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10 New Foods You’re Totally Going To Love This Christmas

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Brought to you in partnership with Woolworths.

My mum has worked at Woolies since I was about ten years old, and so it’s a big part of my life, and kinda like family. I walk into my local Woolworths, and it feels like coming home. The people who work there, are my people. They’ve known Lulu since she was a baby, and as soon as I walk in, they call my mum to come out {she works in the office} to come and see me, and for some reason, in my late 30s it still feels like a treat to visit my mum at work.

And I know, that mum is so proud of the work I’m doing with Woolies. I know that sounds naff, but she is, and that probably doesn’t make sense unless you’re in it where I am, but it’s so lovely to be experiencing it together. I recently did a video news piece in our local store, and I had my lovely Woolies family cheering me on, and that was pretty special. Anyway, sorry I went off on a tangent… but back to what I was saying…

So my mum has worked at Woolies forever, and growing up as soon as something new hit the shelves she’d buy it and bring it home for us to try. I wish I could remember all of the things we’ve tried, because some stayed and still live at Woolies and some disappeared really quickly. My favourite was the cheesecake squares {they mustn’t have been popular, because they no longer exist}. Thankfully I didn’t try the chicken in a can. That’s one I was happy to miss.

So today, I’m treating you like my mum has done all these years {yes, she still brings me new things to try!} and showing you a few things that you can find on the shelves this Christmas.

PETITE PAVLOVAS | You’ve probably seen meringue nests at the supermarket {you know the crunchier ones} but these are squidgy in the middle, just like a normal pavlova. You can just dollop some double cream on top and decorate with fruit. Mango, blueberries and passionfruit are a winning combination, FYI.

TREE-SHAPED VOL-AU-VENT CASES | These bring back so many memories for me, because this was a treat we had a few times a year, and as a major pastry lover, I loved them. I loved these. The shells only need to go into a hot oven for a few minutes, and then you fill them with your favourite filling. I made a chicken and mushroom filling. So yummy. I will be making these again, and again.

GOLD ALL BUTTER BRAND INFUSED MINCE PIES | If you’re going to do a mince pie, you’ve got to do it right, and this one is right. The pastry is short and crumbly, and buttery – just the way it should be. They scream Christmas {and less yell-y like two siblings fighting and more like angels singing, “Chrrrristmas!”}.

BAKED WAFER CANNOLI | So, Lacey made this and it was the cutest thing ever. The cannoli is chocolate lined {yum!}, and she just used this chocolate cream and piped it in. She dipped some in Christmas sprinkles. They were so yummy!

BRANDY SNAP BASKETS | These are going to be a new favourite for me, and hopefully for you too. These cases are so yummy, and all you have to do is dollop in some thick custard, and top with fruit.

GOLD JEWELLED FRUIT AND NUT CAKE | I love me some fruit cake, and this one is the perfect one for me. Those nuts on top just make it magic {by magic I mean give it that perfect texture}.

RUM BALLS | Woolies does Rum Balls well. You can choose from either chocolate or white rum, but I say have both… because CHRISTMAS.

CHRISTMAS COOKIES | Cute, right? And for $1.50 these make the perfect little classmates gift. And you’re allowed to pretend that you piped them yourself, if you think the kids will believe you.

SALTED CARAMEL PUDDING | Woolies does a range a individual puddings in different flavours, chocolate, salted caramel and then a traditional Christmas pudding too. They’re in the bakery aisle. I strongly recommend buying an extra one next shop and hiding it in the back of the pantry for one night when you want a sweet treat for yourself. {If you’re reading this Hubby, I definitely did NOT do this. Also, do NOT look in the back of the pantry. Please}.

CHOCOLATE CHRISTMAS BUTTONS | Another fun little gift idea {perfect for class mates and little friends}, these buttons will make the kids smile. AND this is really yummy chocolate. I know, because I already ate a pack. Don’t tell anyone.

Seen anything new that I need to know about? Do tell me! Do you think any of these will be coming home with you next shop?