An update: The Scatter Love Project

We sat in a dark, dark room in silence. Each person held an unlit candle, and we waited. One person lit their candle, and put out the match. There was that one lone light in the room. That person then reached over, using his candle, and lit the candle of the person next to him, and that person lit another, and another. Slowly the room started to fill with light, and soon enough each person in the room held a candle, filling the room with light.

Deep, eh? That’s always stuck in my mind, that moment. We’re all just one person, but we can make a difference… but also if you’ve got something and you can make others happy with it, do it. That’s how I feel about the Scatter Love project.


A few days ago we launched the Scatter Love project. I thought we’d slowly sell trickles of packages. I imagined calmly packing them all up, writing lovely individual notes to each person, throwing in some confetti and posting them off. What happened was beyond what we could have dreamed of. People {you guys!} just embraced the concept, and it went off like a frog in a sock {have you ever really thought how a frog in a sock would really go off? It would be crazy!}. We printed 200 packs, and thought they’d take a while to sell. It’s not that we didn’t think they were amazing, we know they are. We love them. We just couldn’t have dreamed that people would embrace it so well. People always surprise me. You do! We actually ended up selling 400 packs in 24 hours.

I’ve spent the last few days lovingly, sorting and folding, and packing, and writing addresses. When I took all the parcels to my post office he was stumped, “I’ve never done this many before!” It took a while, but we got there. I almost thought about paying one of the neighbourhood kids to help me pack them up, but instead my little sister came over, we let the babies play {and sleep} and we packed. It was like we were kids again playing shops! So. Much. Fun.

If you were one of the first 200 people to purchase a pack, your goodies are on their way to you {you should have received an email saying so}. If you were after that 200, your parcel will be on it’s way by Friday. If you still haven’t ordered some and want to, then jump to it because we’re ordering a second round tonight.

The idea behind it all, is just like the candle story above. You buy a package, and then one day very soon you’ll go to your mailbox and open up the package and smile. Then, you start writing out your postcards to people you care about and you make them smile. So your one action, spreads… and hopefully they’ll be inspired to do the same. I’ve written a bit more about it here.

Thank you so much to everyone who has so far supported us and the project/concept. We really appreciate it. You have no idea how happy Emma and I are. Our email exchange has been insane {“I’m so EXCITED”, “No I’m so excited!”}. Just know, we are so freaking excited. We’re dreaming up more designs, more cool ideas. We’re excited!

If you want to grab a pack just head over and grab them. And thank you again.

8 thoughts on “An update: The Scatter Love Project”

    • That’s a great idea, a secret one to a faraway friend. I love it!!! I just got my pack today, they really are gorgeous beautiful postcards.

  1. I got my cards recently and love them. They’re so pretty. Can’t wait to write my first postcard to my close friends who live in Adelaide, Australia. 🙂

  2. I’ve sent all my cards out and it felt so good writing love notes to my friends and family. The calls & texts back when they received them were equally good, though that wasn’t why I sent them. This is such a beautiful, heart-warming project. I thin I need to order some more cards xx

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