter how good our skin is ) my essentials for a fun, stylish winter would have to be a gorgeous pair of boots ( which I need a new pair of ), my favourite high-waisted ponte pants, the newest addition to my wardrobe – a dark coloured press-stud checked flannelette shirt ( coz I’m a Westie at heart ), a poncho to wrap myself up in and lots of hugs from my 4 girls – they keep me happy AND warm ❀️

  61. Love a good beanie. Not sure they look good on me and am also loving my boot cuffs this year to stop the wind and rain at the top of your boots… toasty and warm just what you need for winter.

  62. Favorite winter thng is Vegemite on toast, cup of tea, while sitting on the couch, under a cozy throw rug, flicking through a magazine or two.

  63. My favourite thing for winter is scarfs! You can let elevate almost any outfit with a cute scarf.

  64. My winter essentials are gorgeous scarves and a great pair of boots! With these I can go anywhere and do anything while staying warm and dry – and look good too!! Blistex and hand cream are also necessary to keep dryness at bay.

  65. Essential warmth, fun ways to be warm, gorgeous boots & jacket. Other must do’s moisturise and lip balm!

  66. Yeck Winter! I am all about the summer months so I am not good when it gets cold, and I inevitably get fat due to all the warming stodgy food that I consume! (Although being pregnant this winter it’s totally expected that I put on a few kgs, so yay!). To counteract my tracksuit-pants-or-leggings-wearing habits, I try to snazzy up my appearance with good accessories: scarves, boots, bags and sunnies. PS I’m totally entering this comp for that Summer Roll! YUM!

  67. Scarves! I have a “small” collection. They add some colourful pizzazz to dreary winter days while keeping me warm. Fun and practical!

  68. Love it!! Must have a great lip balm, hand cream and face cream (lotions are for the birds in winter, gimme hydration!), a big cosy scarf and a pair of wellies are all helpful to beat the icy Sydney wind. Glittens are my new addiction (glove mittens.. Not only super cute but oh so practical! [also Cameron Diaz wears them in The Holiday]) And my fave fave FAVOURITE… You know, I was going to say a beautiful camel coat, but I’ll be honest; I cannot get enough of my flannelette pj’s in winter. I even change out of pj’s into new pjs on the weekend (the 00’s version of a housecoat is what I’m telling myself!)

  69. #sigh Oh you had me at that yummy scrummy Kit Kat.
    Winter and me get along as long as I have a Scarf that transforms into a makeshift blanket, a very large umbrella and a small child or two to carry and steal their warmth. Tick, tick and tick!

  70. That’s so nice to buy all those awesome things thinking of us. I’d have to say my winter essential is Milo. It’s the heart and belly warmer hat makes you feel so good and by feeling good I’d have to say you look good too.

  71. A chunky scarf, a good pair of boots and thick warm socks are my winter essentials. I love winter – yes, crazy person here who loves winter more than summer, but I like it less than I did pre-kids. Winter is not kind to kids, and therefore not kind to parents.

  72. comfy and cosy clothing and nice warm socks, i’m pregnant with a toddler this winter so it has to be comfy haha i would say yummy treats and hot chocolate too but i have gestational diabetes so peppermint tea and oat biscuits it is πŸ™

  73. the only thing I need for a fun and stylish winter is a good beanie, a good book, a fireplace and my gorgeous hubby and kids to snuggle up next to….. If i didn’t have a good book i would have my knitting making some beanies and scarves for all my loved ones!!! thanks for the chance!

  74. Scarfs – all kinds of textures, patterns and colours. They really transform my staple of jeans and a top by adding some personality and colour. An inexpensive way to create more looks with your current wardrobe. Pssst – I found some gems from Kmart for $7!

  75. black ponti pants and boots (and warm socks :)) everything else for pretty much every occasion matches to this! and they are flattering too for the win!! x

  76. My Disco leggings are a must, keeps a bit a sparkle on those dark stormy days. I pair them with my fav flat boots, jeans, top and a scarf. xx

  77. A great Winter Jacket for those couple of freezing days in QLD winters, couple of cardi’s and lighter jackets for normal winter weather, and lots of little toe socks and warm socks for winter shoes

  78. What a great personal shopper you are Chantelle – thanks so much! While I can’t “do” beanies (or any kind of hat come to think of it), I can and will do scarves. Woolly or wispy, patterned or plain, for me it’s not a proper winter without a warm & soft scarf around my neck.

  79. I am so loving my chunky yellow cardi… I look like big bird but really don’t care cause Im as warm as toast.

  80. A jacket – always a jacket – be it leather, denim (loving the double denim) or puffer. Just perfect for a slightly cool morn and can be stripped off for our amazing Nth Nsw winter days

  81. Hunter Gumboots – because jumping in puddles isn’t just for kids..looking stylish while doing so is a bonus!
    Bonds Merino Crewneck Tops – because it’s no fun being stuck indoors ALL winter..these keep me warm and snug, without the bulk!

  82. Boots and scarves they make me happy and make me feel put together unlike summer where nothing goes together

  83. Jumpers & jackets. Can’t go past warm polar fleece or Sherpa….sooo nice & warm. Oh, I almost forgot knee high socks πŸ™‚

  84. Knee high boots, wraps that can be used over the shoulders or around the neck as a scarf, comfy skinny jeans with stretch and a versatile blazer.

  85. A gorgeous Winter jacket that has a hood with some fluff! I just love the stylish fluff it is so trendy and sophisticated πŸ™‚

  86. A leather jacket is my staple for timeless winter fashion, and a good lip balm/gloss – Go-To Lips is my fave at the moment!

  87. Timeless leather boots are a winter must. They can dress jeans up, a stylish dress down and pretty much go with everything….and keep your toes toasty!!

  88. Omg it doesn’t even get cold enough in North Queensland but I wear a scarf whenever I can because they are THE winter style essential. Closely followed by some great boots and leg warmers. Yes. Leg warmers.

  89. Warm winter scarves in a variety of colours and textures, a cosy & classy coat in a timeless cut, and a pair of great boots. The right coat can allow you to wear a dress to that fancy event or night at the theatre without freezing to death, and with the right scarf and boots that pair of old jeans are transformed into a chic outfit.

  90. I can’t survive our Melbourne winters without a good pair of boots and a scarf, actually lots of scarves (I’m a bit of a scarf freak ☺)

  91. Scarfs, a little denim jacket, some bright polish on my toes to remind me that winter isn’t that long here in QLD, we’ll soon be sweating again

  92. A beautiful chunky knit, easy to wear, keeps you warn, and hides the extra winter kg’s I acccidently pile on.

  93. My husband is having chemo this winter so I’m spending most of my time at the hospital. Im learning hospitals are freezing! My essentials have become a lee cooper cape I picked up at Big W, some eos lip balm and lots of hand cream to combat my constant hand washing.

  94. For me, winter is perfect with a warm, brown semi over my locks, a soft knit tunic top and a pair of super comfortable ankle boots!! And a good quality lip balm! !

  95. At the moment it’s my 6 month old baby bump, which I’m keeping cosy with lots of layers, scarves and plenty of gloved-hand rubs. Nothing better than a winter pregnancy, or the fun little shop you’ve had obviously!

  96. Northern Canada it’s kinda hard to be stylish and warm, with dressing like a abdominal snowman and all, but cute toques are always my favourite when winter rolls around.

  97. A cosy knit, scarf and boots are my essentials for winter. For fun I’ll seek out a playful beanie to wear to brighten up the day!

  98. A hand knitted beanie, colourful scarf, a warm coat I permanently borrowed from my sister (she doesn’t know yet lol) and pawpaw cream! If I win, I’ll bribe her with the chocolate & magazines lol

  99. Ooooh I definitely need some skinny leg jeans and tan boots, a big creamy knit, chunky scarf and a captivating French perfume (diptyque Philosykos, please). Top it all off with a steaming chai latte and that is my stylish winter essentials. Can I request I spend my stylish winter in Paris? Hehe.

  100. Suede ankle boots, woollen tights and my black woollen jacket. I love to bring them out when the weather gets cooler.

  101. Winter = flannos with Peter Alexander uggs, a glass (okay..bottle) of red, a few pieces (yeah..okay..block) of chocolate and for when I actually have to leave the house some high waisted jeggings, a white collared shirt peeking out from a cute, spotty jumper. Mmm…Winter in QLD!!

  102. I reckon winter is wonderful! And I do feel a little sorry for those in warmer climes who only get a little taste of it. To me, winter is well and truly enjoyable with the following in good supply: chai tea, a pile of wood ready to load into the fire, my mum’s rice pudding recipe on high rotation, extra blankets, some good telly (have been loving Top Of The Lake!) and a nice pair of leather boots.

  103. A mittened little hand inside mine. We moved from cairns to tassie a few months ago and are just finding our winter groove. I do love a beanie and puffer jacket though πŸ™‚

  104. I can’t go past fuzzy funky socks, bright colours to offset the dreary weather, warm coffee and comfort food. Mmmmm comfort food.
    Maybe I should add the pressure cooker to my must have for a fun stylish winter except it isn’t stylish when I drop soup down my front (why can’t someone make that a trend) πŸ™‚

  105. My fluffy white blankie, black, great and white Fair-Isle socks, the tan slippies I bought at Coles that are too big and fall off when I go up the stairs, my cable knit grey cardie over my red lumberjack shirt and charcoal grey trackies …. Oh and no bra … happy days …

  106. Australian wool! Knitted up into shawls, scarves and cardigans. My wood burning stove keeps me toasty too.

  107. A big giant cardigan (with big pockets for all my sons treasures) and very comfy tetro sneakers ( i like my new balance 501s). I am a foot wimp who has to have a very comfy shoe to run around in πŸ™‚

  108. Colorful snoods!! I can’t get enough of them. Easier to wear than scarves and because they’re lovely and thick they keep you extra warm in cooler weather xx

  109. Boyfriend Cardigans, Scarves, cocoa butter and bright red tinted lip balm.

    And not stylish but ugg boots. Always. Forever. But never out of the house!

  110. Merino jumpers & woolly socks, “fancy” tea (the staple store or T2) or good red wine, paw paw for the lips and a lovely hand cream (aesop) AND candles (glasshouse) in the window… and 100% with you on the chocolate – yum!

  111. My winter essentials are my bright pink gloves, my cream fluffy scarf and my new grey trackie for my nightly or early morning walk and my warm cozy bed socks and my fleecy zebra striped dressing gown with pink piping for after shower warmness

  112. Hmm a fun and stylish winter… I think that means I would need about 1000 pair of boots – flat, heeled, semi-heeled, brown, black, ones with little gaps in the sides, one with studs… Hang on let me just check my wardrobe for the others! ☺️

  113. I would have to say that a great denim jacket is my choice! Dress it up, dress it down & it always looks fantastic! Add a great funky scarf, boots & black jeans….awesome day wear. Over the top of a maxi dress & you have a day out with the ladies outfit. Pop on one with a pair of new season black drop crotch pants and a button up white shirt…..perfection for any occasion! Denim jackets are my winter must have. That’s why I own 5, but hubby thinks I have 1!

  114. Good black leggings (you know, the flattering ‘hold everything in’ kind) to turn summer clothes into winter clothes, finished off with a wool cardi and a bright snood!

  115. I just love a good puffy vest – they have to be long to keep the draft out and this year my puffy vest has the best hoodie with fluffy fur all around it. I look like I’m headed to Siberia when I take the kids to the bus!

