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My Little Pony : The Movie

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Brought to you by My Little Pony.

After having a bit of an emotional week last week, we were excited to be leaving our reality behind for a few days to treat the girls to something a little bit special. Lulu is potentially the biggest fan of My Little Pony in the world. I’m serious! She loves them, and can tell you all of their names, what cutie marks they have and anything else you need to know. I’ve tried to keep up with her so I can play games with her, but she KNOWS SO MUCH.

So when we went along to the Pink Carpet Premiere of My Little Pony: The Movie, you know she was excited. SUPER excited. Lacey and Lulu were telling anyone who would listen. I had a feeling that it was going to be an amazing event, but it was all that and more.

Look at these magical tickets! Every little detail had been considered in the most beautiful way.

As soon as we arrived we hit the media wall. I didn’t even know it was called that until we arrived there, but there were legit celebrities around us. I had to play it cool and pretend that I wasn’t looking {BUT you know I was looking!}. See that smile across Lulu’s face? It’s pure joy and excitement. She was in her element.

After the media wall, the girls did a little interview for television and moved on to getting a little face painting. Lacey opted for her fave, Rainbow Dash, while Lulu went for Rarity. Then it was glitter ahoy at the hair station. I wish I’d taken a photo of the guys doing their hair, they had My Little Pony themed facial hair and it was the best thing ever {a Rainbow Dash beard has to be done!}.

The girls met life-size My Little Ponies, and they were so cute. My favourite is Pinkie Pie. If you get to watch the movie, you’ll see why. She’s a positive-thinking kinda gal, and I like her attitude in life.

Then it was onto the movie, where we found beautiful loot bags on our seats filled with loads of My Little Pony goodies. The movie was the star of the day though. It’s everything I hoped it to be. It had a beautiful story of friendship that Lacey could connect with, and it had beautiful moments with the ponies for Lulu. I love that My Little Pony is always about friendship first, and the movie took us through various different angles of friendship that even I appreciated.

I got a little bit too excited when Sia’s character, Songbird Serenade, showed up. I highly recommend the soundtrack. It’s got some good songs on there, including some from Sia.

There are seaponies, moments to make you laugh-out-loud, and bits to talk about together long after the movie has finished. It’s cute. Super cute. {Or super good, as Lulu told me!}.

The movie is in cinemas today, so be sure to go and check it out. I’ve also got some My Little Pony gift bags to give away. Each bag will come with an ADMIT 2 in-season movie pass too! on Instagram so pop over and enter to win.