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So, I went to Melbourne and this happened…

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Brought to you by Olympus.


My heart just feels so full right now.

This week I flew down to Melbourne for the last of three lunches with readers {I’d love to do more, but at this stage we don’t have any planned}.

When we first talked about having reader lunches, I can’t tell you how uncomfortable that made me feel. Asking people to have lunch with me? Weeeiiird.

At the first lunch we had 10 people, and then for the Gold Coast lunch Olympus came to me and said that we should have 30. I immediately said no. There was no way that thirty people would want to come. We settled on twenty, and more than that wanted to come. Phew.

I’ve said at the lunches that getting to know my readers is my favourite part of blogging. Over the past year with having Luella it’s been hard to reply to every email, I know I have some unanswered in my inbox now {sorry! I will get there}, but getting to know everyone in person has been more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

I am struggling to put it into words, but writing from the comfort of my own home is one thing, but getting to meet people that connect with what I write, and who I feel like I’ve known FOREVER… it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

One person in particular who I was so excited to meet was Donna. Donna is a beautiful woman who lives in Melbourne. We’ve been chatting on and off for almost two years now. She has this knack of knowing when I need a little pep talk, she’ll pop into my inbox with some lovely words of comfort or kindness. She was one of the first people I messaged when Luella was born. I just adore her.

Getting to meet her was a highlight of my life. I was excited. And being around her felt like home. I know that sounds weird. But it was so lovely. I am blessed.

donnaWe’ve been promising to share a champagne – virtually for over a year now – for me after giving birth and Donna after finishing chemo – and we got to do it in person.

langham The location for Melbourne was The Langham hotel. I knew nothing about it, but I now know that it’s fancy. The porters out the front wear top hats and big coats, and blow whistles to get you a taxi. 

looThe Langham toilets have stickers on their paper. F-a-n-c-y.

lunchThe menu! I went with the risotto, the beef and the cheesecake. What would you have picked?

carlyI totally got in trouble for only snapping half of my face in this selfie with Carly. Rebel.

I played around with a new selfie camera {PEN E-PL7} that Olympus are bringing out. It’s the baby sister to the OM-D E-M10.

10702151_10152752418164254_8135053246365732220_nbelinda michelle

Here’s the whole gang…

melb1 melb2 melb3

It was such a great day, in fact all of the lunches have been amazing. Thank you to everyone for making such an effort to come to lunch. I hope you all had fun, made new friends, filled your tummies {and your souls}.

I was so lucky to get sooooo many beautiful gifts from everyone. It filled my suitcase and then some. People are kind! Thank you to my new friends for all the beautiful, thoughtful gifts. I know I’ve only got around to emailing my thanks for some of you. My heart is full, thank you for filling it with such joy.

IMG_6861 present

My biggest thanks of all has to go to Olympus. At each lunch people have come up to me and said, “How nice are those Olympus guys?” And it’s because they are. They just get blogging. They’re people I now actually call my friends. At each lunch we have all learnt a bit about the camera {the hero of the lunch the OM-D E-M10} and had a play with it, and it always makes me so happy to see how fast everyone falls in love with the camera. I’ve had to dial down my love for my camera when talking to people, because it’s a full-blown love affair. I’m crazy about it. I’m not alone, because everyone at the lunches has done the same. We were snapping photos and uploading them straight to Instagram {using the wi-fi function}.

Thank you to Olympus for believing in me, for shouting us lunch and for just making really good stuff happen. You guys rock. Thank you.

Hopefully I get to meet more readers in the future. I think we should just make it happen. Don’t you?