How To Make A Christmas Dessert Platter

Brought to you in partnership with Woolworths.

You know what I love about Christmas? The gatherings. The food. The memory making. This year for Christmas week I’m heading down to a house down the coast with my family, and I’ve put myself in charge of catering, and I am SO excited about it. {But also very excited about hanging about with my sweet baby niece!}.

This dessert platter is something that I’ll be doing, and it always definitely hits the spot. Having that mix of fruit and treats, is perfect. And you’d probably be surprised to know that the fruit almost always goes first {depending on your crowd}. It’s so easy to make and it always impresses.

Everything you see on the platter is from my local Woolies. I actually didn’t even leave home, and just shopped online, because nobody needs to be looking for a car park around the silly season. Just an FYI, if you’ve never shopped online before, and are nervous, the pickers who pick your groceries, and especially the fruit and veggies, are trained to be VERY particular {I know a picker personally!}. Those mangoes were picked perfectly.

So how do you put together a dessert platter? It’s super easy. You want to have a few core ‘heroes’ to put on your board, but the real first step is to have a good sized wooden platter. I got mine from a kitchen store for around $40 and I’ve used it so much. A good little investment buy for the kitchen! You want to really fill the board, all the way to the edges.

STEP ONE: Choose around six to seven fruits that you want to showcase on your platter. Watermelon always works, as do little kiwi fruit halves, grapesmango, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I also bought cherries and forgot about them until after I served this up. Keep the grapes as a bunch, and let people pick from them.

STEP TWO: The Woolworths site has a Christmas section, so if you look there at the bakery section within Christmas, you’ll find some GOOD things. The iced fruit cake bites, the candy cane and chocolate shortbreads, the cake pops and both the chocolate rum balls and the white rum balls are absolutely perfect for a Christmas dessert platter. Of course, a Christmas platter wouldn’t be quite right without the all butter Gold Mince Pies too, right?

STEP THREE: Next up, lollies! You want the old Christmas faves, like the Woolworths Christmas candy canes, and marshmallows, and then you can add in some special treats like the rainbow sour straps, Christmas M&Ms, Darrell Lea’s chocolate orange, and chocolate mint balls, and then the old fave, Ferrero Rocher.

STEP FOUR: Serve! Sit back, glass in hand, and chatter away with your guests while they pick and eat and indulge in your delicious offerings. Isn’t she pretty? But not too pretty that you don’t want to dig right in!

How are you spending Christmas Day this year? And what will you be making?