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The Best Diaries For 2018

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The Best Diaries for 2018: Check out this round up of the best diaries for the new year ahead...

Hello! It’s me Chantelle, your stationery-obsessed friend with my annual diary round-up. I love stationery, but I am fussy… it needs to be the good stuff. Each year I check out the diaries on offer for 2018, and I check them over and bring you my favourites. Of course, no diary is created equal. There’s the perfect diary for family-types, then the diary for the person who likes to have fun and be inspired, another for those who like to workout… and so on and so forth. Also, this year I’m giving away one of each diary I’m reviewing too… so there’s that to look forward to.

This is my favourite diary. Straight-up, it totally is. I have had three in a row now because it totally suits me. It’s fun, filled with creative stuff {like cool quotes} and has the essentials for me; a month to a layout, and then week to an opening as well. The paper quality is perfection, and the ring binder means I can get a flat layout to write everything in there. Now, the issue for us Aussies is that the medium size {which I love} is only available in their US store. Alternatively, you can buy the larger version from Milligram.

The Frankie diary has a strong following of people that love it. It’s small enough to fit into your handbag, but large enough to jot down all the things you have to do. The pages are filled with craft patterns and hand-written text. You can buy it here.

Well, isn’t this cute? I love the colours on this one, the paper quality, and the ability to tailor it to suit your needs… plus once you buy the planner you can just purchase the inserts each year. This version also has cute little features on the paper to make you smile as you get organised. You can buy it here.

Leanne Baker is probably THE most organised person I know, and she knows how to turn family chaos into beautiful order. Her diaries have a HUGE following and totally sold out this year, so she did a second run. These diaries come in various designs and also come beautifully boxed. You can buy it here.

This diary is for the person who likes details and who wants to live with purpose. It has a day to a page, so you can really breakdown what your day will look like, including your to-dos, bills due, self-care, income, birthdays, cleaning, dinner and exercise. Tash {the creator of this beautiful diary} really has thought of everything. You can buy it here.

OK my deep thinkers, this one is for you. It’s not about your family, or people around you – this diary is about YOU. It’s about planning out, and putting out the the Universe what you want. It has spots for planning, and also space to leave room for magic. It’s beautifully created and thought out, and totally inspiring. I highly recommend it if you’re keen to make dreams and desires come true in 2018. You can buy it here.

When you want to make changes, start new healthy habits, and live your best life… this diary is there to help you do it all. The layout is super clean, but thoughtful. It’s got spots for weekly meal planning, goal tracking and mind-mapping. This one would be one of my favourites for the way it’s put together and perfect for how my mind thinks. It’s made to help you live better, every day. You can buy it here.

Each year I have so many readers who positively RAVE about this diary and the way it keeps their family organised. {Side note: These are almost completely sold out, so if you want one you better jump now!}. This diary is formatted to make it easier to plan for a family, and take the stress out of keeping a family on track. I love the tearable corners to make turning to the current day easier. You can buy it here.

MILLIGRAM {formerly Notemaker}
These guys know diaries, so it’s no surprise that this one is a total winner. Personally I love the fonts and styling. It’s really minimalistic and clean, leaving space for you to scribble, write and fill up. there are rooms for to-dos and meal planning too. It’s great for families. You can buy it here.

Last year so many of you supported Emma Kate Co launching into the diary arena, and it’s with much excitement they’re back again. They’re stylish, sweet and beautifully made. Emma Kate is a stationery lover, and has an eye for detail so this is another great planner. You can buy it here.

This is a beautiful family diary, especially when you have people with lots of activities and things to keep track of. I use the calendar version of this, because it’s so simple to use. You can create a column for each person and write down what each person has going on. Perfect for families! You can buy it here.

When you’re looking for an affordable diary that gets the job done, Typo totally delivers. In the past, I might have questioned the paper quality but this year {with this particular diary anyway} the paper is deliciously perfect. The layout is clean and simple {sometimes diaries can complicate things by having too many spots to fill in}. I really like this diary. You can buy it here.

Erin Condren’s Life Planners have a huge, dedicated following. They’re beautifully created, and you can even customise it to be totally yours, which I think is awesome. You can have your name across the front, design the layout for the diary inside, and even choose colours inside. They’re expensive to get shipped to Australia, but if you have a few people wanting to get it together – it can work out really well. You can buy it here.

MiGoals are all about getting shit done. This diary definitely helps with that. This version has a week to an opening, and each opening has a habit-tracker, a goal, a spot to write what you’re grateful for and an inspiring quote too. You can buy it here.

This is another beautiful diary {arriving in a beautiful box that’s perfect for displaying or storing things in}. SO beautiful. I think it would be perfect for someone who is trying to keep their personal life organised and also run a business, or side gig {or maybe even juggle self-care and family}. You can buy it here.

