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5 fun eateries I found on the Gold Coast

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Having just spent a very lazy and relaxing week on the coast where we indulged in such good food, I felt it a community service to share what we discovered. Our home is under an hour away from the Gold Coast, so we often head up to explore and grab something yummy to eat, but it was nice to be living right in the middle of everything for a week so we could discover places in our own time.

I don’t know if the Gold Coast is growing up, but I used to really miss the cool eateries of Sydney, but I feel like I’m either discovering places I’ve never seen before or new places are opening up that are Sydney-like in taste and appearance. This is a very good thing.

So if you’re holidaying on the coast, or living nearby… I recommend these places for grabbing a bite to eat. Let me know if you try them, or if you know any that my taste-buds should know about!


The Lamb Shop, Broadbeach

Oh my goodness. I wish someone had told me about this earlier, because I want to eat it every day for the rest of my life. The menu is short and simple, but it packs a punch in deliciousness. They specialise in souvlaki, with the meats mouth-watering and the bread soft as a pillow. I haven’t yet explored the vegetarian option, but that will happen.


The Paddock Bakery, Miami

Is there a cooler way to serve dippy eggs? This was delicious sourdough toast {cooked on the premise} served with labna, soft boiled eggs and crispy bacon. The menu will have you drooling, as will the many sweet treats on offer as you order your food or coffee.


Kurrawa Surf Club, Broadbeach

This might not be as new or as cool as the two previous locations, but it still never disappoints. On the weekends you can grab a buffet breakfast, with uninterrupted views of the beach, during the week you can enjoy a meal off the menu. I imagine it would be the perfect place to sit out on the deck on a Sunday, with a drink in hand, and settle down with friends.


Seaduction, Surfers Paradise

This restaurant is on the fancy side, but you have to love when a chef is so truly passionate that food becomes art. The chef pushes the limits with flavour combinations so much that you’d think it might not work, but one bite and you realise that it’s a whole mouth sensation and he’s winning at the food game.


Cherry Blossom, Broadbeach

OK, so this isn’t a newly discovered eatery, but one that we’ve actually been visiting for almost 3 years. It’s our favourite sushi place on the coast, because it’s super fresh, small and quiet and the staff are really friendly.

Do you know a place on the Gold Coast worth visiting?