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The celebrity experience

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We’re in California, which means there are celebrities in the very near vicinity of our presence. On the drive from the airport to our hotel I had a very eager, jet-lagged eye out for the Kardashians. They’re like, everywhere, right?

Last night I was locked in our room, watching Luella as she slept. Not creepy at all. And Hubby and Lacey went out to ride rides and have all the fun I wasn’t having.

Hubby text me to tell me that he’d just seen James Van Der Beek, and had asked him for a photograph. He was denied. I find this to be the most hilarious thing ever. Hubby isn’t the sort of guy to care about celebrities. I could tell him Madonna was at a table next to us, and he wouldn’t flinch… but HE ASKED DAWSON FOR A PHOTOGRAPH.

I’m still laughing.

He asked… but worse still, he was denied. And normally that would put me off a celebrity for life. But not Hubby. He still likes the guy. Said he seemed like a really nice guy.

I turn into ice cubes when it comes to celeb encounters. Something happens within that tells me to be all chilled and relaxed, and I just do it. Inside I’m freaking out, but outside I’m all cool and pretending that I don’t even know they’re famous.

Like that time I met Ricky Martin.

I love celebrity encounter stories, so please tell me yours. Who have you met? What did you do? How did they react?