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The Best Diaries For 2019

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I am a passionate paper lover. Like, obsessed. One of my favourite thing has always been the end of the year, and the start of a new one, because it meant it was time to get a new diary. I love scouring the shops and internet for the best diaries. Some might say I need to get a life, I would say I’m pretty happy with this one, and I’m just a weird paper/diary lover. I can live with that.

Each year I do a blog post about the best diaries there are for the new year ahead, and man… you guys love it. Last year’s diary blog post was read by 250,000 people. I hope you enjoy this year’s blog post just as much.

Have a read, check out what I think about each diary, and then meet me in the comments, and ask me any questions. I’m here for you, fellow diary lover!

The Best Diaries For 2019

The Best Diaries For 2019 : BAN.DO

If you love things that are fun and creative, you’ll love this diary.

For the past few years the diary has been my diary of choice. I like things that make me smile, this always does. It’s clever, cute, quirky and just so fun. It has colourful and fun stickers inside, a month to an opening to plan, and then a week to an opening as well. It’s $32 and you can grab it here.The Best Diaries For 2019 : Kikki.K

If you want to have the best year ever, you’ll love this Kikki.K diary.

This is something new that I haven’t seen from this team before, and I quite like it. It has a whole system to help you live your best life ever. It uses a colour code system {with stickers, see above} so you can set your goals {and assign them a colour} and make sure that you’re chipping away at them regularly. The cover is even leather, for that luxe feel! It’s $49.95 and you can grab it here. The Best Diaries For 2019 : Erin Condren

If you want a diary that you can totally pimp up and personalise, you’ll love the Erin Condren diary.

The Erin Condren diaries have a cult following and it’s easy to understand why. You can completely personalise them {want your name on the cover? Consider it done}. You can add bits, and more bits, and make it a colourful explosion of organisation. It’s $60 and you can grab it here.

The Best Diaries For 2019 : Emma Kate Co

If you love beautiful typography… you’ll love the Emma Kate Co planner.

Emma is amazing at putting beautiful words onto paper, and the 2019 diary is just as it should be; well thought out and stunning. It has a week to an opening, gold stickers to pop in for dates, a monthly planner and comes in a range of soft, beautiful colours. It’s $59 and you can grab one here.

The Best Diaries For 2019 : Control Freak

If you own your own business, you’ll love {and I mean REALLY love!} the Control Freak diary.

I can’t not explain how much this diary will change your life if you own your own business. It will revolutionise the way you work, and get all the thoughts out of your head. First up, it’s a quarterly diary – so you can forget trying to jam your life {and business} into a yearly dairy. You can do your quarterly budget, planning, dreaming, schedule meetings, scribble down ALL your to-dos, and FINALLY get organised. It even has spots for your social media planning. WINNING. It’s $44.95 and you can grab it here.

The Best Diaries For 2019 : Teen Breathe

If you’re a teen who wants to be constantly inspired, you’ll love Teen Breathe.

Actually, I love it and I’m VERY far from being a teen, so don’t let that stop you! It’s filled with beautiful, stylish quotes, and stories that will get your mind ticking and inspired. It’s something I wish I had growing up, and something I’ve fallen deeply in love with. It’s $27.95 and you can grab it here. The Best Diaries For 2019 : Blushing Confetti

If you appreciate stunning design, you’ll love this Blushing Confetti diary.

I get so torn with diaries, I love the super planned and considered diaries, but then I love a simple diary that allows space to just do whatever it is that I do in a diary {brain dump, generally!}. I love everything Blushing Confetti does, and this is another thing to add to my list. Quality paper, simplistic and modern design, perfection really! It’s $40 and you can grab it here.

The Best Diaries For 2019 : Rifle Paper Co

If you love clean design with pops of brilliance, you’ll love this Rifle Paper Co diary.

Chances are that you’ve seen the work of Anna Rifle before. It’s all over Pinterest and just super eye-catching, and this diary is no exception. That cover! Those colours! Inside are monthly tabs, and a week to an opening. It has little quotes inside, and tickable boxes for each day so you can get stuff done and mark it off. It’s $49.95 and you can grab it here.

The Best Diaries For 2019 : Moleskine

If you’re a creative soul, you’ll love the Moleskine diary.

Do we need to address the denim? Let’s. It’s denim, friends. So cool. Moleskine is the diary and notebook of the creatives. I believe many dreams have been penned into Moleskines around the world, and this one could be home to your dreams. I like the layout in this one, weekly diary to the left, lines to the right… maybe you could write a story each week, or journal, or draw, or even just put your shopping list there. It’s $44.95 and you can grab it here.

The Best Diaries For 2019 : Saint Belford

If you want to feel balanced in 2019, you’ll love the Saint Belford diary.

Want to get your finances on track, eat better, move more, be creative, and get shit done in the most beautiful way possible? This diary is for you. This one has everything you need, but then also has little challenges to get you thinking outside your box, like learn three new words and use them this week {just one of many, many cute little challenges to push you}. I like it! It’s $59.95 and you can grab it here.

The Best Diaries For 2019 : Leanne Baker Daily

If you like a side of community and support, then you’ll love the Leanne Baker Daily planner.

