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We’ve been taking more little road trips lately. Luella used to hate the car, but she’s slowly getting better as she gets older, so it means we get to explore more. Our first long trip was 3 hours north to Noosa, and then more recently half an hour down the coast to Hastings Point.

Now, if you’re a parent, you may well know that as soon as you put kids in cars they usually say one of three things: Are we there yet? OR I’m booooooooored OR I’m STARVING. This happens in our car, no matter how long the journey.

A quick “soon!” helps with the first question, and a game of I Spy helps with the second, and then the starving bit is solved by this…


SNACKS. Never leave home without the snacks {a lesson I’ve learned the hard way}.

I know each parent raises their child/ren differently when it comes to food. I wanted my girls to grow up with a healthy relationship with food. We talk about all-the-time-food {nutritious whole food choices} and sometimes-food {treats and indulgent eats}, and I try and get Lacey {and Luella to a lesser extent at present because she’s so young} to try as many foods as possible. If she doesn’t like them, it’s fine… but I’ll reintroduce them as her tastebuds mature. Her favourite foods are avocado, roast pumpkin and sashimi. And ice cream, of course.


Allen’s has introduced fun-size packs of their Fruity Craze jellybeans. They’re a small pack {portion-controlled if you will} of 8 flavours {but no black, because ain’t nobody got time for black jelly beans, right?}. They’re available in Coles and other independent grocers right now, or you can pop over to the Allen’s Facebook page and like them because they’ll be giving away 10,000 free sample packs over the next few months.

box6On a recently road trip I packed the following snacks: Apple, oat and sultana muffins, strawberries, carrot sticks with avocado dip {puree avocado and cream cheese – or ricotta or cottage cheese – and a squeeze of lemon}, mandarin, little sandwiches and a few of the Fruity Craze jelly beans {for Lacey, and us big kids too}.


Allen’s Lollies asked me to create my own little fun pack for one Fat Mum Slim reader to win. Here’s what I’ve put together. One person will win:


β™₯ Lovestar wall vase
β™₯ Two Castle & Things pillowcases
β™₯ Kate Hill purse

To be in the running, tell me about the most fun you’ve ever had in the comment section below.

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The winner of this competition is Chantal.

  • Kym Potts

    For me nothing beats the fun of christmas morning when I was a child. The nervous anticipation to see d the big guy in red had been. Not having to worry about food or gifts for anyone else just being able to enjoy the day! I clearly remember all the laughs and non stop playing until you fell asleep on lounge with all our cousins surrounded by new things and all out favourite people. They were indeed good days xx

  • jwillardmartin

    I didn’t know it at the time, but some of the funnest (most fun?!) moments of my life were at recess and lunch at school. Sitting around, pretty carefree and making each other laugh until we cry at silly things – last night’s episode of Seinfeld or The Simpsons, eating too much Wizz Fizz and recreating our favourite New Kids on the Block video!

  • Chantal Churchill

    I would have to say going on holidays – pretty hard to not have fun and be happy when you are away with loved ones, relaxed and experiencing new things. There is always a story that comes out of going away, that made everyone laugh, that you can re-tell for years to come.

    • Hi Chantal. You’re the winner of this competition. Please email me at [email protected] and I’ll organise your prize for you. x

  • Most fun I’ve ever had is when our girls saw snow for the first time on the roadside near Lake Tahoe in California. Seeing their excited faces, throwing snowballs at each other and making snowmen. THE BEST.

  • Nikki M

    During university with my best mate – when we were working on group assignments, the night before they were due and ended up drawing chin people on our faces. One of the most simplest things that still to this day makes us giggle. It’s moments like this that you remember years later and can share that private laugh.

  • Taran

    Absolutely most definately our wedding day! Danced all night in my dress and cowboy boots to bad 90s music played on our jukebox, toasted marshmallows on our bonfires and when it rained, jumped up and down as hard as I could in the muddy puddles! (My now 4 year old would be proud!)

  • Sharnay Mail-McRae

    I needed more than a fun pack on a recent trip from the UK to Australia. On the first leg of the journey my 16 month old screamed for 12 out of the 13 hours on the plane, and then for 5 out of the 8 hours of the next leg!! I wish I’d had snacks like you’ve made up for your girls….I think it would have helped! πŸ™‚

  • Bec H

    The most fun we have had as a family was a holiday on the Sunshine Coast a few years ago. My husband was home on holiday during a deployment to the Middle East. We managed to get a bargain holiday apartment with it’s own roof top pool. The kids swam non stop and we each afternoon we took a walk along the beach and stopped for gelato. I keep looking but I can’t find such a bargain holiday rental again!

