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Two ingredient, No-churn, Caramel Ice Cream

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Two ingredient, No-churn Caramel Ice Cream

I’m starting the week with ice cream, because I can… and because this is so good and EASY that it’s how we should kick off a new week.

When I think of homemade ice cream, I think of complicated machines, and churning, and mixing, and raw eggs and I think, “THAT IS TOO COMPLICATED, I’M REFUSING TO DO IT.”

But then there’s this recipe. And the ice cream is the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve tasted a lot. We had family up for the weekend, so I asked them to taste it too, you know… for quality control… and they agreed. Let’s all say it together, “BEST ICE CREAM EVER.”

Two ingredient, No-churn Caramel Ice Cream

It has no water in it, so it doesn’t crystalise {or whatever it does when it has water in it}, it just sits back and acts all creamy and delicious and perfect. And it only has two ingredients, and only takes about 4 minutes to make. So… MAKE IT. And then enjoy it.

Two ingredient, No-churn Caramel Ice Cream

Two ingredient No-churn Caramel Ice Cream

1 380ml jar of salted caramel {I used this}
300ml thickened cream

♥ Place the caramel into a bowl. Stir to loosen. Top with 300ml of thickened cream. Whip using beaters and beat until thick and fluffy. I used a Thermomix and just turned it up to 5, and let it for about a minute. Place into an airtight container and freeze overnight.
♥ To make it a bit fancier, you can add some beautiful sea salt to serve, or during the creation process. Up to you!

What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?