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Think you’d like to be part of a giveaway or competition on Fat Mum Slim?

Giveaways are a really fun and engaging way to celebrate your product or service with my lovely readers. I offer two types of giveaways on my blog; either a multi-draw giveaway with lots of prizes  from different suppliers or a sponsored post {i.e. a dedicated post around just your product} with a giveaway attached {which incurs a fee}. There is a minimum value for prizing of $250. Giveaway posts are really popular with the latest competition having over 20,000 entries.

The next multi-draw giveaway will be run in April 2016 {the Christmas giveaways is now closed for participants, sorry}. If you think your product or service would make a great inclusion, please email me: [email protected] with details of your prizing. I appreciate all offers, but only prizing that is relevant to my audience will make the giveaway.

If you want a stand alone post around your product or service, you can get in touch with me and I can let you know some details and what’s involved. I look forward to hearing from you.