  • Tahnee Moyle

    I always had the most fun in high school. We used to have water fights in the summer. Heaps of kids from my year level running around wetting each other with water balloons and water bottles. We always got in trouble off the teachers but that just made it even more fun. I would give anything to go back to high school

  • Bec

    Camping in our new ( to us anyway) camper trailer with our two boys. Eating outside, possum spotting at night, beach trips, easy days and quiet nights. Sounds game but we love it! So much fun and lots of good memories.

  • Ev Smith

    Last Christmas holidays especially New Years Eve, we stayed in a house with 3 other families. 13 kids & 8 adults. We played games like cards & bingo. Beach visits & movie nights. We all had a ball.

  • Kristen Knight

    Just rediscovered roller skating with my 6 yr old twins we had a ball!

  • Jade

    I don’t think I realised what ‘real’ fun was until I had my daughter. I love seeing the world through her eyes. Every day is the best adventure and I can’t wait to experience many more exciting times with her by my side

  • Nikki

    Christmas morning with my three boys aged 3, 7 and 36 πŸ˜‰

  • Fun is rolling around on the floor, tickling my autistic boy. He often doesn’t engage much or like body contact, but I can gaureentee response when I lie on top of him and tickle. He laughs (absolute best sound ever!) and I laugh. Big belly hurting laughs. This is fun. The two of us experiencing pure joy together.

  • The most fun was an impromptu stacks-on tickle attack with the kids, 4 and 1. Hubby was delayed coming home, it had been a tough day and I wanted to cry. Instead, I grabbed 4yo and tickled her. 1yo joined in. They climbed on top and turned on me instead. Hubby came home about 20 minutes later and found us still like that. I had tears streaming down my face. Bonus: the laughs were the best ab workout I’ve had in months!!

  • Megan

    I love to watch my baby (7 months) laugh at my daughter (almost 4). Anything she does he thinks is great….I guess for me it’s the simple things πŸ™‚

  • It’s pretty hard to say but I’d guess the most fun I ever had was going to Disneyworld for the first time. I was about 21 but felt about 5. The highlight was having dinner and watching the fireworks at Cinderella’s Castle and seeing the fairy godmother (it only took her another 13 years to rustle up my handsome prince!) It was all kinds of awesome!

  • Michelle Doehnert

    The most fun I’ve had would have to be my wedding day. It was like a day long party!

  • Sarah

    The most fun I’ve had is being a mum. The games kids play, the innocent things they say which are actually hilarious, getting dirty and messy and sometimes being able to act like a child myself when I am with them. There is something to enjoy everyday.

  • Allison Owen

    The most fun I’ve ever had is quite hard to narrow down. But, if I have to choose one it would be my honeymoon, Disneyworld in Florida with the best husband ever. We went on every single ride we could!!

  • Bec Frisina

    Doing the Tough Mudder with my sister last year. It was tough that’s for sure, but loads of fun and laughs trying to get over the walls without wetting your pants LOL

  • Wileenie

    We love traveling, and each trip with our daughter has gotten better and better. We just returned from two weeks in Japan. Amazing and fun!

  • Naheena J Norman

    Everyday is a fun day! Dancing to BeyoncΓ© with my two year old baby wearing her dolly while I have littlest babe in the ergo comes to mid though

  • DhiniNL | Dhinivh

    The most fun…. everyday spending time with my son and watch him enjoy playing everything.

  • Peta-Lee

    Recently the best fun has been the impromptu mini dance parties with my daughter’s in the car when a good song comes on the radio. We bop and sing along like crazies in the bubble of the car like noone could see us. We laugh and giggle, never fails to put a smile on our faces

  • Aimee Gervais Derouen

    I love impromptu breakfast picnics with my daughter to celebrate spring before work/school!

  • At the receptions of my three siblings’ weddings. Dancing, laughing, eating, toasting, celebrating love and family. Great joy!

  • Rachel K

    The most fun I’ve ever had would have to be all the times we were driving
    together as a family. This would consist of my little brother and I in the
    back, Mum in the front and Dad in the “drivers” seat.