  116. A deeper red lipstick is my winter must have! Especially one that mosturises and nourishes! And always a camera to snap beautiful wintry photos ❀

  117. ugg boots for the fun part, and my black jeans with an over-sized jumper for the stylish part πŸ™‚

  118. Adding one big enormous scarf….its a wrap, a fashion statement, an easy to carry blankie….love them

  119. A woollen beanie on top . . . layers of cotton and wool in between . . . chelsea boots at the bottom and a bright lip shade to stand out against the grey of winter.

  120. Wool. I know its fantastic all year round for it’s breathability (is that a word?) but it comes into it’s own in winter. Scarves, socks and fingerless gloves let you have all the activity you want but with toasty warmth to boot and you can channel your inner Outlander!!!

  121. From top to toe
    Flowers for my hair. Everyday. Always.
    Fringed and fabulous scarf. Looped and lovely.
    Bohemian tunic dress. Floaty and frilled.
    Indigo Jeans. Fitted and fine
    Awesome boots. Leather and luxurious.

  122. Oversized and overcoloured scarves, boots to stop the rain getting in & leopard print handbags to bring the fun. darker colours and chunkier textures for the bedroom because coming home to a gorgeously made, stylishly moody bedroom makes me feel like a superstar!

  123. Okay, my latest winter essentials are a crochet hook, wool in pretty colours, and a cup of tea for crocheting a new blanket whilst sitting next to husband on the couch, on Friday nights, while he watches footy! Win win.

  124. Winter isn’t winter without a pair of knee high boots to pull on over your jeans. The minute you pull out the boots, it’s time to rug up.

  125. Winter essentials have to be scarfs, a good umbrella and a comfy pair of gumboots as there is nothing worse than wet soggy socks and shoes! A good cup of coffee goes along way too πŸ™‚

  126. Living in Victoria, it gets chilly (read darn cold)I love a good warm coat, a scarf, a hat and a great lip balm. Heading out looking and feeling stylish warms the soul.

  127. Boots of all length and colours are ESSENTIAL. After a bunch of mum friends and I became obsessed with Nina when Offspring was running we have a winter “boot off”. She who finds the best pair of boots holds the prize of ‘bootilicious’ mama. My boots currently hold the record – for now!!

  128. Definitely a good pair of boots and converse of course! Also body shop body butter to keep my skin looking and feeling great πŸ™‚

  129. My Winter Essntials are wine, fluffy socks snuggly clothes and lots and lots of warm cuddles with my cutie family.

  130. Of course it’s summer here in the US… so winter is far from my mind! But skinny jeans and boots are a staple!

  131. I’m afraid I’m more about comfort than style these days, so I love my Uggies, flannelette pj’s, soft scarves, a fine wool beanie and a gorgeous poncho. Not all at the same time I hasten to add.

  132. Living just outside of Canberra my winter must have is an awesome electric blanket! I love my brown boots too, and am on the hunt for a new coat – I have a few nice work ones but I want a classy casual one.

  133. Boot, boots and boots are my essential this winter. Flats, heels and high tops to cover every outfit option, while keeping my tootsies nice and warm (oh, and that bag would look great with all my boots!). Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. A snuggly oversized jumper with sleeves long enough to double as gloves! And a beret to dress up the jumper a bit πŸ™‚

  135. A great winter coat, some fun colourful scarves, boots, some fluffy bed socks, endless hot choc (try with condensed milk) and a pot of Nivea vanilla and macadamia lip butter are my winter essentials.

  136. Oversized wooly jumpers, boots,scarves, jeans, ice cream, smooth tunes, favourite mag, no particular order and hopefully a fire close by and of there is a fire throw in some toasted marshmallows and a cheese, ham, tomato toasty. Ok I’m off track but there are so many winter essentials. Cheers

  137. A great pair of boots and complimentary jacket. As much as I like dressing up, I hate feeling cold.

  138. Boots (finally found the perfect pair at Country Road and on the most amazing June/Winter special) scarf (I’m in love with big whole circle ones that I can wrap around twice or use as a shawl) and denim (no explanation required I’m sure) πŸ˜€
    Not clothing, but I also always use my home made spritz and facial oils for added moisture and healthy glow to take on the grey cloudy days.

  139. I definitely need a few warm and colourful ponchos/wraps! They definitely style up any outfit!

  140. I won’t get through winter without my new Decjuba faux fur coat and some calendula cream for my hands and face. I would love to get a pair of Hunter gumboots so I can survive my sons early morning football games.

  141. I’m pregnant with number 3 and any of my remaining winter ‘style’ is being modelled by my kids! (They are rocking some excellent sunny colours in the Tassie chill) Mummy needs to get her winter mojo back. Do my new slightly cool black trackies count?! I’m clutching at straws aren’t I…

  142. A fun, stylish, winter needs red wine, good friends,Thai food, skinny jeans, a blanket coat and beautiful cognac boots….the reality, albeit still fun is probably ugg boots, tracky daks, Thai takeaway, red wine and the same good friends. Throw in a good lip balm and I’m in heaven !

  143. Well this is a bit of fun!! I love it!!
    My winter essentials are boots (preferably knee-high black suede boots), scarves, beanies, a gorgeous winter coat (I have a bright red one that makes me happy!), a good lip balm (because winter in Canberra is super dry), a pretty throw for wrapping myself in on the couch, and some gorgeous new pjs.
    I’m making the most of accessories at the moment because my wardrobe is ever diminishing as my belly continues to expand to make room for bubba! Once I’m on maternity leave I have a feeling my winter essentials will be pjs, uggs and Netflix!

  144. I love all the exterior stuff, scarves, boots, jumpers etc but I find the biggest winter item I can’t do without can’t even be seen… Sheepskin shoe liners…everyone looks much prettier if they are warm in winter not hunched up shivering and it all starts with warm tootsies, plus they are comfy, oh so comfy.

  145. My essentials for a fun stylist winter include oversized soft scarves, cute ankle boots, a sweet pink lipstick and trendy sunglasses. Winter really can be so much fun! x

  146. Hmm… Roaring fire, glass of wine, sexy hubby… Ok, too Mills and Boon-ey??? The real fun is winter market days with the cheeky mini-man, milkshakes and muffins in hand, checking out the local wares.
    And ankle boots. All of the ankle boots.

  147. Winter is my favourite season to dress up with my white mesh anorak , long panelled pants , multi colour blanket scarf, wood beans necklace or sliver jewellery, wool knits and short boots. As a middle-aged Asian woman, I love keep simple , classic and elegant layering piece for everyday .

  148. I may well sound like nanna…but I love a cardy! I have a whole range of colours and textures over which I drape one of my many scarves. Layers of warm, soft yummy clothes with a cardigan, scarf and boots…reasons to love winter for sure.

  149. I love winter! So much room for activities! Always more enjoyable when you’re warm so lots of layers, a cosy snood, cute beanie, warm boots, rosy cheeks and hands in gloves preferably wrapped around a hot bev!

  150. My Amex and the Internet! I can shop till my heart’s content without leaving the warmth of my bed and my incredibly stylish old bobbly woolen socks and flannelette jammies

  151. My essentials for a fun and stylish winter is a cuddly warm hug from my bub while I wrap her in my oversized jacket. A happy and cozy mum and bub is the most stylish thing possible!

  152. Southern California winters are hardly wintery BUT lip gloss is a must, neck scarves and cute knee high boots for the chilly days.

  153. Southern California winters are hardly wintery BUT lip gloss is a must, neck scarves and cute knee high boots for the chilly days.

  154. I am now obsessed with the giant wool socks that I used to make fun of my mom for, (I guess we’re related or something), I love reading Calvin and Hobbes comic books by the fire, hot cocoa, and my favorite soft, knit brown sweater that I got at Target 6 years ago. My Steve Madden boots are also great at keeping my toes warm and dry when I’m out in the snow, and I use Rosebud salve for my lips cause those babies get chapped for sure.

  155. I’ll be rocking molten metals and 50 shades of red lipstick!

    At first thought metallic makeup might sound like a look best left at high school but I’m not talking silver lipsticks and electric blue eyeliner. A dusting of silver shadow around the eyes creates a prettier alternative to the traditional smoky eye and a great way to brighten up the doom and gloom of the colder months.

    For a more luminous look I’ll be dancing to a chocolate shade of bronze applied to the entire lid and glitter dusted on to the lips over red lipstick.

    This style is so versatile! A light dusting of silver or gold can work as subtle shimmer for daytime and to dance the night away I’ll simply increase the intensity of application.

    To top this off I’ll forgo others opinions of my winter fashion for the sake of keeping warm! My humour, silly hats and jumpers are will all be rejoiced in!

  156. A great pair or jeans, chunky knitted scarves, gloves, killer boots….and Its not complete without a cute Pom pom beanie!!! Ooh and love a good hot choc! Xx

  157. Lots of scarves, gloves, red wine and soup are my winter essentials. I gathered some great tips from the others below. Will have to try the heattech clothes and the sheepskin shoe liners. I have been looking for something to keep my feet toasty warm πŸ™‚

  158. Amongst thick woolly jackets, scarves and gloves I LOVE winter fashion indoors.. I love the different flowers available in winter, the open fire and the fact I can burn a sweet candle in any room and the smell is not over powering. I love that you can fashionise your house with that extra throw rug or cushion and lounge about without feeling guilty- sitting down with a nice chai latte catching up on all the latest real living editions and of course reading your blog and participating in the @fatmumslim photo challenges. Take care xx

  159. My winter essentials are my Peter Alexander Onesie & ugg boots..they keep me so warm & toasty, i look like a dag but hey it keeps me warm so I’m glad

  160. Big coats & wood fireplaces, big glasses of red wine & crunchy bread served with bowls of soup.

  161. A cute scarf and beanie to get people talking, a wooly jumper to keep warm, a camera to take photos of winter weather and colouring books and doctor who to listen to winter rain to

  162. For fun – a wetsuit and goggles so playing in the waves at the beach doesn’t have to stop in the cold weather and a large cup of tea and hot water bottle and beanie to warm up whilst chatting to friends afterwards! Then for stylish – a cross body saddle bag to carry my extra winter gear like leather gloves, hair oil and emergency chocolate!

  163. Woolly jumpers, coats, beanies, walks on the beach when no one’s around, safe in the knowledge you’re snug as a bug! Summer is better but winter is really not that bad (okay yes it is but there’s still 2 months to go!)

  164. For winter warmth done in my style, I go with big jumpers and jeans, a funky beanie and scarf, wool slippers for mooching at home, got to have great body moisturiser and face moisturiser, I dry out a lot in winter. Add in homemade soup, a log fire, comfort food and lots of good books, winter heaven.

  165. pair of nice fitting jeans ,jacket ,cotton shirt, scarf,low cut boots or flats, nice colours to lift your mood and everyones else’s. AND food a hot curry warms me up at night

  166. Comfy jumpers, super soft throws, a good book, a bottle of Pinot Noir and some rain on the window. Perfect!

  167. My winter essential is a good coat, I love my goose down jacket ! I am terrible with electric blankets so another essential is heating up a wheat bag in the microwave (so Kath and Kim) and putting it at bottom of my bed when to keep my feet toasty.

  168. My winter essentials are a night away at a city hotel during birthday week (tomorrow), a winter wardrobe update with birthday present money, Nuxe lip balm, intensive moisturiser and a good hand cream. Stops my skin drying out in freezing Melbourne winters.

  169. *****Hot soaking baths, deeply nourishing moisturiser, Uimi woollen scarfs, good black ankle boots and one-pot wonders of stew or soups on the boil****

  170. Tea, so much tea, thick soft blankets, tomes of books and magazines, knitted woolley socks to tuck into cute leather boots, beeswax candles burning, oversized jumpers, the oven seemingly always on with roasts, casseroles, breads both savoury and sweet and of course to bake brownies, luscious warm oozing brownies to go with yes, more tea! Drunk with friends of course, sharing a big couch complete with squidgy cushions and a purring cat.

