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Quick & easy zucchini slice

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Do you know when I feel like I’m most winning at life? When I can make a meal that lasts us two nights, or if I make enough for leftovers for lunch the next day.

Sometimes it’s the small things.

My favourite zucchini slice is delicious in so many ways, but every time I pour that oil in I get a bad case of the guilts. This recipe comes WITHOUT the side-serve of guilt.

It’s perfect for dinner, great for lunches, cheesy enough the kids will love it. Winning at life, I tell you.


Quick and easy zucchini slice


2 large zucchini, grated
2 rashers bacon, diced
1/2 cup tasty cheese, grated
4 eggs
1/2 cup self-raising flour
Salt and pepper


♥ Preheat oven to 180°C.
♥ Line a baking dish {mine was around 20cm by 20cm} with baking paper.
♥ Saute bacon in a fry pan for 3-4 minutes, or until cooked.
♥ In a large bowl, mix the grated zucchini, cheese, eggs, flour and bacon. Season with salt and pepper.
♥ Pour into the prepared dish and cook for 30 minutes. Serve hot or cold.

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  • Yum! Oil free zucchini slice… healthy and delicious! That’s winning!

  • Just printed this out – hope the kids will eat – I’ll have to make sure no green is showing or they won’t try it though 🙁

    • Krista

      If you peel the zucchini first, then grate it, you shouldn’t see any green.

  • I’ve never tried it without the oil. Will have to give it a go.

  • Marney

    Ohh this looks like good party food! I’ve been looking for healthy(ish) recipes for V’s birthday party and this is going on the list! Thanks lovely!

  • Orsi Szasz Kelemen

    Mmm yummm…. love zucchini. It’s so simple to work with it! I have to try your recipe! 🙂

  • I’ve loved zucchini slice forever and day… but haven’t made it in ages. That’s now going to change! Love it, thanks Chantelle. x

  • Oh that looks like a winner! Perfect for school lunches!

  • I’ve never really attempted zucchini (horrid memories of my mum making me eat the larger version (marrow?) as a child). It’s kinda tasteless and watery, right? Tell me what it’s like because these slices look so good!

    • I think you need to give zucchini a chance. When done badly it’s watery and limp, but when done well it’s really so so so good.

      I’d go the full fat version slice first {via the link inside the post}, to really get your tastebuds dancing and then move onto this one later.

      Please try it?

  • Henni Vuorinen Os.Raassina

    We don`t have self-raising flour here in Finland. Do you have any recommendations as to a ratio with regular flour and baking powder?? Half a teaspoon? A whole one? I`d love to try this, it seems so easy to make! 🙂

    • Nigella says: Just add 2 teaspoons of baking powder for each 150g/6oz/1 cup plain flour. Sift the flour and baking powder together into a bowl before using, to make sure the baking powder is thoroughly distributed (or you can put both ingredients into a bowl and whisk them together).

      – So 1 teaspoon for this recipe. 🙂

      • Henni Vuorinen Os.Raassina

        Thank you! I will write that down some place safe!

  • I love these kind of slices because they hide veggies for the kid! Will give this one a go, using GF SR flour and let you know how it goes. Yum!!

  • Gill schmidt

    I made this thank you, was so easy but I got a little creative threw in a carrot, crumbled some feta in and layed a few asparagus on top was Devine, oh yeah took out bacon prefer no meat in this but you would never know. Was perfect with pickle onions and baked beans .

  • In Shashashambles

    I made these for a bring a plate party and the kids just couldn’t get enough of them! I didn’t end up putting bacon in it, but I did add some carrot and it was delish!