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What sort of student were you? {+ get a free trial}

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Brought to you by Reading Eggs.


I have something to confess. I was a bit of a nerd at school. I was voted either most proficient or most conscientious each year in Primary School, which meant at speech night I’d be given a sweet round medal at each speech night. By the end of year 6 I had quite the collection. I was so much the geek that I created my own maths homework in the school holidays so I could keep my brain entertained.

In High School I was voted the Hardest Working student by my teachers, and I was unofficially voted Teacher’s Pet by someone in the school who kindly carved into a table in the library: Chantelle LOVES Mr. Wallace. Ugh. I’d like to declare for the record, he was an ace teacher but it wasn’t love.

As you’ve probably read Lacey started school this year. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not, but I think she’s inherited part of my geekiness. She loves to write, and read, and play schools {who doesn’t?}. The only difference is that I was a geek in the olden days {i.e. before computers were in every house, and iPads were only a sparkle in Mr. Jobs’ eye}, and Lacey has technology at her fingertips. Geek on!

Early last year we started playing with ABC Reading Eggs on my computer. It’s a program that helps kids learn reading and literacy skills. If you’ve played it before with the kids, isn’t that ant a pretty cool dude?

And now we’ve downloaded the App in my iPad and started playing it there too. It’s actually a whole lot easier, and great to steal away some mama/big girl time together, or Lacey is happy to play along by herself too.

ABC Reading Eggs is a multi-award winning online reading program that helps teach children aged 3-13 literacy skills needed for success school. And up until March 31st they’re offering a FREE 4 week trial period so you can check it out and see if your kids love it {and if you love it too}. Children {and parents} who sign up will have access to both Reading Eggs {for kids aged 3-7} and Reading Eggspress {7-13 years old}. Reading Eggs includes 120 reading lessons, 96 spelling lessons, 20 comprehension lesson and more fun features too. Reading Eggspress includes 200 comprehension lessons, 100 literacy games and over 1500 eBooks. They both work with PC, Mac, iPad and Android.

I’m know I’m a geek at heart, but this stuff is fun. I would have worked my way through those programs like my life depended on it. Most Hardest Working Kid EVER.

If you’re interested in signing up to try it out, just head HERE. You’ve got until March 31st to try it out.

So I have to ask, what sort of student were you? A rebel? A geek? Little Miss Popular? Or something else? Do tell.

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  • Rebecca Swadling

    I went to school.with you chantelle and was envious of your project making skills and beatufully presented and coloured in work so wear it with pride i say

    • Awww thank you. I haven’t had a chance to reply to your other comment yet, but YES I totally remember you, We were with Mr O’Neill in Year 5 together. 🙂 Hope you’re well. x

      • Rebecca Swadling

        The year has started well I was Just wondering how i became old enough to have a child starting highschool

  • Rebecca Swadling

    Beautifully I obviously
    was an average student!

  • Gemma Turley

    i was a geeky rebel at school, the perfect mix xx


    I was more sporty quiet and sporty in school. A little geeky, but more sporty!

  • zeitverschwender17

    I was a little lazy but a booknerd at the same time, and I hated people that grouped up in “cool” groups … I used to have friends in all of those “groups” but at the same time always used to feel a little but left out … well. I’m still glad I have lots of different friends and picked them with care 😉

    Being nerdy nowadays must be kind of cool!

  • I’ve just started Reading Eggs with the 3yo. She loves it! I was a nerd nerd teacher’s pet nerd.

  • Kelly

    I was a loner as I was bullied not only in Primary but High school. Now I am a loner in life as well!

  • Jc

    Random! So I signed up to your site for the Photo A Day Challenge and saw this post about Reading Eggs…and what a coinkydink, I work for them! Well, I for the company who does Mathletics but we are the suppliers of Reading Eggs to schools. So cool to see the feedback. There was never anything like it when I was at school!

  • Judes

    I was quiet and very shy but a big nerd who always asked for extra homework in primary school. Who does that? !

  • Taryn Elise

    I was definitely a geek, but I liked to try to convince everyone I was a rebel. You know, the ‘Oh I’m way too cool to do my assignment until the very day it’s due’ but then having my plan backfire when my scrappy report still got a higher grade than everyone else. Sigh… it was a hard life! 😉

    – Taryn Elise xx

  • Kristina Peck

    I was a nerd… but a scary one. People were afraid to approach me. I have a serious looking face ._.