  171. We float more towards the fun side. Snuggling up on the lounge under a blanket crocheted by my Nanna watching our favourite box set DVD’s (Parks and Rec for comedy, GOT for drama, Rescue Bots for the kids), wearing trackies and oversized jumpers, drinking hot chocolate and eating Kit Kats (snap!). Relaxed is definitely our style.

  172. Currently for a fun winter I can think of woolly bed socks, strange hats with ear flaps, oodles of Yorkshire tea for maintained hydration and, quite literally, chilling out. A stylish winter however always requires nice sweaters, boots that keep the weather out and anti-frizz serum to defend my hair against the looming fog. But, to combine the two and to actually answer your question, I am currently sewing myself a new coat (of the navy-blue, dropped-waist variety in case you were wondering). The process: fun; the result: (hopefully) stylish. And of course there could not be a more essential armour than a coat to defend against everything winter can throw at you!

  173. Boots, scarves and skinny jeans… and if that fails – a holiday to somewhere warmer πŸ™‚

  174. My favourite jeans, funky scarves, nice warm jumpers, a good pair of sunnies to beat the glare, great friends to sit around the fire and drink wine with, and a booking for a summer holiday to keep you motivated!

  175. Brightly coloured accessories(especially scarves, shoes, bags and necklaces) to brighten up my drab dark coloured winter wardrobe

  176. Staple black heeled boots, merino layers, blanket-scarves, grid-pattern skirt and thick tights and of course hot chocolate with melted marshmallows to top it off!

  177. Faux fur coats, funky fur stylish hats, A line skirts, lots of denim, robe coats (my newest discovery), lip balm, ugg boots, thick pure wool socks, hot apple cider with cinnamon, warm gingerbread straight out of the oven, a deer skin to sleep on, mums thick chicken soup for when I catch a cold (it is a great cure!).

  178. Thick black tights
    For chilly nights
    Long black boots
    For jeans, skirts and suits
    Pretty scarfs around the neck
    Gives any outfit a fabulous look

  179. Socks – all sorts of colours. Even if I have to wear an office uniform I can still unleash quirkiness through my socks

  180. Red lippie and a bit of bling gives a bit of sparkle to a drab Melbourne winter’s day.

  181. My honest answer? My husband, our couch and a beautiful throw rug – but for those times OUTSIDE the house? Beautiful buttery leather boots and a scarf so big and cosy it could double as a blanket.

  182. Sunscreen, is my big winter essential. It prevents my skin drying out over the winter months.

  183. My winter essentials are a great coat, and I don’t feel the need for a new but every few years, as with beautiful scarves, gloves and hats, I can achieve lots of variety and look fashionable as well as warm. And I must admit, I do love boots, and love to get new ones whenever I see a great pair on sale!

  184. Anything made from merino wool! My fave merino wool dress has braved many winters and still looks new. I also love my red Hunter tall Wellies. Perfect for a stroll at the park on a cold, wet day!

  185. Currently its boots and scarves, they join me for a casual jeans day out walking for comfort and warmth or jazz up an evening outfit with some much needed colour and texture.

  186. it doesnt get too cold up here, but humidity is a pain! argan oil for my hair, hand cream for sensitive skin is my second, moisturising razors to prevent scaley legs, and lip stain lip moisturiser! chuck in fingerless gloves for easy texting and I am Sent πŸ˜€

  187. Winter time is almost here
    And when it comes I have no fear,
    To wear big coats and beanies too
    Rugging up is what I love to do.
    Sunnies, beanies, boots and socks
    A cozy look will always rock.
    In the winter months of cold,
    A built up wardrobe will not get old.
    All the scarves and UGG boots too
    Rugging up is what I love to do.

  188. Winter is one of my favourite seasons, not just because its my birth season, but I adore layering up lovely summery items with winter woolies. Pairing tights under bright dresses, combine with a chunky scarf, wild beanie, add a pair of tall wool socks and warm boots – theres really only your imagination to explore! Ply me with friends, a glass of wine, a stoked fire and a full tummy and you have one blissfully happy girl

  189. My grandma always said “warm hands, warm heart” so with that in mind some stylish gloves can complete an outfit.

  190. a good moisturiser and serum, the heating is killer on the skin! good leather boots, layering clothes and a bondi chai… yum! stay warm everyone!

  191. Funky, spunky boots and colourific woolly jumpers are my go-to for a cheerful winter day. By night, a hot water bottle, cosy blanket and someone to hug keep all those winter blues at bay

  192. SCARFS, they can either dress up or down an outfit so easily and can be used in so many situation, something to sit on if the ground is cold, to hold cold icecream, cover up some unintended cleavage and the list goes on!

  193. Bright colourful clothing to keep the dreariness away; woollen scarf, boots, big puffy jacket, scarves, moisturising lipstick or lip gloss, jumpers and trousers.

  194. W: Warm and colourful cashmere scarf

    I: Irreplaceable gold, sequins cardigan

    N: Nifty pair of embellished and patterned tights

    T: Thigh high, high heeled suede boots

    E: Expensive burberry peacoat and matching gloves

    R: Roaring 20’s style winter hat

  195. My essentials for winter – 1. Massive wooly scarf. Warm and cosy, and hides baby vomit on my shoulders and my wobbly 3 baby mummy tummy. 2. Lanolin, keep my lips soft and kissable. 3. Leather boots to keep my tootsies warm and dry, and oh-so comfortable. 4. Keeping my sense of humour, even when it starts pouring as I have to head to school pick up (how do the weather gods know?).

  196. Waterproof mascara for dancing through rainstorms, wool gloves for hand-holding without hiding in jackets and an intensive lip balm to fight chapped lips. Any jumper of any colour, size and style is welcome, of course.

  197. My number one tip for a fun and stylish winter is to invest in good quality clothing that is affordable for both you and your children!

    My daughter Olivia loves clothes that feel great, keep her nice and snug and that she can move around in.

    Every time we go out Olivia loves to wear her Seed Heritage Khaki Anorak. ItΒ’s a hooded jacket and is lined in faux fur trim and is on sale for $44.96 at Seed Heritage, triple bonus!

    We canΒ’t go anywhere without her French Soda gumboots either. She loves jumping in puddles and these boots definitely make a fun, comfortable and stylish winters day out!

    Me on the other hand, I canΒ’t go anywhere without my Run Dew Puffer Jacket from Country Road. ItΒ’’s extra warm and helps me combat the elements! Perfect to stay active and play in the playground with my little girl!

  198. Got to have a few scarves, can’t go anywhere without my lanolin for chapped lips and dry sore nose. Love boots, long socks and winter soups

  199. A big, warm stylish jacket that I can dress up for a night out, or dress down for a Sunday morning at the markets (in navy blue to keep it fun but versatile through the winter gloom). A cute knitted head band that I’ll wear over my ears; in light grey because I’m loving grey this season. And a selection of nail polishes, to give my outfits a fresh vibe and pop of colour without having to spend up big! Oh, and of course a pair of little black nubuck ankle boots with a block heel – those get me through the work day to my dinner date all winter!

  200. I love winter fashion – Nothing better than layers and accessories. My essentials are –
    An oversized, warm coat, over oversized woollen jumpers!
    Jeans with knee high boots, with a high heel for some comfy, warm, sexy footwear!
    Scarves, to add some colour to my all black outfits!
    And bright red lipstick – to look and feel glamorous!

  201. scarfs, a stylish winter coat and some flat black leather boots – and I try to keep the exercise up even in the cooler months to combat all my red wine and “comfort food’! πŸ˜‰

  202. Having my #happywinter with my ugg boots , polkadot scarf, silver scarf, blue scarf, elmo leggings, yellow bird faux fur jacket and plenty of oversized jumpers

  203. Boots, jumpers, jeans and lots of cool and colourful scarves to add individuality – throw in the odd fun beanie and I’m set to go, lol πŸ™‚

  204. Nice warm socks! No matter how rugged up you are, if your tootsies aren’t warm then your still going to feel cold. And there are so many styles and patterns.

  205. A move to South East Queensland is a must! We’ve recently relocated from 500 kms inland and not only do you NOT need Winter clothes (hello 23 degree days), but the beach is right on your doorstep. Now that’s what I call fun!

  206. Chunky knitted scarves, warm beanies, long coats and blankets are all style essentials for winter just as much as fireplace marshmallows, hot chocolates and cuddles are fun winter essentials… but the biggest essential for winter is a warm heart- smiles and joy is what really warms you up in the winter.

  207. Surrounding myself with love and friends
    Makes me never want winter to end
    Because these things are always in style
    They are timeless, beautiful, just like a smile

  208. Marshmallows, milo, scarves ugh boots, dark chocolate, walks to the park between showers and a rainbow coloured umbrella……did I mention red wine?

  209. My favourites for a fun stylish Winter is wearing a Woollen Scarf, Beanie and Jumper, preferably Cashmere! Plus boots and thick warm socks…….. Its nice and fun to be snuggly and warm in Wollens!

  210. Comfy knits, skinny jeans and stylish boots dressed up with rose gold accessories is a winters night out! But nothing beats a night in snuggled up with fluffy bed socks, leggings, baggy jumpers and a warm cup of tea in hand! x

  211. Juicy red lip gloss + balayaged locks with a woolen jumper and a warm place to eat brunch,
    is what inspires my Winter weekends.

  212. Beautiful scarves of all different types, Berets, Slouch Beanies and of course big fluffy ear muffs/warmers <3

  213. Food that delicious and makes you all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Glass of brandy to finish it off.

  214. My idea of fun, stylish winter is a big oversized jumper, wooly sock,boots and a warm blanket! Alongside with a good tv series..

  215. A Scarf can jazz up an outfit, and bring a zing of colour. Woolly socks to keep the toes warm, and a jacket to snuggle in to when outside in the cold. And of course wood for the fire – nothing beats watching the flames flutter when it is wet & miserable outside.

  216. For me, nothing beats sitting in bed in a cable knit sweater, a French Earl Grey cuppa with a cheeky TimTam or two on the bedside, an interior design mag in my hands, Ray LaMontagne on the stereo, and a mischievous puppy in an argyle knit snoozing beside me like furry hot water bottle.

  217. Hot Chocolates, fireplaces, throw rugs, a good book! Peter alexander flannel Pj’s, ugg boots and a big cosy snood!

  218. My essentials for a fun, stylish winter are:
    -my tan knee high boots
    -scarves, and lots of them. Snoods are my new fave!
    -lovely warm Nanna rugs for my lap
    -candles, love them. Especially Wood Wick ones at the moment…
    -hot cups of tea mmmm
    -good movies and TV shows. My current fave is Orange is the New Black.
    -chocolate….winter tends to bring my mood down, so chocolate is a neccessity!

  219. My winter essentials include warm wooly scarves, cosy jumpers, lots of chocolate and my new rainbow coloured brolly!

  220. My essentials for winter are scarves,blanket capes and warm socks with boots.In the evening a hearty slow cooker meal,getting into your pjs early into a snugly warm bed with a great book or magazine.

  221. It’s freezing cold here in Canberra town,
    leaves no longer golden, they’ve fallen on the ground.

    Most people think it’s boring, and there is noone around,
    No – we aren’t hybernating, I can hear the sound…

    Of children playing in the park, having lots of fun,
    their stylish Mums wear leather boots and make the most of the sun.

    They’re wrap in warm jumpers, parkers, coats and jackets,
    A new scarf or thick beanie with a pompom – you know these mums can hack it!

