So there’s something I didn’t tell you…

And it’s because I’m mortified.

I probably need to back it all up and start at the beginning.

While we were in Disneyland we were riding on the carousel and saw Mariah Carey. Like seriously we were going around and around and around, and she was metres away from us going around and around too, only surrounded by a big bodyguard, a nanny and a Disneyland escort.

Later she picked up an umbrella holder, as you do.


Earlier in the week Hubby had run into Dawson {James Van Der Beek} at our hotel. He asked for a photo of the star, and got rejected. I thought it was the funniest thing ever, so I wrote about it.

When I think of America, I think of hamburgers, dreams coming true and celebrities. Yes, I’m narrow-minded, but I just am. I won’t make excuses for myself.

I don’t know if you believe me when I say this, because I’m not even sure that I believe myself anymore, but I don’t really care about celebrities that much. They’re just people. It’s fun seeing them, but really… it’s not a big deal.

But when Hubby met Dawson and got rejected, it was funny and it started a ‘thing’. I was heading out to dinner at the park, and Hubby said to me, “If you see Dawson, you get a photo and you blog that sh*t, because it will be hilarious.”


I laughed hard. Because wouldn’t that be hilarious if I got the photo and Hubby didn’t?

I didn’t see him. But then Mariah happened, and it became this novelty of seeing celebrities.

Then I was standing, minding my own business, waiting for a show to start and Neil Patrick Harris walked past. {Yes, Barney from How I Met Your Mother}. Twice. He walked past twice. First Dawson, then Mariah and then Neil. I felt like my celebrity game was increasing as the days of the week passed by. Next I was sure I was going to meet God on the ferris wheel.


Neil is funny and so talented, and I really respect him, so I was happy to be breathing the same air as him. Twice. {Did I mention he walked past me twice?}.

The next morning we were walking in our hotel, to get to the park, and down a quiet path where no one else seemed to be… we encountered Neil Patrick Harris. He was wearing exercise clothes, holding a cup of coffee and talking on the phone.

Hubby and I gave each other a look which said, “OHMYGAWD, yep that’s him” and we kept walking. Then I stopped, and said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we got a photo?”

Hubby said, “It would, but let’s not bother.”

I was more persistent, “I think I actually really want to ask him.” Which meant I think I really want Hubby to ask him because I couldn’t due to mostly shyness, and a little bit of laziness.

So we took a few steps back and Neil had stopped, and was still talking on the phone. We waited just slightly out of his sight. Because if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it super-celebrity-stalker-sleuth-style.

Oh damn, I realise how pathetic I’m sounding. I do.

The operation took about 7 minutes. We made the kids wait, and they didn’t know what for, but they really just wanted to be riding the Ariel ride again for 23rd time. He got off the phone, and it was game on.

He came walking towards us and Hubby kindly asked, “Hey mate, we’re huge fans… could we please grab a photo with you?”

Neil was a little bit disgusted. “No. I just had a shower…” and then I think he realised he was in Disney and should make it perky, so he added, “Have a great day at the park!”

And we were left standing there, rejected.

I actually felt sick. Not sick that I didn’t have a photo, but sick that we’d bothered him in his personal time and sick that we’d been rejected. Straight out rejected.

You know what’s not a fun feeling? Rejection. I’d rather do a rollercoaster ride after drinking a milkshake.

So I’m officially off celebrities. I don’t care if Johnny Depp comes knocking at my door asking me to look after his dogs. I don’t. I’m done. Drew Barrymore could call and ask to watch scary movies with me, and I’d say no. I’m d-o-n-e.

I’m not bitter, not bitter at all.*


*Ok, maybe a little bit.

 Also, ironically {the irony is in that I wrote this last night and mentioned Johnny Depp} Hubby just walked into Orlando Bloom in the lobby where we’re staying. He obviously didn’t ask for an autograph because we’re done. D-O-N-E.

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  1. It’s a weird feeling that rejection and the even weirder feeling that you regret even asking in the first place. It’s a funny place, that space between us the normal people and them the celebrities. I’m sure Drew would pose for a photo with you and Johnny’s dogs. x

  2. I was at a blogging event, hosted by Natalie Bassingthwaighte, who is my current girl crush. It took me ages to finally work up the courage to ask for a photo, and of course I say, “I’ve loved you since you were Izzy!” (on Neighbours, like over 10 years ago) She kind of smiled awkwardly, but her eyes said “Weirdo.” *sigh* At least I got a photo?! πŸ˜‰

  3. Ok don’t go in to movies or tv if you can’t give a gd autograph. My opinion just plunged.

  4. Hahaha I get too chicken when I see celebrities. I worry too much about bothering them in their down time or that I’ll get rejected and then not love them the same way again because I’d just have so many awkward memories (how up myself is that?)! I sometimes play it TOO cool and miss opportunities that would be amazing (that sounds like I see celebrities every day – I so don’t). A celebrity would literally have to be begging ME for a photo before I’d have the courage (ha in my dreams)!!! I admire all those fan people who get amazing photos and mementos because they had the guts to put it all out there!