    These moments would happen when Dad seemed to drive erratically (in my
    Mum and my eyes!) You see Dad is an aggressive driver and often on long
    journeys, when Dad was driving this way, Mum and I would have a private joke
    and one of us would say “Look there’s one of those trees!” – which meant Dad was driving badly!

    This all started over 25 years ago. Whenever we’d say it Dad would say “Where? I don’t know why I can’t see these “bloody” trees!”, which sent Mum and I into hysterics! He grew more frustrated as the years went by and he still couldn’t spot the funny short, “African” looking tree Mum and myself “saw”!

    Every time we would do it, it became funnier and funnier and we would laugh our heads off!

    These days I am married and when Mum and Dad come to visit I ask her if she saw any of those “funny trees” and she always responds yes! We laugh every time until our sides hurt and Dad says we are both nuts!

    These moments are the happiest, funniest moment I have had with my Dad but if he ever finds out it has been a joke for over 25 years this post may well become the “worst”! Ha, ha!!!!

  • Claire H Simmons

    today we all walked to the park in our pjs as the dog decided to dash out early and we had to go search for him. So we decided to play in the park after we found him dancing after the ducks. the kids loved it and it was a great giggle

  • jannamac20

    We are trying to do something ‘local’ every month with our three kids. (2,3, and 8). There is a park with a huge dragon and that’s been our favorite this summer.

  • Nayana iliffe

    My husband and a tiny daggy houseboat for two on the Hawkesbury River.
    Chilly, misty mornings, laughing so hard trying to row a boat, good wine and great company…I most fun I have had in a long time!

  • kookla123

    Helping my elderly dad complete 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzles is always fun. Especially as he is colour-bind!

  • Kate Doust Howarth

    Watching my kids’ faces as they explored their new school, after feeling very nervous about moving them across the state to out new life. Scarey big move will now be so much easier.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    The most fun was had when my children were little and we would go in picnics to the local park with their cousins such fun was had on a small budget and the kids still talk about the fun times they had!

  • Hazel Morgan

    Swimming with a baby elephant in Thailand recently.We were lucky enough to have had half an hour with her, splashing around and riding on her back in the shallow warm water. It will definitely be an experience my kids and I will never forget

  • Julia

    Taking my cousins to see Frozen…..I enjoyed the movie as much as they did. Treats galore from the candy bar, everyone singing “Let it Go” and goofing around in the photobooth after the movie was hilarious. It was fun for many reasons:the most important being together as a family (ranging in ages from 7 to 31) and enjoying each other’s company.

  • Lynda

    Meeting lots of Internation students where I work at the University and just being able to make them ‘feel at home’ in a strange country – for some of them it is their first time away from home and their first time overseas.

  • Shae

    We took my 9 year old son to adventure world for his b’day, it was a cool overcast day but I was determined to join in on the fun (seen as I missed out on all the theme parks when we were on the Gold Coast the year prior, due to being pregnant!) I had so much fun going down the water slides and through the water playground with my kids, it was freezing but I felt young at heart again (normally daddy is the fun machine!)

  • The most fun time I ever had was my wedding. Cliche but true! We went to a 16 acre island off Vanuatu and had a couple of friends and family members. My 74 year old grandpa “planked” on the cake table (back when it was in fashion!) and my Granma was singing along to “sexy bitch” by David Guetta without knowing what she was actually singing until we pointed it out. Lots of fun memories! PS I don’t know which of those 3 things I love the most…. But I almost did wet myself over them haha. Love them! x

  • Victoria

    So many fun memories with family and friends. One from most recently was taking photos of my brand new baby niece. Such a fun day – lots of laughter, crying (from my niece, that is!) and wonderful family memories.

  • The most fun I’ve ever had was getting lost in KL overseas with my husband. We had no idea where we were and trying to figure it in the pouring rain, it was hilarious

  • Jessie Hay

    We took 7 of our kids away for a holiday on the Sunshine Coast and it was so much fun- we were constantly on the go the whole time! The best part was the amount of family time we had as there was very little to do but just be together πŸ™‚
    We needed another week off afterwards when they were back at school to recover though lol!

  • Catherine

    The most fun l had recently was my daughters birthday party. It was a disco party and they were all being a bit shy so l got out on the dance floor and showed them some dance moves from the 80s. I had a ball and worked up a sweat. My husband was laughing so much that the video of it is so wobbly. My daughter was initially not happy but then her and her friends got into it and the party really started.