    We’ll leave the park and head down to the local cafe
    For a soy latte and a babycino – a stylish end to a perfect winter’s day.

  222. A really bright, vibrant scarf, to look great against my normal winter wear: dark greys and blacks!

  223. Scarves and ear warmers! My collection is massive and includes both for any occasion, including exercise ( even though I’d rather stay in bed it’s so cold but these marathons don’t run themselves!) and when my persistent pestering for a cat with attitude got turned down, I got ear warmers with cat ears so my fascination was fulfilled for a smidgen (and I looked super cute!)

  224. Bedsocks! A friend recently bought me a beautiful knitted pair from Peter Alexander for my birthday. I never knew they existed. I had a ‘where have you been all my life’ moment. Definitely a winter essential to stay all nice and warm in bed. β›„

  225. My essentials for a stylish and fun winter would absolutely be a long and beautiful fluffy long scarf, with long socks reaching the knees (Knee High Socks), fluffy winter boots, cosy woolly hats, and warm red jumpers! with patterns of snow flakes and olaf’s face! and meanwhile. treat yourself to a hot choco with little marshmallows by the fire place.
    Written by me, my little sister’s ideas.
    Melissa and Sarah Cuartas <3
    Happy Winter! πŸ˜€

  226. My essentials are a good rain resistant coat , to make a statement and protect my clothes, and scarves, the more the better .

  227. Winter’s my favourite time of the year
    Crisp mornings and blue skies so lovely and clear
    Campfires, smores and barbecued ribs
    And marshmallows on sticks for all the kids
    My cosy warm uggs come out of the box
    Along with my Granny’s old woollen socks
    My favourite warm trackies and coat with a hood
    A big pot of soup on my stove fueled with wood!
    Hopping into my alluring pre-warmed bed
    With NO mozzies buzzing over my head
    I even love to hear rain and winds rattle the tiles
    Snuggled inside with a book, I’m all Winter smiles!!

  228. First and foremost my flannelette PJs πŸ™‚ Oh and my slipper boots that look like fluffy bear legs .. But after that (and more appropriate for when I want to leave the house) my hooded jacket that goes from casual to work to out, my ankle boots are a firm favourite this winter, my new caramel coloured jumper .. oh and my fingerless gloves. Done!

  229. My Boots, Black Blazer, woollen skivvy, Denim jeans and a dash of Red Lippy always keeps me feeling warm.

  230. Burt’s bees tinted lip balm. My lips get so dry and gross in winter and these keep them lovely and soft. Plus they smell like peppermint which I love

  231. A fun stylish winter needs scarves, gloves, warm socks, boots and coats. Hot showers, log fires, hot chocolate and soups.

  232. Big wooly jumpers, tight jeans/cargo pants, a great pair of flat boots and colourful scarves! Oh and a funky pair of gumboots and a pretty umbrella for those wet school drop offs!

  233. Thermal rechargeable heated insoles
    Micro wire heated socks
    Zippo hand warmers
    Heated gloves
    Electron amp Jacket
    Cordless heated headband
    And my pyjama heating pouch, I don’t do “cold”

  234. A hat. The perfect winter accessory in that there is no such thing as a bad hair day – just “perfect hat weather” days.

  235. Warm cups of English breakfast tea, a good scarf, lip balm, big hugs from my beautiful family are my must haves for winter. Thank you for the chance to enter

  236. I am a bit of a home body (especially after after having my first child) so my favorite winter essentials are Peter Alexander Home Boots, Irish Breakfast tea from T2, a Taahaa Vanilla Caramel Glasshouse Candle and a pot of Smith’s Rosebud Salve which I discovered on a trip to America a couple of years ago.

  237. Warm, pretty gloves, cozy boots, oversized sweaters, and my favourite coat. Oh, and lots of hot chocolate πŸ™‚

  238. Boots, woollen beanie, oversized jumper, sunniest and lip arm. I love throwing on the layers, grabbing a coffee and heading out with the family to watch my little man play footy.

  239. Boots, woollen beanie, oversized jumper, sunnies and lip arm. I love throwing on the layers, grabbing a coffee and heading out with the family to watch my little man play footy.

  240. scarfs, boots, gloves(fingerless if I intend to work warmly) jeans and a top with some lovely thermals hidden underneath……bright colours to lighten up the grey days!

  241. Accessories, warm jumpers and cardigans, a beanie always looks great with any outfit, and scarves too! Winter doesn’t need to be drab and boring, I feel happier when I’m dressed stylishly but with a pop of bright colour to brighten my mood. This busy mum needs a wardrobe update though, I’d love to win this pack to style myself up this Winter.

  242. Body shop hemp hand cream – nothing works harder on dry winter hands. Susan slippers – it’s my Mother’s Day wish every other year. Warm, soft and washable and the kids can afford them. win! Finders keepers winter markets – too many reasons why I love these markets, food, music and gorgeousness from earrings to handbags and everything in between.

  243. I invest in gorgeous, stylish bedding, then add the PURR-fect winter accessories… plenty of cuddles from the kids.

  244. I love layering to create a fun, unique look that’s all my own. I also love pops of colour in my winter wardrobe to take the ‘dreary’ feeling out of the colder weather. A great lip balm never leaves my side either!

  245. Boots are a must. They’re functional and stylish. A fabulous, brilliantly coloured scarf is another essential. Not only warming, but the perfect colour can do wonders for a winter complexion. Chap stick so my lips don’t dry out and a thick, nourishing moisturiser so my skin can cope with the heating and air conditioning. The latest best selling novel is also great for whiling away cold nights

  246. i am in love with lip balm especially for these chilly winter months and facial creams to keep my skin looking hydrated and silky soft. I love to just rug up on the couch with a nice magazine, snuggie blanket and chocolate. I also possibly above everything else love to keep in style with all the latest trends and head out for a good time. these are what i love in winter and i find are absolutely essential for enjoying the down time while you can. Thankyou xox

  247. Essentials for a fun, stylish winter, is warm socks and boots, scarves, gloves and either some leggings, jeans or pants. If all else fails – thermal underwear and hot cup of milo. Don’t forget the sunnies and plenty of moisturiser to keep skin looking and feeling good also. Keep it fun.

  248. I can’t live without my onesie, ugg bots and huge dressing gown. When I go out, I love my boots, scarfe and an oversized woollen jumper. But nothing beats my lazy pug to keep me warm when I’m at home…..or do I keep him warm? Lol

  249. It’s most certainly my pashmina scarf paired with my toasty warm cable knit socks! It’s geek chic at its best and is best worn snuggled on my leather couch watching a Tom Hardy movie with a rather large hot gin punch! Bliss!

  250. Winter isn’t my favourite season, I’m a summer girl through and though, but these things make it pretty ok… Boots (including Uggies and gumboots), jeans, cosy jumpers, warm yummy soups, snuggles, a couple of good books, coffee and hot chocolate, and a warm cosy blanket while you snuggle up and listen to the thunder and rain.

  251. I need a scarf, nice warm jacket, with cosy knits to layer underneath. For inside (and let’s be honest, often outside picking up the kids and quick trips up the street) my Peter Alexander Uggs are a must have to keep my little tosses warm. The thing I need most though is a hot Milo and warms hugs from my family. Be cause let’s be honest, who doesn’t like warm hugs?

  252. My essentials would be an amazing lip balm (at the moment I am digging the caramel creme nivea pot) and a great all rounder moisturiser especially for my hands. Amazing slippers/Uggs, I picked up my ones for this winter at Target and are so comfy and warm! A great Hot chocolate, a good movie and my husband and pets (2 dogs and a cat) to snuggle up to. My list could go on and on now I think about it πŸ™‚

  253. A good lip balm and a nice scarves to snuggle my nose into. Hubby’s jumper..I love his scent! A nice mocha and my most favourite of all is a good snuggle rug and magazine.

  254. My winter essentials would have to be a warm wooly pair of bed socks to wear around the house all day, lip balm and a good moisturiser because my poor skin dries out so much and a slow cooked lamb casserole with a piece or two of chocolate self saucing pudding for dessert – yum!

  255. For me really, it’s about my witchery cashmere socks. If my feet are cold then I’m freezing all over! My puffer vest and knee high bootsare Perfect for reading mornings.

  256. Small people in onesies. Me in my onesie, couch and making sure the tissues are the aloe vera kind!

  257. Gumboots! Equally useful for visiting my backyard chooks or traipsing every soccer field in town as I watch my 9-year old daughter play!

  258. Layers! Merino wool basics are always good as are a great pair of boots. You also can’t go wrong with a gorgeous bright woolen scarf (and matching hat!).

  259. My winter essentials would be my vast scarf collection, my trusty boots that are so old worn and comfy like apair of slippers. Love them. Also steaming mug of hot chocolate, organic Shea butter hand cream and my Clinique chubby stick to keep those dry hands and lips nice and smooth. Oh and plenty of throw blankets!

  260. My crochet granny square blanket, took me 2 years to finish it but now as cosy as can be, and new out of style…

  261. A snuggly wooly jumper, lots of scaves, face hero (my fave), some lip balm, a hot choc with marshmallows, soup recipes and and a fabulous sunny holiday plan!

  262. Scarves, merino jumpers, mittens, beanie, lip balm, chocolate, slow cooker, blanket, fire, a nice bottle of red and cuddles on the couch with hubby and my little girl:)

  263. My essentials for a fun,stylish,winter are sunglasses,jumper,sun screen,camera,Twix bar,movie tickets,spa and my besties. πŸ™‚

  264. The best stay fast red lippy you can find, a pair of killer boots, a cumfy wooly cardy that can be as bulky and ugly as you like and it will still look fabulous and the best winter accessory of all…someone to snuggle because winter hugs are the best!

  265. I have a couple of cashmere scarves that I received as a gift in Norway many years ago, one black and one hot pink, love to wear these in winter, so that is the stylish part. My essential part would be Paw Paw cream, my lips wouldn’t be with out it during winter!

  266. Growing up in Melbourne I can honestly say winter in qld is a pushover in comparison. I do love waking up before anyone else and stand at our kitchen window while the winter sun streams through. It’s so beautiful. My winter essentials are nice warm hugs from my girls, my creamy vanilla porridge with pears and my good old classic Chapstick lip balm – can’t have dry lips!

  267. Infinity scarfs and beanies. They are so warm and stylish. The scarf won’t ever fall off and the beanie allows you to cover up a bad hair day. Together when put together makes you look like your trying with minimum effort because it’s winter and let’s face it you would rather be in bed watch TV or reading a book with a chai tea.

  268. Winter is all about layering and the accessories. Scarves, beanies, hats and gloves. Of course boots and jackets are also a must have. Warm winter luxe layers are the go x

  269. I have an amazing hooded scarf that I picked up for a pinch at an op shop that sustains me completely! This, and endless mugs of nourishing chicken broth and loads of extra sleep are my go-to’s! I would also have said the TV series ‘Vikings’, but I just watched the series 3 finale last night and there’s nothing left for me until 2016!

  270. A colourful chunky knit beanie, jeans and a lovely warm waterproof jacket and a good moisturizing lip balm.

  271. My essentials for a winter of style and fun,
    Begins with a pretense of a warm sun,
    A yellow scarf with a tassle or two,
    A bright coloured beanie with Pom, Pom askew,
    A warm cup of coffee, steam rising higher,
    Marshmallows toasting by a log fire.
    Knee high boots warming my toes,
    And an outlook thanking my stars not counting my woes!