  5. I get that it must be full on for them to be bugged all the time. But seriously, you were polite, it was a small thing (you didn’t ask them for their chewing gum to add to your collection!) and if they don’t want to be in the public eye, then don’t become a TV or movie actor. It was their choice to go into the vocation and fans are part and parcel of that vocation! (That doesn’t mean I think it’s ok for paparazzi to go through their rubbish and take photos of them in the bathroom from 50km away with the world’s biggest camera lens!) Ah well, at least you saw a few celebs!! =D

    • I agree! and at least Chantelle was polite enough to wait until he was off the phone, not everyone is that courteous! I mean of course there are lines as a fan that you don’t cross, but celebs would literally not be where they are if they had no fans πŸ˜‰ surely a few seconds of their time is not too much to ask…if someone was a huge fan, that kind of brush of could be devastating to their self esteem, especially if they’re younger fans.

  6. Don’t feel bad. Maybe NPH was just having “one of those days”. If only he knew who you were!

    Having worked for a famous talent agent, I got over my tongue-tied gibberishness when I had to work with them on a daily basis. But I can still get a bit shy when I see someone I’ve admired for ages, like Fast Ed from Better Homes & Gardens. I couldn’t talk when I saw him at a Bunnings store opening last year. Could. Not. Talk.

    Another fond memory was meeting Tom Williams at a charity ball I went to some 6 years ago. He was literally surrounded by all the females all night long, and just as he was bidding people farewell, I pounced on him. I had a fair bit of Dutch courage by this point, and blurted out some rubbish before pointing at my now husband and wildly gesticulating for him to take a photo. Thankfully, he was totally gorgeous about the whole thing and posed with me, with a bemused look and all. Fun times.

  7. the difference between you and all my fellow muricans is that you’re just too damn polite. You ASK… the rest of them just DO.

    I don’t blame the celebs, but it’s so ODD you saw and struck out on so many. The above reasoning is the only thing I can think of to make sense of it.

  8. haha – it reminds me of that Friends episode when Ross meets Isabella Rossalini, and he was like “this is a once in a lifetime opportunity” and she replied “yes. For you!”

    You can’t blame them for having boundaries – it would be their life every single minute of every single day.

    Super cool celeb spotting though! I get totally nervous seeing celebs!

  9. We rode the mummy ride at universal studios just after Snoop Dog got off. My bum has been where Snoop Dogs bum has been. So yep, that was my brush with fame in LA

  10. I’m sad that these celebrities don’t want a picture with you! Don’t they know who you are? Like one of Australia’s biggest and nicest bloggers! I don’t like that rejection feeling either. X

  11. They are just people and boy did they miss out big time not getting a photo with you! πŸ˜‰ xo

  12. I would have been mortified too! I also like NPH, but I think if I had an experience like that with a celebrity I was a fan of, it would kind of change my opinion of them….gotta sting a bit! They do say that sometimes the celebs you like most are the ones you shouldn’t meet, so you’re never disapointed if they turn out to be not as welcoming as you had imagined. Unfortunately I’ve heard a few times that NPH can be a little ‘short’ with non famous people (fans) sometimes lol

  13. He was probably too shy and didn’t feel worthy enough to have a photo with YOU. You’re the celebrity! If you gave me a choice of a pic with either you or Neil, I’d choose you every time (and not just because I don’t know what Neil looks like but I’m sure he isn’t half as hot as you!)

  14. Ah, good on you for being brave though πŸ™‚ Maybe he was worried about his outward appearance after a shower in a photo going viral because he knew you were a big time awesome blogger.

  15. I wonder if they refuse to take photos when their security isn’t around or for safety precautions like selling the photo for money or fear of getting physically harmed. Not sure but I am pretty sure their manager warns them about that.

  16. I lived in L.A. for a couple years and never once did I see a well known celebrity. I once saw the tattoed guy from nip tuck buying flowers and chocolate at my local chocolate shop. He was really nice, I didn’t ask for a photo but I did chat with him and bit. Otherwise I didn’t see one single famous person…that I know of, I am kind of oblivious though.

    Also, I have to say you talk about Neil Patrick Harris you say whoever from How I Met Your Mother…I still can only see him as Doogie! πŸ˜›

  17. Oh man that’s crazy! I never spot celebs when I’m in big places like Disney, Universal, LA, NYC, etc. But then again I’m never really keeping an eye out for them. I can’t believe all of the rejection you guys had there! Such a bummer but still really cool that you got to see them!