  • Elita Hooper

    A family trip to the beach. Let just say we went for a walk and everyone came back very wet from it.

  • Jacinta Barnes

    The most fun I’ve had recently was taking my 3.5 year old son to the movies for the first time to see Rio 2! He has severe speech delay dyspraxia so doesn’t talk and some of the simple things are a little bit harder as he doesn’t understand certain things! He sat mesmerised from beginning to end and loved every minute of it which was such a big thing for me! So it was definitely a lot of fun!!

  • KirstyS

    It rained here last week. We haven’t had rain in aaaaaages and I was almost at the point of forgetting what it was like when it was wet… and it’s winter! I had to do the daycare pick up and walked there with my older son. Once we got the younger one we took off our shoes and walked in puddles all the way home, laughing and the occasional snort like Peppa Pig. No rolling around in muddly puddles, thankfully, but a load of fun anyway.

  • Marnie

    The most fun I’ve ever had happens ever week! ‘Friday Fun Night’ is the highlight of our family’s week and is a super fun couple of hours with my favourite little (and big) people. Ice-cream station, kids movie, popcorn and the inflatable bed set up in the lounge room with every pillow, blanket and cuddly toy in the house. Simple things are always the best (and most fun)!!

  • For me, it’s the free and simple things in life. The most fun we have as a family, is when we head to our creek on our farm, to our little picnic area. we crank the fire up, cook some snaggas on the barbie and watch the kids explore, slipping and sliding in the mud; swimming in the natural pool; playing chasey and hide and seek in the native broombushes that surround the whole area & then we go for a wander to see what funky things we can find in the bush. It’s simply the best fun and the sound of my kids laughter seals the deal as my “funnest of fun” times!

  • Jayne

    My husband and I race a jet sprint boat, he drives, I navigate. It is great fun, and an awesome adrenaline rush!

  • One night we had to ride out a cyclone. We had no power, lots of wind and rain and two terrified children. We stayed up all night huddled together by torch light, telling our kids stories about when we were young and making up silly stories just for fun. We ate up the ice cream, drank all the milk because we knew the fridge/freezer would be no good the next day. We had so much fun, when the eye of the storm passed the little ones fell asleep in our laps but hubby and I kept reminiscing about days gone and good times to come. The best night..despite mother nature’s intention.

  • rebecca

    Most fun I’ve ever had was flying to NY with my husband for our honeymoon and walking out of our hotel room on the first morning and seeing snow for the first time, it was amazing. Went to Central Park and built a snowman and made snow angels, it was like being a child and I’ve never had so much fun!

  • JoD

    The most fun I’ve ever had is being silly with my baby girl, – just rolling around the ground, pulling funny faces and spinning her upside down. Who knew I was so hilarious!!

  • Cathy Stone

    Going to the Theme Parks were so much fun, such a thrill to choose what rides we went on, the adrenalin rush, reached dizzy new heights, water splashing on our faces, the joy and excitement was such a delight. Met our favorite cartoon characters, got some great souvenirs, took great photo’s to capture our memories that we hold dear. It was extreme XFactor fun, we have so many great memories, of our holiday in the sun.

  • The most fun I’ve ever had in a comment section? Well that would have to be…. jokes. Sorry. Serious answer…. My then boyfriend (now husband) and I went skinny dipping off a boat off the coast of Turkey about ten years ago, under a full moon with a group of tour-time friends. I don’t think I had ever felt that joyously, recklessly, carelessly happy. That night was such a blast.

  • Most fun I’ve had would be our recent break away to QLD. We all had such a fun time, the boys didn’t want to go home.

  • Amanda Petersen

    The most fun I’ve ever had was last December/January when our family of 6 (my eldest is 13) had our first family holiday on the Gold Coast where we didn’t have to stay with family. Every other holiday we have stayed with family as we live 1300kms away from them so we’ve always felt every holiday we had we had to go and see them. Holiday’s with a family of 6 is expensive and we could never afford a ‘real’ holiday. We saved, scrimped and saved some more until we had enough. We stayed right on Kirra beach, went to Dreamworld, shopped, ate out (we live a remote desert town) We had the most amazing family time. Hopefully my kids remember that holiday for the rest of their lives.