  272. I’m thinking my comfy skinny jeans teamed with a warm knit jumper, Erin Louise style beanie and neck warmer, boots to keep my feet warm and dry and a water resistant jacket to keep the wind and rain at bay for school drop off. And don’t forget the lip balm to keep my lips kissable

  273. Beanies, band tshirts, big bright woolly snoods with jeans and converse… Might not be the most stylish but I love being warm!

  274. Scarves and boots… In as many styles and colours as your wardrobe and budget will allow! I live in NQLD and still have an epic collection in anticipation of holidays to cooler climates! There is something just so chic about a woman well accessorised in winter. Love it!

  275. Anybody can look effortlessly put together with a hat, sunnies and a scarf – so those would have to be my winter essentials. Just add a warm cup of tea, and you’ve got everything I need.

  276. I’m living in my furry, heeled hiking boots or my ankle gumboots. Plus scarves. Big bright scarves….

  277. My last few winters have be spent on an island *cue the hate talk* haha. But we get “cooler” days, which I rejoice so that I wear oversized sweaters and not be made fun of. I’m all about oversized sweaters,fuzzy socks and socks. I grew up in the PNW and I miss my cold days. I’m sure I’ll quickly regret that when I’m back to the cold πŸ™‚

  278. I live in Cairns, so our winter is nothing compared to those down south or overseas! But I still get cold πŸ˜› My winter essentials are comfy pjs, a cute tea cup/mug to drink my endless cups of tea from, a soft, cuddly blanket to snuggle up with on the couch, moisturiser and lip balm.

  279. A GOOD moisturiser to tame DRY skin, a great lip protectant, oodles of scarves and a fabulous coat to keep warm. Oh, and if it’s affordable, a trip to someplace warm to thaw for a week!

  280. Scarves, thick woolly jumpers, beanies, mittens, an electric throw rug, a wood fire, ugh boots tracked, and staying away from the snow!!

  281. I live in Cairns, so our winter is nothing compared to those down south or overseas! But I still get cold πŸ˜› My winter essentials are comfy pjs, a cute tea cup/mug to drink my endless cups of tea from, a soft, cuddly blanket to snuggle up with on the couch, moisturiser and lip balm

  282. For any winter I require a good study coat. (Winters are harsh in the northwoods of Wisconsin!) this last year was time to update to something a little fresher; my last coat had served me very well for over 15 years and could have kept going strong. However, I gave in to the pleas of my husband to finally update my outerwear, and got a beautiful salmon colored number from The North Face. I hope it will last me another 15 years.

  283. My essentials for a fun, stylish winter include a variety of scarfs (lots of colours and textures) to brighten my outfit, long warm socks (also in a variety of colours for hidden brightness) and moisturiser, i always carry it with me. Those winter winds and heaters do havoc on my lips and skin.

  284. Yummy hot soup with buttery toast, thick woolen scarves and jumpers, cups of tea (and coffee!), flannelette sheets, ugg boots, snuggling up on your couch under a blanket reading your favourites magazine or book (doesn’t happen as much anymore with new bub!), hand cream (lots) and picnics in the sunshine! Winter = my jam.

  285. Boots, jeans, comfy tracked I know not stylish but they are a must and I would love to say a nice warm jacket but I live in Qld so alas that isn’t a must for winter up here.

  286. Long woollen socks and knee high boots, hot chocolate in the evening curled under a blanket on the couch, wearing a scarf that I knitted myself, and making one for a loved one too. Finding a bar that makes a good mulled wine, and layering up to go watch a game of AFL, I am in Melbourne after all!

  287. Comfort and warm. Trackkie daks tucked into UGGs and woollen oversized jumpers that you can use the sleeves as gloves as the need arises.

  288. Boots are a must! Plus wooden dresses with tights. Or cute beanies and scarves! Also you can never go wrong with a stylish leather jacket.

  289. Long stripey socks with the toes in them ( yes you know the kind, we all wore them as a kid ), my hubbies oversized hoodie, lip balm ( of course ), a big handbag full of chocolate , lollies and my camera to take winter pics ( yes chockies because winter layers are so forgiving ) and of course plenty of sunshine and smiles πŸ™‚

  290. I love all your choices! Especially the chocolate – Kitkats are my absolute favourite chocolate!

  291. Scarves scarves scarves! Nothing dresses up a good pair of jeans and plain shirt like a gorgeous scarf!!
    And a good moisture regime, because nothing is more stylish to me than great skin!

  292. Paw paw cream for my lips and knuckles – am I the only one who gets cracked knuckles in winter?? A big chunky cable knit scarf, and my witchery hooded puffer jacket for when I’m running out the door to take the kids to school and its faaaaareeeeezing!

  293. Hot red lippy , my cinori black boots , jeans , chunky knit and of course a smile ! I love winter ❄️

  294. A great moisturiser (no flaky skin, please!), a fluffy faux-fur vest (to help hide all the extra chocolate and wine I’ve been inhaling) and a camera of course, to make sure I get some pics of the kids marvelling at frost with hot-chocolate moustaches!

  295. Good boots, a funky scarf, a thermos of green tea, my two boys and a park with a big pile of leaves to fall into!!

  296. As you get older I’ve noticed my needs change! I need a beanie to keep me warm as I feel the cold more! I need to fight wrinkles and hydrate my skin more than I used to 5 years ago! And most of all, you need to treat yourself with a pop of colour! I use a bright lip colour to liven up your face and your day!

  297. Those old soft jeans that fit ‘just right’ despite being 8 years old with a little rip in the knee and a pledge every winter to throw them away. They fit like nannas cuddle, large and loving, a bit warn, a little stinky if you get in too close but you can rely on them to make a bad day all better.
    Add in a daily rotation of porridge and vegetable soups and maybe a heavy hand moisturiser that smells divine and that my friends, is how you get through winter.

  298. My essentials for a chilly winter… Several pairs of killer jeans to cover all ocassions, a pair of ankle boots, big chunky snoods and scarves in navy, black and grey, and chunky oversized knits.
    Plus, a positive attitude and getting out into the fresh (freezing) air, to see me through the winter blues! πŸ™‚

  299. …a bucket of warm water to throw over the pipes to the toilet – so we can flush it!

  300. Leggings under skirt, scarves, fitted Kathmandu jumper or Mountain Design vest, cute beanie, mum and bub movies, popcorn, hot chocolate or chai latte, a good book, warm blanket, cute fluffy slippers, chicken soup and toast, afternoon naps with my son.

  301. Scarves, the chunkier the better! Team that with snuggling under a blanket, a warm mug of milo and a movie and you’ve got my perfect winters night!

  302. In Queensland the essentials are: denim jacket, colourful scarves and boots. Oh – and bright tights are fun for winter as well! (When I’m in ‘real winter’ I’d add a big coat to the mix as well!)

  303. Hugs from my kidlets, pjs that I can get away with doing school drop offs in, an endless supply of chocolate to make up for the lack of sun, hand cream for my premature granny hands, soup (minestrone mmmmm) and a hot water bottle in my bed when hubby is on night shift!

  304. Definitely lots of scarves – we’re not getting above 12 degrees all this week apparently, so scarves are a must! Also oversized jumpers or hoodies and long woolen ponchos. And hot chocolate <3 All the hot chocolate haha!

  305. Michigan winters require thick sweaters, boots, and a hot mug of cocoa or coffee. Oh, and a lot of lip balm to keep the lips soft!

  306. Definitely a sleeveless woollen wrap cardigan – great for layering, wrapping around little ones when they need a cuddle when out and about and adds instant style to a drab top!

  307. Leggings under skirts and winter dresses with boots jacket and a nice scraf, but once home on go the uggs and pjs

  308. Nanna knitted scarves, I don’t have a Nanna to knit for me so I love to go scouring vintage shops, Op Shops and markets to find some Nanna love to keep me warm.

  309. Essential is a beautiful scarf, leggings and a gorgeous coat, that and copious amounts of hot chia!

  310. That all depends…

    In the house – hoodies and track pants, socks, magazines and coffee! Outside the house, smart jeans, witch dry waterfall cardigans, country road basic tees and a statement scarf… Or statement bling, with boots, and a coffee.

    Goodness I hope you’re warm, it’s freezing in here today! If I win there’s a flowers with lady in beanie selfie coming your way! Xx

  311. A splash of colour, whether it’s a coat, leggings, scarf or hat, it’s just nice to brighten up the dreary day and hopefully put a smile on someone’s face too

  312. Gloves and beanies. A great variety of colour and textures and they double up to cover that crazy winter/rain/curly hair that I get going on

  313. It’s SOOO cold here today! My essentials are a lovely alpaca throw to wrap over me on the couch. If I have to go out a merino singlet is a must under many layers. Long tops, high waisted jeans, scarves, hats, long boots and a big coat all keep the warm in:)

  314. It’s so cold here in VIC that I have to wear many layers (I’ve lost count), but I still want to look nice so try and be very colour coordinated – although home sick today so that plan went out the window!

  315. Woolly snood, matching gloves, long fleecy lined boots, awesome baggy jumper (hand-knitted by Mum) and my old leather camera bag strapped over my shoulder as I go nature-walking for some awesome Winter snaps!

  316. An thick warm Hooded Jacket, (with a fluffy lined hood ) both for style and warmth.. Fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm, but can still use my fingers without fumbling and dropping things, great for driving too, and an added fashion style… Finish with lip balm for a glossy winters kiss!…

  317. Scarves, scarves & more scarves – dress up & down & every which way. They are fun, versatile & might even keep you a tad warmer.

  318. Cannot go past my {many many} jeans, Nike kicks and jumpers and my new wool jacket with its hood!! I also live in my assorted beanies n trackie dacks at home, snuggled in my doona with my two boys-does that count as stylish?!?! Hehe x

  319. As I have Reynauds disease, my finger tips, toes, ears need extra warmth, so gloves, woolly socks, a hat which covers my ears and a scarf around my neck and I am ready for the coldest day that Melbourne can throw at me.

  320. Lots of colourful scarves to mix & match, a great pair of comfy boots and a good quality woollen jacket that you can dress up or dress down. Mulled wine & Baked camembert optional.. πŸ™‚

  321. In winter, my everyday outfit is just so basic. a messy topknot, infinity scarf, tank top, over-sized cardigan, skinny jeans tucked into boots (i may or may not be wearing my husbands big fluffy socks underneath),

  322. Pyjamas (I wore them to a friends house to feed her cat) hot chocolate and snuggling with my 3yo son

  323. When hubby was alive he used to watch me undress, not for the obvious reason, BUT to see how many layers of clothes I had on in the winter time, He always said it was like peeling a kilo of Bananas.

  324. I live in Hobart, so a blanket scarf, a chunky knit and biker boots are my staple items. Don’t forget the thermals and fluffy socks, too!

  325. Living in Canberra – on top of the usual warm clothing and accessories – central heating an ice scraper for the car!

  326. Jeans, boots and cardis that can be layered are my go-to’s for winter. I miss living in a colder climate where I had to add coats, scarves, beanies and gloves, but everyone else in my family seems to like that is warmer here. And my one beauty tip for winter – keep up the sunscreen and lip balm all winter!

  327. In winter, I find myself wearing lots of grey, black and navy, as thats what most of my winter wardrobe looks like. So to avoid looking so dreary, I like to wear a fun + bright scarf (and not necessarily a winter scarf) to add a pop of colour to what would be very boring workwear.

  328. My winter essentials are a scarf and cardigan. I always need a huge range of jumpers or cardigans to change up any outfit. And a scarf is the perfect accessory to add that bit extra to a boring outfit.

