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Travel tip: How I Keep My Kids Entertained On Long Flights

Fat Mum Slim /

I’ve been lucky enough to take some pretty cool trips over the years, and also ‘lucky’ enough to entertain my kids {and back then, babies} over many, many hours of flying.

I’ll be frank, it’s not one of my favourite things to do, but it’s also not one of my least favourite. It sits right in the middle. Over the years I’ve figured out little tricks to entertaining kids on a flight. Today I want to talk about one thing that I’ve mentioned a few times on Instagram and Facebook, and been asked LOADS of questions about, and it’s these pink bags.

These bags come out every time we travel, and only when we travel. So that means as soon as we get back from a trip, I pack them away and they get hidden. There’s something about making them ‘special’ and hidden, that makes them exciting for the girls.

So, what’s inside them? The photo I’m sharing below, is what I’d stock them with for a flight, and then whatever remains from the previous flights, will stay in them. So little toys that get put in, will stay in there, as will the textas etc.

What do I put inside our travel bags?

+ Paper for drawing. I like this notepad with cardstock from Target.

+ Textas {much better than pencils because they don’t need sharpening.

+ A snack. I take more snacks in more carry-on because my kids find airplane food a little hit & miss. Pringles work well for this bag because I can seal them up if they don’t eat them all at once. I often make a sandwich as well and pop it into a clip-seal bag.

+ Stickers. These are great for toddlers too. They can pop them onto the paper, or onto the seat in front {just make sure you peel them off before the plane lands}.

+ Little toys. You can buy little blind bags from Big W, or Woolworths. My girls love teeny tiny things.

+ Play-doh. This is a winner. The kids can play on the tray table and shape their play-doh. The little toys go well with the Play-doh too!

+ Origami paper. The kids can fold and create, or just draw away on the coloured paper.

+ Kinder Surprise. I don’t let them have this until we’re well into the flight, but they love them when they’re allowed to open them!

I also take an iPad loaded up with movies and TV shows, with good headphones. And that’s about it! I cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Got any tips for surviving long flights with kids?