  • The most fun I’ve ever had would have to be last year when I went white water rafting at Penrith with my husband. And my BIL’s. And their mates. All in the one boat. Funnily enough it was also the most terrified I’ve been, ha! Especially when we capsized and I went over three rapids without the boat! I remember my SIL’s shocked faces as I swept past them (they were too chicken to give it a go!) Terrifying at the time but so funny to look back on now!
    But it was so much fun, we laughed til our sides hurt and I would definitely do it again, even though I was black & blue by the end of it and absolutely exhausted! Sometimes you just need to do something outside your comfort zone πŸ™‚

  • Jade Mitchell

    The Most fun would be our family holiday last October to Fraser Island, camping with the kids, four wheel driving up the beach, seeing the wildlife; snakes, goannas, dingos, birds, lizards, turtles and more. The best fun was arriving early at beautiful swimming holes and having the whole place to ourselves to play.

  • Renae

    The most fun I’ve had is probably the birth of my third child πŸ™‚ The labour leading up to it certainly was not fun (although the gas helped) but the awesome midwife we had stood back and let my husband deliver our bub, and it was amazing hearing his view of the birth as it happened…. “babe, I can see the head, OMG you should see how big her eyes are, she’s looking right at me, she’s here, you did it, you did it!” Seriously, I never expected to experience such joy while pushing out my 9lb 12oz bubba, but it was such a happy experience! Hoping he can deliver our next baby too!

  • When my husband and I had been dating for only a few weeks he took me on a surprise trip to Hamilton Island for the weekend. We spent the day kayaking and sailing on a hobby cat and finished the day with cheese and wine on the hill watching the sun set. The wine went a bit to our heads as we spent the next hour cruising around on the golf buggy seeing who could make the loudest and most ridiculous animal noises.

  • Katie Greenhill

    The most fun I’ve EVER had can’t be described as any single event. The fun I have with my husband and children each day… The little things like impromptu picnics and little road trips. The visits to the park to feed the ducks, or watching our kids ride their bikes.

    Fun for me is just living the life that I’ve been given. It’s not always rosey, and it’s not ALWAYS fun, but it’s OUR life together and it’s exactly what our dreams are made of…

  • Sheridan Martin

    Playing at the park with my two year old.. As a child you take for granted how fun the slide is, how much arm strength you really need for the monkey bars and how high you can get the swing. Now, at 29 it’s my son who waits for me at the bottom of the slide and shouts out ‘ta da’ once I reach the bottom.

  • One of my most fun and happy memories is of the last Christmas I got to spend with my parents and my two older brothers, our respective partners and our children, about 5 years ago. One brother now lives overseas so we’re not likely to spend another Christmas together any time soon.
    After a few bottles of wine and champagne we all loosened up and some how started taking about an incident that happened to me when I was about 6 – our Dad trying to save money and rush all three of us through the railway ticket gates, in Moscow, of all places. As I was the youngest and smallest I was last through. Of course, I got stuck, wedged between the barriers. Dad had to quickly do what he had been trying to avoid, put more money in and grab me when the barriers released me. For a few years afterwards I suffered hip problems.
    Basically, as my siblings and I asserted our ‘maturity’ we questioned our parents as to why the incident even happened. We offered ideas to what they could have done to avoid it – why didn’t Dad just carry me through? I was 6, I couldn’t have been too heavy to carry!
    Mum and Dad looked at each other is shock, the thought of that oh-so-easy solution having never crossed their minds! Their reaction was priceless as they shook their heads and wondered aloud why they did what they did. My brothers and I thought this was hilarious, and I cannot ever remember laughing as hard.
    I still feel bad that we managed to make our parents feel guilty 25 years after the incident, but when you laugh so much you can’t talk, all is quickly forgiven!

  • Megan

    I took my boys (nearly 4 and 1 next month) to the park with the biggest grass hill I could find and my big boy and I spent hours teaching my littlest how to roll down the hill… We laughed til we cried and it was the best fun since we became a single parent family… A happy memory that I will treasure forever ❀

  • Shirl

    A funnest time ever; on reflecting on this a smile crept onto my face, the memory that came to me isn’t one I often think back to so lovely that it came to mind.

    I was 11, we lived in a little coastal village in New Caledonia, only a few families and lots of local people.

    Anyway, one afternoon, warm and balmy with the sky looking like rain, me and our neighbour girl decided to run to the beach, through the bush only meters away, we danced and splashed through the waves in the shallows as the rain pelted down on us! Bliss! Then we went home soaked, happy and starving! So carefree and wild! It was SO much fun!

