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The Fun Kit

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Hello! If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say ‘Fun Kits’ you might like to read this post. In short though, the Olympus team and I put together 150 sweet photography kits to get people excited about photography, and to get them to be creative as well. We sent them out to people all around the world {for FREE!} and they’ve currently making their way to homes as I type. I didn’t email the successful people, because I wanted it to be a surprise, so it could be you that gets one. It could!

The kits are arriving, so I thought I’d share a few ideas I had for the props with photos that I took. There are no rules when it comes to being creative, so don’t be limited by my ideas. Think big. Go crazy! There’s no right or wrong, there’s just having fun.

All of the photos below were taken with my OM-D E-M10, using the 45mm/1.8 lens. It’s my favourite lens to use for day to day photography.

In the kit there were 6 props, there were:

♥ A tiny little camera
♥ A bottle of bubbles
♥ A sharpie {permanent marker}
♥ A candle
♥ Glitter
♥ Cellophane


CAMERA: The little camera is so cute and tiny, that it’s easy to show perspective. I wanted to go to the beach and put the camera on the sand next to Lulu’s feet, but the beach was windy so I plan on doing that later. This just shows big and small.


BUBBLES: Bubbles work beautifully with the sunlight, reflecting the light and bouncing it around. This was just a simple shot. I was dealing with a bit of wind this day so there were about 43 shots of my trying to capture bubbles that Hubby was blowing. I’m sure anyone watching was having a great time laughing at us! In the end it was the last shot I took that I loved.


SHARPIE: The sharpie is such a versatile prop. I wanted to use it to make a little bit of a statement. I bought a cheap mirror from my local $2 shop, and wrote on it. You could create art on a window, your own mirror project or something completely different.


CANDLE: A candle can be used as a source of light. I wanted to keep it simple, so I put a piece of black cardboard as a background, lit the candle and took the photo. I’m going to experiment more with one and get a little bit creative.


GLITTER: Now this one was so much fun! I asked Lacey to hold the glitter and blow it in front of me, and the results were magical with the light from the sun. We took a lot of shots, all so different. I’ll share a few different shots on Instagram as well.


CELLOPHANE: By using the cellophane to cover the lens you can create your own artistic filters. One layer gives your photo a colour boost. Two layers of cellophane creates blur and more intense colour.