  329. Welly boots to keep the tootsies dry watching the kids play soccer on weekends, a Fremantle Dockers scarf to keep warm whilst cheering them on ( roll on the Grand Final!!), a pile of books and magazines for cosy nights on the couch and Morrocan hair oil to tame the frizzy, winter hair!!

  330. I’m obsessed with infinity scarves! They bring so much colour (and warmth) to winter outfits & can be worn in such a variety of ways. They’re up there as an essential for a winter full of fun & style.

  331. When winter comes and I’m lacking inspiration, a candle, red lipstick, a chunky knit and a glass of red is my winning combination!

  332. My winter essential are: a chunky knit scarf, polka dot socks in every color, a warmly scented candle, and a big mug of hot chocolate! πŸ™‚

  333. I’ve recently fallen in love with
    bamboo clothing. It’s so incredibly soft and feels luxurious to wear.
    Bamboo singlets, underwear, tops, skirts, leggings, jumpers and
    scarves make are my new winter essentials. Stylish and fun to dress
    up with vibrant eco-friendly jewellery. Colourful accessories and
    cosy outfits make winter my favourite season!

  334. I hate wearing long pants so stockings are a must in winter to put under my cute summer frocks. Top it off with some cute boots and a leather jacket and I’m set to face the cold!

  335. My essentials for winter are bright coloured scarves for those dull days that need some colour. Carmex lip balm I don’t go anywhere without it, Hand cream because I can’t stand dry hands, boots for the days my tootsies need covering and Lindt hot chocolate for the nights I need a chocolate fix and warmth from the inside out.

  336. Scarves, beenies, and chunky knitted cardigans that my gran made me. Lots of hot drinks, snuggling under a blanket watching crappy TV, and lots of cuddles with my little boy πŸ™‚

  337. Definately my long boots and scarves, but my essential winter item is my long wool jacket!

  338. To brave any winters bite
    These essentials work hard day and night:
    Red lips to cheer the gloomy days
    Huge mugs of tea to lift inner haze
    Paw paw cream for lips and skin
    Chunky black boots to walk in
    Add colourful scarves and statement jackets
    And a satchel bag to stow chocolate packets
    Thick black wool tights and Peter Alexander Uggs
    And most of all, lots of warm hugs!

    Thanks for running such a great competition Chantelle! Fingers crossed!

  339. i love when the cold weather hits and I can get out my trusty snood – a scarf and hood combo – which wraps around my neck several times over. It’s like a hug for the upper half of the body!

  340. I’m a summer person. I love the beach and the heat, so winter can be quite unbearable! I cannot survive winter without my ugg boots or my warm red and black checkered hoody from Rusty. And if it’s super cold, a chunky knitted scarf keeps me extra toasty.

  341. Winter is not my favourite but I get through with some favourite essentials like my wool scarf from Witchery, my Country Road boots, and my comfy coat! Always lifesavers for my winter πŸ™‚

  342. A stylish winter shared with friends, my essentials have no
    ends. A warm scarf and mittens too, help
    a season, away from those cold blues!

  343. My love of winter starts when I return to the house, remove the jeans and boots, the jumpers and layers to put on my furry purple pants, my oversized jumper with holes for my thumbs to keep the sleeves down and my Ugg boots. Winter on the couch with hot chocolate in my winter home style warm and cosy is the best part of winter for me!

  344. Patterned thick tights or long leather boots, and the all important designer beanie are my winter fashion must haves!

  345. To me, a fun & stylish winter entails – spontaneous road trips on cold days when the sun is shining on my face in the car to warm me up while I’m having a dance/sing off with my Hubby to our favourite tunes. Also… skinny jeans, ankle boots, cute printed shrugs, oversized multicoloured scarves, a glorious heavy face/body moisturiser to keep dry skin away… All of these things make me happy during winter.

  346. I think I’ve got the fun downpat – but maybe not the stylish.
    I like oversized jumpers, skinny jeans and boots. A fireplace and some good moisturizer is a must too!

  347. to much clothing, my skin can’t breath but I love the crisp fresh air first things in the morning

  348. Nivea caramel lip butter, hot chocky loaded with ‘mallows, beanie of Mimco funk, boots, and cuddles galore!

  349. Chunky scarf, buff over the ears, warm coat, boots and a go out regardless of the cold mentality

  350. A great pair of jeans!! No matter the cost, as long as they make you feel fantastic and look amazing!!

  351. My fake fur vests, which I have for all occasions and colours… My friends have taken to calling me Jon Snow and I have inspired my 5 year old niece to embrace the trend.
    Keep warm c xx

  352. Stretchy skinny jeans and Ugg boots, and a few glasses of red wine always brings a glow to my cheeks!

  353. It’s no fun with the wind winding down your neck and back… Winter needs a jumper or three of fine Australian merino wool, my cosy infinity scarf, hot red lippy and weekends spent at art markets and Melbourne’s fab galleries!

  354. My essentials for a fun, stylish winter are fingerless gloves (so I can still access my smartphone), Hunter gumboots (because I love walking in the rain), and the best lip balm that you can find/like (noone’s stylish or having fun with dry, cracked lips!!!)

  355. My essentials for winter are a cute handmade scarf, a comfy pair of boots and a colour coordinated beanie!

  356. cute beanies, matchy scarves and delightful girly mittens…. Plus must have accessory this winter, Mr newborn in the baby carrier!

  357. My essentials for a fun and stylish winter are a pair of skinny jeans, a random tee, boots, a nice jacket and of course a scarf to top it all off.

  358. Skinny jeans, wooly jumper, boots, cute beanie and lip balm … ‘cos cracked lips ain’t sexy.

  359. I love outfits with small stand out details. For example I have a gorgeous black trench coat with white piping, a red beret with beautiful felt appliques and black boots with cream coloured double stitching. These details turn classics pieces into playful, stylish outfits that I love wearing during winter!

  360. My essentials for winter, particularly with children are of course my essential oils perfect for everyday in assisting with the germs. Gum boots to jump in the muddy puddles and a beanie for those warm ears!!

  361. I like wearing goofy winter hats!! A different one for each day of the week. Apart from making winter fun, the kids and hubby laugh and school drop off is a hoot!!! πŸ™‚

  362. I am loving all the different coloured pantyhose this winter. The patterned ones as well make my wardrobe fun.

  363. Jackets in lots of colours. Winter is so dreary, love mixing it up as you can wear them with jeans, pants, skirts or dresses πŸ˜€

  364. My fun essentials are handbags. Making or breaking an outfit. So many varieties and colours, can compliment all of my wardrobe with fun.

  365. FUN & STYLISH WINTER ESSENTIALS for me are silk pj’s, knee high ugg boots, a gorgeous hand knitted nanna blanket and some dark organic chocolate! But out and about…lip balm, moisturiser, oversized scarf, super cute ankle boots and THE best jeans!

  366. We don’t actually get much of a winter up in Darwin, but must haves whenever travelling down south:
    Scarves – to style up any outfit.
    Good pair of boots – gotta be made for walking!
    Lip balm – to keep your lips nice and kissable.


  367. My winter wardrobe essentials are long sleeve slim t-shirt, cardigan/jumper, skinny jeans or thick legging, knee high comfy flat heel boots. Plus scarves of variety of colours, pattern & material like wool or cashmere or acrylic to add a stylish nature. On the beauty department, I just love lip balm & hand cream. A cup of tea or coffee with a book under a blanket is the best thing too.

  368. Jeans and scarves are my go to winter essentials.. That and my lip balm. I hate how dry my lips get in the winter time.

  369. My essentials are warm knits, scarves and hats. I find if you have the right beanie (yours is adorable!) you can lose a layer because it keeps you so snug!

  370. My Winter essentials are my bright skirts to bring a flash of colour into my day and my long black socks to keep my legs warm while not detracting from my skirts.

  371. My essentials for a fun, stylish winter, is to be and do, as the europeans do, wear exquisite garments, eat hearty food and love the cold.

  372. I love winter! A simple dress, some funky merino leggings, my favourite boots, a hand knitted scandinavian cardi and a big wooly scarf. Not too forget: lots of chai tea and chocolate cake πŸ˜‰

  373. A pair of stylish gumboots,

    Keep me warm and dry

    The amount of shoes winter has killed…

    With these, i won’t have to say goodbye.

  374. Boots! Oh how I miss boots! Long boots, short boots, cowboy boots, just boots!
    In North Queensland, this little Victorian has missed winter terribly! Moving back south will see me having to replenish my winter wardrobe once again!

  375. Scarves and moisturiser, jeans and while around the house extremely fashionable track pants, ugg boots and flannelette shirts. Well that is when I spend time in a wintery place.

  376. In winter I like to layer up. Jeans and a thick cardy with a scarf and beanie. Plus boots ( with bedsocks underneath lol! ). Thanks. Fingers crossed xx

  377. Boots, scarves and layering your clothing. I love wearing colourful clothing during drab, dreary and grey weather. Cheers the soul.

  378. long sleeve black jersey dress – tights (patterned if i am in the mood!), boots and colorful accessories (jewellery to dress up or scarf for cold and casual)

  379. Paw Paw lip balm, thick and woolie scarf/beanie and my little boy handing my hand equals perfection.

  380. Firstly, wow, you have great taste! My winter fashion is knee high boots, bright colours, warm fires and my gorgeous babies little arms wrapped around me in a warm hug! <3

  381. My winter essentials – PawPaw cream to keep my lips crack-free, Rosehip & Macadamia oil to keep my skin soft, and a big fluffy blanket wrap because it is so versatile. The one I have has a hood, so it keep my ears warm. I can use it as a blanket over my knees or wrap myself up in it If it is really cold. Plus it looks amazing with skinny jeans, the suede knee high boots and a basic long sleeve tee.

  382. I have a few very simple requirements during winter. They are, in no particular order, chapstick, a warm scarf, ugg boots (not in public though!!), lots of cosy layers, a wood fire with the husband, kids & old dog all on the couch together. We watch funny movies and eat freshly popped popcorn at home while snuggled up under a blanket together because its too cold to leave the house on the weekend :o)

  383. My lipbalm is my staple for Winter. I wouldn’t cope without and my lips would turn into dried up prunes.

  384. A warm Jacket, scarf, boots, I also can’t be without a yummy hand cream & lip gloss like paw paw!

  385. Love wearing a different coloured, winter scarves, my long boots, a nice big woolen blanket for when I am sitting on the couch watching my favourite show and lastly can’t go every night without my electric blanket.

  386. 1. Peep toed leather boots…if I can’t show skin in winter I may aswell show off my pedicure!!
    2. Red Lippie to Brighten the smile of mine & quite possibly others.
    3. High waisted Jeans to hide all of those added winter kilos.
    Finally last but certainly not least
    4. A bottle of Pinot Noir shared with my best of friends.

  387. What style I say? As long as I’m warm, I’m happy and very fun especially with my pom pom beanie, multicoloured woolen scarf and moon boots!

  388. warm knittopm scarf, raincoat style trench coat, ugg boot and thermal underwear inside the jeans! πŸ™‚

  389. In fashion – colorful, printed, woolen or over-sized a scarf is my winter version of a statement necklace.
    In beauty – Lanolips 101 Ointment – to blow wind capped lips away.
    In health – a mug of hot chocolate with a melted marshmallow makes my inside do a happy dance.

  390. A pair of brown ankle boots with a medium heel, three different coloured pants, (khaki, Beige and grey), Two tops only in mustard and grey, one longline cardigan in soft grey and one khaki winter coat. No black ever, it’s all about the colour, for fun, for style, for winter.

  391. Korean drama episodes. PA home boots and fluffy teddybear hoodie. My monkey onesie. Chocolate. Green tea. Plum wine. Winter Survival Essentials = Done.