  • Natalie Fee

    I have lots of fun in my life… Fun crazy nights out with friends…. Fun times online shopping! Fun popping the champagne cork every Friday night after a busy week… But nothing is more FUN than just letting go of all the day to day boring, clock watching stuff and having FUN in the crazy unpredictable moments my 3 beautiful little loves endlessly supply…. I never really knew FUN until I made my 3…. X

  • skybdiva

    The most fun I have ever had is taking my kids fishing for the first time and watching my little 3rd old girl reel in her own fish she was soooo excited that she just couldn’t stop her contagious little belly laugh that made us all laugh until we had tears in our eyes! She ended up pulling in a massive eel which brought on even more fits of laughter!

  • Emily

    I love our rare trips to Melbourne, the zoo, the city lanes, family, the lifestyle of the city specially coming from Far North Queensland, it’s a real novelty. Melbourne is also where I met my husband, on a girls weekend away, would have had to be the best weekend of my life. So many good memories there, it’s great to now take our children to Melbourne and make new memories

  • Deb

    Sitting in the car and my 3 year old niece starts talking about “foofies”, I was trying to understand what she was talking about, when she does one and gets the giggles and says that’s a “foofie” Auntie Deb.

  • Oooh, tricky question! I’m a pretty fun person so it’s very hard to pin-point one particular time πŸ˜‰ A few years back three friends and I from across Australia and New Zealand had a Girls’ Weekend in Auckland which was VERY fun! We all arrived on separate flights at Auckland airport late on the Friday night, and spent that night in a dodgy motel (with flashing colourful lights in the spa bath that was really only meant for one or two people, not four!) and stayed up all night chatting. The next morning we moved to a plush hotel in the city and spent the weekend in the pool, getting dressed up and going out to high-tea, pampering, shopping, eating lots of amazing food (and cocktails!), taking LOTS of photos and catching up on a lot of gossip. It was like a high-school sleepover! THE BEST πŸ™‚ Sadly there were no fun packs in sight but it was the most fun I’ve ever had regardless.

  • I don’t remember it but I’m sure it was when I tasted cake for the first time, wouldn’t that be everyones? πŸ˜‰

  • The most fun I have is Christmas every year I’m the biggest kid out!! Now I have my own children it makes it that much more fun!! If only Santa came to me πŸ˜‰

  • Being on holidays with 3 of my children, we had so much fun, giggling and laughing! That holiday was when I realised just what characters they all are!

  • Sonya

    When I first went surfing with a body board – it was sheer joy! Until I got dumped by a wave and almost broke my nose…

  • Nic

    When I was 24 I was travelling around Europe by myself. Everyone in the Spanish youth hostel I was staying in one night was travelling alone too so the whole bunch of us went out and laughed and joked and drank sangria all night long. Great memory. Now I have two young children and that carefree life seems an age ago.

  • Linda De

    An email from “Finlee And Me” this week, where I learned of your wonderful app “little moments” we sure had a lot of fun from 3-53 yrs

  • Jeanette LATTER

    The most fun I have had is spending every cherished moment spent with my grandchildren and seeing their laughs and hearing their giggles.

  • Kasey Evans

    The most fun I’ve ever had was when I went on my childhood dream holiday to Disneyland, California at aged 30 with my husband and three kids. I was like a kid in a candy store, even jet lag didn’t stop us from explore straight away, we had the best time of our lives. Even today I still can’t believe I actually got to explore and experience this wonderful wonderland.

  • karina l

    Getting married! It was one fun filled day that I will never forget..

  • Donna

    Taking my two daughters to see Hi Five a few years ago – I’m not sure exactly who enjoyed it more!

  • That first road trip to Queensland (without the parents) with the first boyfriend was as good as a fun, carefree existence could be… Must have been in fact – I married the guy!

  • Gosh….so many experiences to choose from! I’ve always loved the EKKA and last year we took our 6 year old – worried that he’d tire out after an hour or so – we walked and walked for 7 hours and are BUSTING to head back this weekend to do it all again. (5 more sleeps – can’t wait!)

  • Sharon

    A cupcake icing competition. At a mate’s fundraiser. We were each presented with a cupcake, some icing and some decorations. The best part was that we got to eat the results.