  18. I’ve made a pledge with myself to never ask a celeb for a photo if I see them out. I would die if they said ‘no’ because yes, the implication (quite fairly, as you say) would be that I was encroaching on their personal time and I couldn’t live with myself doing that! If only we could read minds and just know when they’re open to an approach and when not

  19. back before cell phones, we used to ask for autographs. that seemed a lot easier, seeing as they barely had to look at you. just scribbled something on a napkin and sent you on your way. haha! i’ve learned it’s all about the time and place though. you can see a bunch of goofy pics in my emmy screening posts πŸ˜€

  20. We sat down at a Sydney restaurant when they were filming The Great Gatsby and Joel Edgerton & Toby Maguire were seated next to us… All I could do was sit and say, its SPIDERMAN! haha felt like such a loser and couldn’t get a sneaky pic of them because they would have seen and was too chicken to say anything to them but Joel did hold the door for me when we were leaving which was kind of awesome….. If only it had of been LEO I would have spazzed out completely!!!

  21. What an amazing number of celebrity spottings!
    And thank you for confirming my suspicion that I saw Orlando Bloom. I was riding through the park in Broadbeach yesterday with my daughter & swore he walked past with his son, but I didn’t actually know if he was in Australia. And I’m also not all that celebrity mad, so hadn’t bothered looking into it.

  22. Back before phones had cameras, I bet their lives were a lot easier. (and NPH would remember this of course) but the other thing to remember is a LOT of celebritites make a LOT of money selling photo opportunites and autographs at fan conventions, and NPH would be one of them (SDCC). But I think more likely, it was his private time, and he wasn’t sure he looked good, so he said no.
    I don’t know if it’s me, but I’ve grown up meeting a bunch of minor celbrities because my family is in the hotel trade. (I once found myself in a lift with INXS – yes, inculding Michael, after they broke, and countless others over the years) I’m more understated and tend to do more the “hi, you’re a human being and I’m acknowledging your presence” rather than the fangirlish “HI!!!!! YOU’RE FAMOUS” thing. Of course, because they don’t get more than the acknowlegdment one would normally give any person your are in the lift yet, I’m often left wondering if they were upset I did not seem to notice who they were. πŸ˜‰

  23. From what I hear you caught him at a bad time. He’s usually very gracious. BUT I’m sure he noticed you stalking him, probably ended his phone conversation so he could deal with the problem at hand, had just come from the gym and probably felt gross (even after a shower) so it all added up. You would have been better to take a “selfie” like he was photobombing you! LOL! That all said…celebrities are just people like us…not every day is good and they pay for all those free clothes and high paychecks in loss of privacy. That would drive me nuts. Most of them are narcissistic (ok, that may just be my BIL) and seem to be selfish. I think it must go with the personality needed for the job. So, like you, I enjoy seeing them…from afar.

  24. How exciting, but yes, crushing too! I went along to Comicon with my husband last year, and snuck into the celebrity area to get a look at Orlando. I was quickly asked to move along, by a very BIG security guy. Gorgeous guy though πŸ™‚

  25. Here in America, especially in California, celebrities are constantly followed around by the paparazzi and others looking for a quick buck. Maybe he was just tried of being asked? I don’t know. It’s hard for them to have any privacy. If I kept seeing celebrities like y’all, I will keep asking for a photo/autograph. The worse thing is if they tell you no or they are rude! Good Luck! πŸ˜€

    • I agree. It’s exhausting for them. In L.A. the locals (mostly) are pretty good about leaving them alone. They are trying to blend in and be on vacation too. It isn’t them rejecting you. It’s them needing a break. (Imagine getting approached by strangers hundreds of times a day) However, you law of attraction up multiple celebrity sightings. Pretty cool! I have ended up hanging out with several celebrities because I treated them normally and didn’t ask. πŸ™‚ Sometimes that helps. I always see if I would mind being approached in that situation or not. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s intrusive. I wouldn’t take it too personally. Just wait for the right moment. The stars will align for you. Get it?

  26. I remember going to an event and being invited into the media room. Hubster was with me (and on a less international scale) footy stars, radio celebs, neighbours celebs etc. I said to hubby at the time, is it wrong that I’d rather a photo with Paul Robinson than Mickey Mouse. lol. But I didn’t, not because I’m bitter, but because they were there with their families and I figure they just want the normal treatment just like the rest of us at some point. So I tend to do the gawk thing but don’t usually ask either. Don’t be bitter. I’d definitely still do movies if someone came knocking on my door, but that aint likely. lol.

  27. Oh no, I’m so disappointed that you didn’t get a photo with NPH! I would have taken a sneaky pic of him looking wet when he wasn’t looking then blogged about it πŸ˜‰

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