  392. For my winter style, I love wearing over sized shirts tucked into baggy jeans. For my shoes I choose heeled boots. For accessories I love wearing my infinity scarf and a beanie to keep me extra warm!!! And then i love relaxing to some smooth tunes, magazines and hot chocolates !!!

  393. Winter is coming….. and I need my slippers, scarves and boots!

    I also need hot chocolate… chocolate biscuits…and just chocolate in general. I also need my lavender heat bag, a big pot of tea and a burrow of doonas to hibernate.

  394. My winter essentials are definitely a warm scarf, boots and a really good nourishing face cream…Oversized jackets and jumpers are a must also!

  395. My winter essentials, inside – I just love my heated throw rug to bits!! cuddles with hubby or son, watching a movie (but mostly my fur baby to be honest!) Outside I can’t do without my slouchy beanie, boots, long jacket and a lovely soft scarf πŸ™‚

  396. My winter style mainly consists of skinny jeans, chelsea boots, a super warm coat, a beanie and bright lipstick.

  397. My winter essentials are boots, a gorgeous pop of colour in a nice cosy scarf, and seeing my little munchkins in their beanies and coats, toooo cute!! (As well, a healthy dose of gratitude for a roof over our heads, when so many in our city don’t have the same luxury)

  398. Winter? In Southern California you could pull off winter with a cute scarf, light jacket and even wear your summer sandals! Oh but don’t forget the lip balm!

  399. Ponte pants and oversized cardigans are going to be my winter essentials! 4 weeks ago we welcomed our baby girl into the world 5 weeks early so feeding tops are going to be an essential under my cardiagans once we leave hospital! And to top it of an array of beanies!!

  400. Summer dresses! Living in North Queensland we have no winter! Although heading to New York for Christmas so going to need all the winter essentials I can get my hands on πŸ™‚

  401. Necklaces, scarves and pretty shoes! While I’m trying to lose weight and exercise heaps at the moment I refuse to waste money on clothes that I will {fingers crossed} not fit into soon!! So a staple wardrobe of jeans, shirt and cardigan is mixed up with accessories and I don’t feel so sad wearing the same outfit every day πŸ™‚

  402. In winter I’m all about Sara Lee apple pie; layer upon layer upon layer. Merino long sleeves, toasty knits and an uber warm puffer vest. Oh, and a smile, always a smile. Even when it’s freezing cold and I would much rather stay snuggled up in bed than take the kidlets to school. Smile and style rhyme for good reason πŸ™‚

  403. Scarves to match every temp and colour, boot socks/cuffs, skinny jeans, long cardy and my fav fair trade coffee. That’s how I spend winter!!

  404. My winter essentials are a great pair of jeans and boots, a cute scarf and a gorgeous warm jacket.. a good moisturiser and paw paw for my lips. And a nice coffee. πŸ™‚

  405. The Winter Essentials for me are a scarf, gorgeous handmade wooden earrings, BB cream & a shimmer lipgloss. If I have all these then I feel ok about wearing my daggy yoga pants & jacket into school for pick up or drop off!!…..hopefully it works!!lol

  406. My winter essential is a good lip balm.. plus for warmth and a good look, a soft, snuggly scarf.

  407. My essentials are a blanket, a hot coffee and snuggling on the couch. Also a good bath oil and cosy jammies!

  408. I love wearing boots in winter with knee high socks underneath. Not only is it extra warmth but a little bit of fun just for me. At the end of the day when my boots are off I could have spots, stripes or bright colours.

  409. Fun comes hand in hand with making memories, sharing hot drinks, long days around my favourite board game, reading by the fire under my favourite minky blanket, camping by the fire under the stars. Lets not forget those raining days and being ambitious by making those family recipes that take forever to bake but taste so darn good you forget about that extra layer slowly building from last nights lasagna for a few moments. I love to wear my winter favourite jeans, soft wool socks, my fav boots and light, over sized fluffy cardigans.

  410. I have the grooviest, coolest, cutest new short white gumboots that I am wearing all the time. Teamed up with my cream puffer vest and gold spotted scarf I am set to take on the world.

  411. Gotta have a smart pair of bootleg jeans, over some awesome brown leather boots. Love me a chic jacket – virtually any style will do – all jackets are ok by me, and finished off with a cleverly looped scarf (thanks to all those smarty pants making youtube clips that show me ingenious ways of wrapping my scarf around my neck)

  412. beautiful pair of boots!!!!! {that go with every outfit} love a good beanie and scarf…… + www bit of tanning lotion so I don’t feel toooo pale hehehe

  413. I live in jeans so mix it up with different gorgeous scarves and I’m a sucker for a stunning coat. You can always look amazing with a well fitted coat

  414. Jeans, oversize tee, cute long cardigan and a scarf draped around my neck. Teamed with some cute flats or boots. If its really cold i love playing with hats!

  415. My essentials for a fun Winter include wearing natural fibres so I keep super warm, layer upon layer!!!!! The most important essential is a lovely glass of red warm and a glowing fire xxx

  416. I love looking stylish but in winter being warm is priority so i always grab my beanies and scarfs. colourful with some bling goes with everything snd of course my ugg boots are a must

  417. It’s got be a coconut body scrub, good old fashioned moisturiser, jeans, boots, knitted long jumper with a bit of bling and a knitted head band.
    Add pumpkin soup, crusty bread and a good chic flick and I’m one happy lady.

  418. Winter means watching winter sports outside so my essentials are beanie, gloves, coat and cross body bag so hands are always free for clapping, cheering or handing out half-time oranges. Go team!

  419. Scarves, be they knitted, crocheted or gorgeous pashmina or infinity scarves, they are a MUST not just for warmth, but for adding a talking point or splash of colour to your outfit. And the same goes for boots – ankle, calf or knee high – all great for keeping feet warm and dry.

  420. Comfy clothes that feel like a big warm snuggly hug! and a friend or two for a chat and a hot drink together

  421. Tea! Hot Tea! Scarves, boots, puffer jacket. Done. Well, and lip balm too to keep the schmackers lovely πŸ™‚

  422. Stylish winter? Does me being snuggled in bed with a cup of tea, reading a good book wearing thick woolly socks and a big fluffy dressing gown count?
    I can not go without moisturiser … lots of it! I also like a nice pair of black jeans or thick tights with a tunic and my simple black heels πŸ™‚

  423. A great versatile scarf that has many colours in it to match with many outfits, and a comfy pair of stylish boots

  424. I like my comfy live in jeans, my DIY blanket jacket made myself it’s twice as stylish because it’s a one of a kind piece, fluffy warm socks and my boots.

  425. My winter essentials are: cosy slippers, hand cream, lots and lots of scarves (and even a few more), massive sunnies, hot chocolates and dumplings in my soup! X

  426. Great boots, a gorgeous scarf (Banjo & Matilda), a large coffee and jeans that make me feel like Cindy Crawford on a good day.

  427. Oversized sweater, chunky knit scarf, skinny jeans/ jeggings, thick wool socks, Bean Boots – my go-to outfit essentials for winter!

  428. My best ever winter tip is to find the perfect pair of knee high boots. I finally found my all time faves last winter, they are super comfy and they mean that I can wear so much more of my wardrobe- think skirts with thick tights.

  429. To keep my Winter stylish my staples are definitely scarfs and anything BLACK. With a couple of basic black pieces you can really dress anything up or down, throw in a colourful, chunky knitted scarf and you have yourself a lovely outfit. However, to keep me going throughout Winter, I need to start my morning (actually any morning, regardless of the season) with a large coffee! My love for coffee is followed closely by cocoa butter moisturiser, warm little slippers and my big khaki parka!

  430. Definitely boots, scarf, paw paw ointment for my lips, wheat bag heated just so, olive leaf extract to keep colds at bay and slow cooked anything!

  431. My absolutely favourite ankle boots that SERIOUSLY need to be re-soled but I just can’t bear to be without them, even for a day! I am one of those one-pair-of-shoes type of gals, strange I know! My boots, jeans, a cardi and a scarf and this mama is set for anything. But you know, I really could do with a new bag to complete the ensemble πŸ˜‰

  432. Oversized knits, leggings as pants and my vans high tops! Hand cream is a beauty must for me in winter too…

  433. Chantelle you are a real gem you know that πŸ™‚
    My winter essentials are hot chocolate and warm socks. Big soft blankets and a thermas for those days sunny enough to brave outside to keep the winter blues at bay.
    Lip balm and really yummy moisturizer. . Good books and soup xx

  434. Winter, to me, means dressed in a warm coat, scarf, stockings and boots, whilst holding a cup of hot chocolate whilst walking in the CBD on the way to work.

  435. Oooh me me me!!! My essentials are boots and coats. You can never have too many of either. And fun? Books, cuddles, fires and food. Bliss!!!

  436. When I think of winter I think of enjoying a bowl of warm sticky date pudding or golden syrup dumplings with lashings of cream and custard. That means it’s oversize knits, jeans or leggings with boots & cleverly positioned scarves for me!!

  437. Winter wardrobe…. A delicious pair of leather boots and a warm scarf. They add style to everything in my wardrobe

  438. My essential are funky warm socks.. Wool for the dsy bed socks at night. I cant cope without warm toes. Moisturizer is also a big must for the freezing winds outside and drying air inside.

  439. Wouldn’t it be great to say my winter accessorie is a family pass to somewhere warm!
    But in reality I need lip balm all day to keep my lips from drying out going from warm rooms to cold outside air. I love lip balm anyway! A good versatile pair of boots to take me from work to play for day to night! By night, (after my son’s bedtime) a nice warm blanket on the couch!
    And any time I can get it, a nice warm cuddle from my little man! Oh yeah, or my big man!

  440. My winter essentials, definitely my white scarf with black stars, face cream, jeans to layer and piles and piles of wood to toasty up this house! I’ve just said goodbye to sunnies I can no longer see out of (thanks kids!), and in desperate need of a new handbag, your timing and taste couldn’t be more perfect, now let’s hope my luck shows the same goodwill!

  441. As I am in Canberra, warmth is everything! Soft, stylish leather gloves and some knee high boots are essential. Next up, a beautiful warm coat. As chapped lips and dry skin become a way of life with below zero mornings and indoor heating, a chap stick and moisturiser are everyday basics. Finally, an open fire, good company and gourmet hot chocolate keeps it fun.

  442. I really love scarves! Really bright, long ones or ones with feathers. My current favorite one is my Disney one with pockets!!

  443. In winter i love wearing jeans and cropped knit jumper with black boots! And definitely a hot chocolate is s must for me in winter!!

  444. I dread Winter, so I decided to change that by finding rich warm fabrics that feel amazing – when I finally discovered fine knit merino wool tops in bold colours, I was in heaven! A girl’s right to boots – especially my navy laser cut knee length ones – must be exercised at all times. FUN is vital – visiting the observatory to see the stars in the clear winter skies, amusement parks, ice skating or bookstore cafes.
    Best of all though, warm comfort drinks like chai tea, and mulled wine on a cosy couch with a cute nana rug to snuggle under. X

  445. Scarfs, scarfs and more scarfs (I love them, even in summer with a t-shirt). I live in jeans, boots and a scarf in the winter. I can’t do without a good hand moisturiser as my hands suffer in the cold weather. I love layering clothes, and finishing off with some statement jewellery, like my Palas charms and chain.

  446. A very snazzy but practical pair of boots, that go with everything!! An equally amazing black long jacket. Apart from that, use fun colours and thin layers.

