Ready to Rock Two Pieces? Here Are My Faves.

Two piece sets: Me wearing the Golden the Label set, straight out of my suitcase in Fiji

I feel like I’m cheating on beloved summer dresses, but two piece sets have been a staple for me this summer. I love how easy they are to wear, and how cute they look (don’t say they look like PJs, I won’t hear it!).

Two piece sets for summer usually consist of a button up top, and cute shorts, and as we move into autumn we’ll definitely start to see more pants (palazzo, yes!) and long sleeve shirts, as well as skirts. The great thing about a set is that you can team it with different pieces, a white shirt, or even a pair of denim shorts or jeans.

Today I’m sharing some of the best options for matching sets, especially for plus size women. My all-time favourite is Golden the Label, I think she does the best patterns, and always nails it. If you’re just dipping your toe into matching sets, I would start with You and All or Cotton On, for a more affordable option – until you’re ready to jump all the way in.

How to wear your two piece set

I’ll be completely honest, the first time I wore a matching set, I was a little bit nervous. As someone who almost always wears dresses, changing over to a two piece set had me feeling a bit pyjama-y (there, I said it). But I don’t think that when I see people in them, so it was a ‘me’ thing. There are a few things you can do to style your set.

  • Do the Half Tuck. You can see me wearing this style in the picture above. It’s simply a shirt that is half tucked in at the front, with the back of the shirt entirely untucked. Make sure you have one or two buttons at the bottom of the shirt undone to make this easier. Doing the Half Tuck gives the outfit a bit of shape, and shows off your waist.
  • Leave the shirt open. Wear a pair of swimmers underneath, a crop, or a singlet top, and leave the shirt completely open.
  • Tie it in a knot. Try tying the bottom of the shirt in a knot to give your outfit more shape. Scroll down to see how they’ve done this with the Saffron Road option.
  • Skip the bottom buttons altogether. A great way to style is to just button up near the bust (2-3 buttons) and leave the rest. It gives the outfit flow, shows off the shorts or bottoms, and gives a fun, relaxed vibe.

Golden the Label Zanzibar Set (sizes 10-28), $199

Taking Shape Natural Swirl Set (sizes 12-24), $269.98

You & All Blue Relaxed Set (sizes 16-24), $109.98

Saffron Road Grecian Set (sizes 6-26), $388

Spell Horizon Set (sizes 4-18), $308

Vagary Anglesea Set (sizes 10-30), $379.90

Petal & Pup Sophie Set (sizes 6-20), $95

Piyama Ikat Pink Tile Set (sizes 6-18), $109

Billy J Charli Button Up Set (sizes 6-20), $89.95

Hildas Ivy Set (sizes 8-34), $188

Lokoa Sombra Set (one size), $268

Showpo Terah Set (sizes 4-20), $119.90

Cotton On Haven Set (sizes 8-24), $69.98

Dani Marie Cherub Set (sizes 14-30), $200

Orange Sherbet Sullivan Set (sizes 6-24), $115.90

FAYT Olive Knit Set (sizes 6-24), $113

Zarc Vintage Floral Set (sizes 10-28), $169.99

Kholo Dreamy Palazzo Set (sizes 6-26), $169

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