Leanne gets organisation and making life easier, and that’s evident in this diary. But what’s even better is that you follow Leanne online, and join her support groups, and learn from her tips and tricks for making life {especially if you’re a mum} a whole lot easier. It’s $57.95 and you an grab it here.

The Best Diaries For 2019 : Alice Pleasance

If you like living in a fairytale, you’ll love the Alice Pleasance diary.

I imagine this would make you smile each time you opened it, don’t you think? It’s a magical mixture of Alice in Wonderland, and the brains behind my old favourite store, Papier D’Amour. It’s filled with beautiful quotes from the book, Alice in Wonderland, a week to an opening, and the most stunning paper quality and embossed gold detail. It’s $39.95 and you can grab it here.

The Best Diaries For 2019 : Danielle La Porte

If you love to dream and plan from the heart, you’ll love The Desire Map Planner.

Got feels? Want to talk about them, or jot them in the diary? This planner is for you. It’s jam-packed with affirmations and quotes, and prompts to make you dig deeper and reflect. It has a week to an opening, with daily to-dos. Danielle {the creator, and designer} really gets good planners and this has everything the introspective, grateful planner needs. It’s US$50 and you can grab it here.

The Best Diaries For 2019 : The Time Creator

If you like to be really organised, you’ll love the Time Creator.

I can tell that Tash, the woman behind this beautiful diary, is considerate and kind, because it just oozes out of this diary. Each day has space to plan self care, your top 3 priorities, your other to-dos, birthdays, daily gratitude, cleaning to-dos, bills and income, meal planning and even exercise. It’s really clever! It’s $59.95 and you can grab it here.The Best Diaries For 2019 : Write To Me

If you want to organise your chaos, you’ll love the Write To Me diary.

Write To Me is a bit of a game changer. It’s the small things, like the way they break up this diary into two sides, so you can plan and plot for work, but then also plan for personal stuff too. It doesn’t all get messy, which I love. There’s also room for planning, resolutions, dreams, and so much more. Annnnd their calendars will totally change your life. I promise you this! It’s $44.95 and you can grab it here.  The Best Diaries For 2019 : The Master Plan Diary

If you’re a mum {or dad} with a busy family, you’ll love the Master Plan diary.

There comes a point, generally when your kids start school and life gets insanely busy, that your diary becomes not just yours but the whole family. This dairy has spots so you can section your diary for each family member, making so much easier {and more organised}. It’s $35.95 and you can grab it here.

The Best Diaries For 2019 : Amelia Lane

If you want to be organised AND inspired in 2019, you’ll love this Amelia Lane diary.

These diaries are stunning. They come in a range of sizes, so if you like to throw them in your handbag, there’s a size for you. It has a place to track your budget and expenses, meal planning {so useful!} and a spot for weekly goal planning. It’s the perfect person diary, and doesn’t over complicate things. It’s $47.96 and you an grab it here.The Best Diaries For 2019 : Milligram

If you want to find your rhythm, you’ll love this Milligram diary.

Milligram describes this diary ‘reflects the gracious flow of time – to move and stop, to act and rest’. Almost musical, really… and I think that beautifully sums up this diary. The paper quality is perfection, and there’s space to just write, plan and dream. I think a good diary allows that – white space to do as you please. It’s $49.95 and you can grab it here.The Best Diaries For 2019 : Sandstone

If you want to calm your busy life down, you’ll love the Sandstone diary.

For some magical reason, when I flip through this diary, it makes me feel calm. It might be the vegan leather cover, or it might just be the simplistic design inside, or it might be some kind of magic. I like it. It’s the perfect diary to create calm out of the chaos inside your head. It’s $39.95 and you can grab it here.

The Best Diaries For 2019 : Soul Seasons

If you’re someone who wishes they had a life coach, you’ll love the Soul Seasons diary.

I’ve been lucky enough to see all of these diaries in the flesh, this one got me. I wasn’t expecting it too, but it did. It probably deserves a little video for me to run through the features. I love the colours. They’re not too much. It’s a seasonal diary, and this is the summer version. You can set goals for health, friends and family, love and relationships and more. It’s a good one! It’s like having life coach in your life {without the crazy fees!}. It’s $44 and you can grab it here.

If you like to set goals and SMASH them, you’ll love the MiGoals diary.

It digs deep into your goals, breaks them down and helps them to smash them. MiGoals does diaries really well; quality paper, great layouts and greats for those who want to have a great year and get ‘shit’ done. It’s $44.95 and you can grab it here.

If you like pretty diaries with simple designs, you’ll love the MulberryPOP diary.

MulberryPop is a new to me brand of diaries and I like what they’re doing. They’ve got planners tailored to teachers, and they even do a bullet version one {in case that’s your jam!}. It’s $45 and you can grab it here.

And there we have it. So many diaries. So many choices. Which do you like best?

Disclaimer: Each year I email a bunch of diary creators and ask if they’d like to send a diary to be considered for this review. I only include diaries that I would buy myself. Some of the diaries above were gifted for my editorial consideration, and some I purchased. All of the opinions above are honest and truthful.