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Craft project: Make a set of triplet softies


Today I’ve got a little treat for you. Trixi from Coloured Buttons is here to share a little craft/sewing project that you can tackle this weekend. Enjoy!


Peanut shaped softies are easy to make and sew and, with a bit of imagination, you can use this shape to create all sorts of new projects. In Triplets, I’ve used felt, and on my blog I posted a tutorial using a peanut shape with cotton fabrics to make a sweet little baby in a pouch. Both projects can be found in my book Sew Together Grow Together which presents 20 original hand sewing projects for parents to make with or for their children.

What you need

Embroidery thread

Let’s get started!

First print all the templates and cut them out. You can grab them here. Note that the biggest triplet’s body and pouch need to be enlarged {150%}.

To make the biggest triplet, place the templates for his body and pouch on a piece of felt, trace around them and cut out.


Cut out his facial features from felt. You can design your own eyes or use the eye shapes given in the templates. Pin and sew into place.


I’ve used different shapes and stitches to give his eyes and mouth the character I wanted them to have.


Place the template for spikes on a piece of felt. Trace around it and cut out as many lines of spikes as you wish your triplet to have making them as long or as short as you like.

Now place the body shape with facial features on it face up on the second body shape and arrange your spikes between the two body shapes.


Place the pouch in position and pin everything into place.


Sew around his body ¼” from the edge. It’s a good idea for young sewers to draw a sewing line first.


Remember to leave an opening for stuffing.


Push small amounts of stuffing through the opening until your triplet feels nice and squishy.


Sew the opening closed.


Repeat for middle and baby triplet, and remember that baby triplet doesn’t need a pouch. Below are some of the Triplets my students made in a workshop:


Tip to new sewers

To thread your needle use about 80cm of thread, then bring the ends of the thread together and tie them in a knot. This prevents your thread from slipping out of the needle.

Happy sewing!