Hello colour and pages that make you smile! This diary is so beautifully created, and you feel that from the moment it arrives… when it comes in a beautiful box. Each weekly layout has spaces for tasks, appointments and meal planning. I think you’ll love how thoughtfully created this diary is. You can buy it here.

Oh, Amelia Lane Paper… you’ve done it again. The team have created beautiful designs, stunning layouts and thought of everything. There is a health section so you can plan your meals and exercise, and create goals. I love that that health section has it’s own tab. The diary section is just as well thought-out and designed. You can buy it here.

Last but not least is this organiser. This is simple, yet has everything covered. Each weekly openeing has a spot to jot down notes for each day, as well as an exercise plan, menu plan, to-dos and notes. It also has a small removable book to put in addresses, and dates to remember. It also has sweet post-it notes and a pen in the back of the book to use. You can buy it here.

In great news, as mentioned earlier, I’ve got one of every diary to giveaway. It’s a diary bonanza! It’s a total game of chance, so you don’t need to make up rhymes or answer in 25 words or less. Simply leave your name and details below and I’ll pick winners at random. It’s open to Australian residents only and closes on November 24th at midnight. Click here for the terms & conditions.

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  • The form said it is undergoing maintenance.
    I love diaries!

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  • Jenny

    Ohh you should try the #controlfreak.
    It’s literally changed my life trying to juggle fam and business! They’re relatively new though.

    • I LOVE them. I’ll share separately about those because they’re just so clever!

      • Ivette Herzog

        Aww That would be amazing <3 thank you from one of the #Controlfreak creators!
        And thanks for you support Jenny, much appreciated, glad it is helping you.

  • Heather Goldsmith

    Oh, oh, my… Diary/ planner love meltdown happening right now. Would so, so love to win just one of these. Oh, wow. ???

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    Yes please – I really need a diary to help me get my shit together! lol email [email protected] (form above doesn’t seem to be working)

  • kailindstrom

    I don’t really want to win any of these as I have one coming to me soon from a recent Aussie run kickstarter. I’m not sure if you know of it, but it’s a shame it didn’t make your list as they’re great. POP Planner, now in it’s second year, created by two fabulous Aussie business women (and mother’s) and initially available through kickstarter, but also now through their facebook page and website.

  • cocoandt

    I have been following Erin Cordin planners for years, but can not justify the postage. Please make all my planner and stationary dreams come true, I promise to appropriately worship it x

  • It’s so hard to find the perfect planner & I would love one that organised everything! Meal planning imcluded.

  • Reannon

    The last 2 years I’ve become a diary person but I had NO IDEA there were so many great options!! Mainly I use it to keep track of all my budgeting but with Blake starting kindy this year I used it to help me keep on top of his time table & his speech appointments. I’m gonna need a good one for next year because Sadie starts kindy, & fingers crossed, both the big guys will have jobs, so I’ll be keeping track of their shifts, & ive applies to tafe so hopefully I’ll be there. So much to keep track of!

  • Melody Hoey

    Will you be giving away a MiGoals diary? It’s missing from the list 🙁

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  • Natasha Garland

    Amazing Diaries and Fantastic Review!

    Can’t decide what would be my Fave probably a toss between My Organised Chaos and Erin Condren?

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  • Louise Fletcher

    Perfect timing for me. I was just researching planners. There are some new ones here that i will go look at. I also recently discovered, The Passion Planner (US) and Leaders in Heels (NZ). Both look amazing – for your next review.

  • Rebecca Honeybrook

    Love the review!
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    Thanks ?

  • Johanna Bahr

    It is too hard to decide! They all look amazing!

  • Lisa Abejja

    ARGHHH so many to choose from, i’ve owned a Kikki.k before and they are beautiful diaries. I have always wanted an Erin Condren and thought i’d be choosing that one from the list until I saw The Time Creator! that is something else and something needed. I never take time out for ME and really I should, life is so full, full-time study, 6 kids and their activities, husband and home.Anyway… thank you for the opportunity

  • Sheridyn Donaghy

    I am currently researching getting a 2018 diary its crazy! i have had rebound books diaries for years and while i love them, its time to change things up. (I turned 29 this year and Saturn’s return has hit me like a truck)

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    Oh and how is nov 24 in 2 sleeps???

  • teddyree

    Fab reviews Chantelle. I love diaries and the Leanne Baker Daily is calling my name. Although My (dis)Organised Chaos would probably fit to a tea lol. Thanks for the chance xx

  • Claire

    Hi Chantelle, I’m just wondering have the winners for the diaries been chosen and contacted yet? Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Claire. I’m stuck in Bali, and the diaries are at home. I’ll get this sorted as soon as I can, but just not sure when that might be. Sorry.