  447. My winter essentials are infinity scarves, lace-up boots, hoodies, wooly cardigans and jumpers and nice hot coffee!

  448. In winter it’s all about comfort and warmth. Helps to face those cold mornings… Shudder. Some Nike Free’s, good pair of jeans, warm leather jacket and an assortment of scarves to add colour & flair! And coffee… Lots of coffee!

  449. Awesome prize! Winter essentials: a super warm wooly scarf, boots, so many layers on really chilly days and fingerless gloves to wrap around a steaming hot chocolate…and don’t forget your compassion; please buy a coffee or hot choc for a homeless person whilst you’re at your fav cafe.

  450. Layering it key so I opt for ankle boots, skinny jeans or leggings, a long sleeve tee, a chunky knit cardi and my new Paddington Bear-inspired tartan coat with fluffy hood. Hair and makeup is simple – a messy braid, mineral makeup and an absolute must is lip balm. Nothing worse than cracked, dry lips in winter πŸ˜‰

  451. Winter is layering.. I love it! Beautiful scarfs, gorgeous boots.. I love having my coffee at my favourite Cafe sitting near the fire.

  452. My winter essentials include a great pair of skinny jeans, a thick woolly scarf, comfy yet stylish sneakers, luxe hand cream and a good book to curl up with! Although, I’m a new mum with a 5 week old baby, so this winter I’m lucky if I have clean pyjamas and a hot cup of tea!

  453. Winter in Melbourne is real winter folks! I keep it stylish by making the best mulled wine. Not only does it taste incredible, it warms your heart and soul and makes the house all fragrant with the smell of cloves, cinnamon and mandarin while its simmers gently on the stove.

  454. Winter for me? Comfort is key! Loose fluffy cardies and boots that are hardy, bright scarves that pop and layered-up tops!

  455. Winter for me is all about explorer socks and my metallic Doc Marten boots. I even get compliments from strangers at University all the time when I wear them. Winter is also about super moisturising face oils to combat the ever worsening plight of a dry skinned woman.

  456. Big old oversized scarves is the number 1 must have! Along side a good smelling hand cream for those chilly skin drying days on my poor little mitts. Black leather ankle boots to wear with just about errrrr-thang and last but not least my hot water bottle to snuggle up with and read Cosmo! Who needs a man….

  457. From head to toe:
    *Dye my hair darker
    *Wear a snood (can’t believe that’s what they call them!)
    *Coat with fake fur to fulfil a ‘Game of Thrones’ fantasy
    *Black jeans whenever I’m not working
    *Gorilla legs… ain’t nobody got time for that
    *Foxy socks, it is winter after all
    *Leather ankle boots with a small heal or uggs for a true Aussie winter night

  458. I’m a Brisbane girl so my essentials are all about layering. Blazers, long line cardigans and scarves – all items I can easily discard to soak up the QLD sun at lunchtime. I know I’m in winter mode when my ankle boots are on, hand cream is never out of reach and my choice of manicure colour is a deep berry hue.

  459. My winter style is a loose grey top, with some nice light jeans, my nikes or some nice boots, an infinity scarf (sometimes), my favourite khaki anorak and of course a cute little watch. My hair is always in a messy top bun and with natural makeup or none at all. My essentials would have to be my batiste cherry dry shampoo, my Nivea gentle cleansing cream, my natio hand and nail cream and my natio daily protection face moisturiser. Then so I don’t get acne – my cucumber facial cleansing wipes and my clearasil vanishing pimple clearing cream because you always have to take care of your skin. Then of course movies, magazines and coffees.

  460. Since we’ll be dealing with the colder weather for a little
    longer, I love the idea of settling in with some magazines and cosy socks. My
    all-time winter essential though is a good hot chocolate, loaded with marshmallows!

  461. My essentials for a fun, stylish (at home) winter are a cozy new pair of PJs in a bright pattern, a pair of fluffy socks or my uggies, a gorgeous throw rug from Country Road to wrap myself in, a delicious chocolatey treat and my Sex and the City box set. That way I get to spend winter, warm, happy and surrounded by style!

  462. I make sure I have my 4 favourite men close at hand. Peter Alexander for some serious home style, Ben&Jerry are nothing but sweet and fun, and of course Hubby to help keep me warm! (And Trilogy Everything Balm for really…..everything that my skin could need)

  463. A chunky knit jumper, my snuggly infinity scarf, chamomile tea in my mug that is literally big enough to be a soup bowl, fluffy socks, a good book…and my cat! Is she a winter essential? Sure thing! She is softer and cuddlier than any blanket!

  464. Leggings with knee high boots a cute top and a jacket. I also like to wear my hair down and straightened so it keeps my ears warm outside.

  465. Keeping warm. Love a warm stylish tailored jacket, great boots and year round cute sunnies.

  466. It’s survival of the KNITTEST, so I love a gorgeous, stylish jumper, good gloves, and a hat. That combo will impress Jack Frost and set TEETH CHATTERING!

  467. In winter I can’t live without my black knitted jumper, make up, fire (I know it’s not really a beauty essential but I really can’t live without it) & my berry tea I need them all!!! Plus a couple of other things

  468. I’m with bump, so lots of layers. Maternity tights and jeans. Stripe tops and don’t forget a nice warm poncho.

  469. A beautiful warm scarf large enough to be a wrap if the temperature drops as well as thick socks and long comfy leather boots.

  470. A cute beanie and some adorable printed socks are a must, because an outfit that is both warm & fashionable is essential for a fun, stylish winter!

  471. Beautiful colourful scarves brighten up dreary winter days as does eye catching nail polish.

  472. The inspirationally intrinsic sophistication of stunning winter wonderment is enlightened by our wardrobe of fun, stylish accessories; snug as a bug ugg boots, a gorgeous print scarf, the classic tradition of denim, bright beauty must-have’s, adorably accessible handbags and a contemporary kaleidoscope of colour rich cardigans. Effective in embracing the fascinating seasonal enchantment of harmoniously picturesque expressionism and uniquely diverse character, heart-warming flair everyone’s always happy to wear.

  473. Definitely Scarf, Boots and Lip balm nearly every day of Winter oh and for fun a glass of wine for sure

  474. Throughout winter it’s all about the layering, staying cosy and rocking your own, unique style! Nothing beats an oversized, cosy cable knit sweater paired with stockings, boots and a simple, yet sophisticated handbag! Leg warmers, scarves, beanies and gloves can make great accessories to your outfit as well as keeping you super snug at all times! Long winter coats are essential in the colder months!

    Curling up by the fire, in style, with your beloved pet, a great book and a cup of herbal infused tea in your favorite mug, as well some marshmallows for toasting – now this is the ultimate winter relaxation experience!

  475. Nice coats, black pants, scarves, boots too,
    Lip gloss, jewellery, denim jeans in blue,
    Warm socks, hand cream, coffee and tea,
    Chocolate, marshmallows, sounds great to me!

  476. Cozy sweaters, jeans and tall boots!! Lots of boots! Tall, short, flat, heels! This will get me by just about every day in the winter!

  477. Winter for me is actually a make believe place in magazines, books and brochures. When Cairns hits 24 degrees we get out our jeans and hoodies for 3 day. But I dream wistfully of a southern beanie and scarf, fire place roaring winter!

  478. If I still lived in the Northern Hemisphere, I’d have a lot of wool on my list, but since I live in sunny Brisbane I only need boots, a scarf and lots of hand lotion to combat the dry weather.

  479. My essentials are jeggings and oversized jumpers matched with my favourite scarf because I am a slim grandma fat.

  480. I love a nice long scarf, not doctor who length but long enough to wrap around twice and still hang down a bit. I also love gloves but it doesnt get cold enough to wear here. A nice bright lipstick is a must too

  481. Definitely need hand crocheted scarves in lots of colours. That, skinny jeans, boots, a selection of teas and you’re set.

  482. This winter I am very pregnant so I am living in oversized cardis/jumpers and leggings. Oh so comfy. When heading out I also love gigantic scarves.
    My first little lady doesn’t stop adventuring because it’s cold so her current winter essentials are a rain coat and gum boots. It seems she can spot a muddy puddle a mile away and it HAS to be jumped in!

  483. Warm (my toes go blue) socks; tan (goes with everything) ankle boots; fingerless (still need to use my phone) gloves; faux fur (don’t want PETA on my doorstep) vest; and a Penny Lane (stole my life) coat!

  484. My fun stylish winter is.wearing my most worn in jeans..rips at the knees and all. A bright coloured long sleeve top, a vest, a multicoloured scarf, hair tied up and flip floppy and my most fav shoes …. ones i found at sportsgirl for $5!! (Ok the front sole has now lifted…but hey a bit of superglue will fix that!!) Winter for me is hard …this is what i do to stay out of the drab!!

  485. Wintertime and the days are so much shorter. To keep my spirits up the colours come out in my clothes….beautiful scarves, bags & accessories to brighten things up. And Boots…oh my!! I just bought some knee high boots from David Jones (on special as well #bargainshopper!) and can’t wait to wear them with my patterned tights & Country Road skirt. At home, I use the chilly nights to sit and have a nice bottle of red wine I’ve purchased (from Liquorland with cashback…thanks AMEX!). This winter I’m feeling pretty adventurous so I’ll plan my Christmas in July party with my closest friends….always a winner! The winter can last awhile so I stay stylish with colour, layers and lipbalm and make sure I enjoy the season with family, friends and some me time!

  486. Timeless (faux) sheepskin coat. I’ve worn it every year for twenty years and still get comments. May need some elbow patches soon, but they just gets me kudos in the hipster realm. Tx PS: those sunglasses though… L O V E

  487. I’m afraid I struggle with “winter” and “style”. When it’s still minus five at 11am, I don’t care if my eight layers make me look like Marshmallow Man! I’ve been known to bring my sleeping bag to work meetings!
    I shaved my head in January when my brother lost his hair due to chemotherapy. So this winter, warm hats are my essentials!

  488. scarfs, scarfs and scarfs… love them and in a weird way I love winter, reminds me of home (Scotland)

  489. What a prize! I have a boot obsession for winter. All colours and heel sizes. I can’t get enough of boots!

  490. I just bought this great jumper (with a gift voucher) that has zips on the side. It means i can baby wear without showing off my muffin top. Love it!
    Also need my trusty boots and scarves.

  491. Hand crochet giant scarf, it has been so good for Tassiw winter, and of course my slippers, they almost never leave my feet, but I’m not sure if you class those as stylish πŸ˜‰

  492. As I am mainly working from home, my winter essentials are flannelette pyjama pants, long flannelette nighty with the pyjama top over that, sheepskin boots and a fairy wand.

  493. Essentials
    Well I always start with socks!! I have the world’s coldest feet so If my feet have socks on them, I feel so much warmer πŸ™‚

  494. Hot chocolate, a knitted cardigan, braided hair with a beanie pulled over, and warm boots with tights or jeans.

  495. I live in a Central america, so our winter is totally different than yours, we don’t have snow, we have tons and tons of rain (Actually is raining right now), so my winter style is a little bit different too. I love to wear jeans or leggings to go out if it’s raining, I would wear a t-shirt and a big coat or jacket ( a stylish jacket), I love wearing high heels so I would pick some closed high heels or boots, sometimes if I’m just going to do some errands I would pick some keds. If the day is too cold I love to wear socks ( cute socks hahaha). So that’s basically my winter style in Panama.

  496. Wow I absolutely adore Winter time (maybe because i’m lucky enough to live in Queensland where its not tooo cold!)! Nothing gives me more pleasure than pulling out all my scarves, boots and jackets that have been hiding in the back of my cupboard hibernating over the summer. I’m like a kid in a candy store, happily giggling and playing dress ups with my baby girl re-discovering all the beautiful winter clothes I have. I excitedly mi