Singapore, according to my iPhone.

Last year, just before Christmas, we packed up and jetted over to Singapore for a few days. I knew not much at all about Singapore before our trip. In fact when the team from Tourism Singapore initially called to invite me on the trip I said, “Oh, it must be fate. I bought Singapore noodles last night.”

“Umm… Singapore noodles aren’t really from Singapore,” she laughed.

I did know just two things:

1. It was clean.
2. Spitting was a big no-no.

Every time we mentioned that we were going to Singapore so many people had a story to tell. My Big Sis told me I’d love it. “It’s so you,” she said, “It’s organised, clean but it’s hot.” Other people would always recommend a place to see, stay, eat at or visit. I should have kept notes. No one said a bad thing about Singapore – which excited me.

I went on my first ever plane when I was 18. Lacey is just 4 and been lucky enough to travel to a few places, Singapore being her second overseas trip. I love that very first photo of her below. We’d just landed and were heading for the hotel, she was so excited by ‘Singaport’.

I’ll share more details on what to do, see, stay, eat {oh the eating!} etc in another post. I just wanted to share a few photos first.

I fell in love with Singapore, more than I imagined I could or would. The people were amazing. There were so many things to do. We had a guide for the trip and I was mesmerized by the stories he told. Singapore is a young-ish country, younger than Australia. It has no natural resources – so it has to work hard for it’s money. We flew in with the President on our plane. Nobody knew that he was coming, but we did because a birdy told us. I love that he holidayed on the Gold Coast and flew home on a budget airline with us.

Singapore is constantly evolving, trying to better itself. This excited me, because I get kinda bored easily, but also because the Singapore that I saw recently won’t be the same Singapore that I might visit in a few year’s time. And it was pretty darn amazing when I visited, how could it possibly evolve into something more amazing?

I’ve never traveled overseas at Christmas time – so I really only know how Australia does Christmas. Now I want to travel more in the Silly Season. The spirit was well and truly alive, as was the City. It was just a bit magic.

Anyways… I’ll leave you with a few photos of our trip and leave the details for later.

Where is the last place you traveled to? How do you rate it?

Lacey and I traveled as guests of Singapore Tourism. We paid for Shane to come along for the ride.

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  1. Wonderful photos! The last place we traveled to was not far from here, just a few hours drive to Branson. We went to Branson a lot when I was growing up, it’s a common place for a vacation or long weekend getaway fro people from the part of the world. It’s changed A LOT since I was my kids’ ages. But, it’s still a lot of fun and there is tons to do in such a small place. But, my favorite is still going to Silver Dollar City and riding the Run Away Mine Train.

    However, the most peaceful/restful place I’ve ever visited was Destin, Florida. It’s BEAUTIFUL there. Glad you had a great time, it looks like a wonderful place to visit. Some day I would love to visit your side of the world. Especially since one of the girls I was friends with in high school moved there when she married an Australian.

      • Branson is in the southern part of Missouri, not too far from the Arkansas border. I live in St. Charles which is part of the St. Louis metropolitan area. We are at the eastern border next to Illinois, in the crook created where the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers meet.

  2. I went to Singapore for 4 days on my way to Oz. from Uk. I was 40 at the time . I fell in love with the place it’s so clean and safe. However, what did concern me was very few older people seem to go out. In very poor areas you see old people but rarely in any touristy places or driving cars. 22 yrs later I wonder if things have changed

    • I know that it costs a lot to even own a car – around S$100k to just get the permit before buying the car. I saw a few older people, but many of them were working – which I found surprising. We don’t see that in Australia.

  3. Hey Chantelle. Absolutely love the photos – they really capture an essence of Singapore. I love Singapore too, and like you said, it’s always trying to better itself. I’ve been a few times and I love enjoying the old familiar and enjoying new experiences and seeing new things too. It really is a wonderful place. I’m so pleased you enjoyed your trip. Where will you go next?!

    • Singapore just amazed me. I think we were lucky because we had such a down to earth guide to explain everything – the history, the politics etc. But I’m sure we would have discovered all those wonderful details on our own too.

      As for more travel; I think we’ll do some more local stuff next. We have a trip planned next month that I’m really excited about.

      And I’m saving for a trip back to Disney World Orlando. That’s my dream trip for Lacey.

      • Me too for Disney. I’m saving my money and energy to go to Disneyland for the Disneyland Half Marathon – fingers crossed I’ll make it in 2014! I can’t wait to get my hands on a Mickey Mouse medal! There’s also a half marathon in Disneyworld and a 5k family run too! Interested?!

  4. I’ve been wondering where to go on our next ‘big’ trip, and this has just given me the inspiration I need. Carter will be 4 when we go, and if Lacey loved it then hopefully Carter will too! x

    • It’s so kid-friendly. If I was going again I’d consider getting a room at Resort World Sentosa – to be near the kids stuff {Oceanarium, Water world & Universal}… but Rasa Shangri La {where we stayed} was perfect for us and really only 10 mins from everything anyway. Really family friendly, away from it all, beautiful pool, kids area, kids club – all that sort of stuff.

  5. Great photos Chantelle,
    Looking forward to your further posts detailing your trip.
    I know exactly what you mean about falling in love with Singapore. My husband and I did the same in 1986 when we had a stopover on our way th Papua New Guinea for our honeymoon. We vowed we would return but sadly never made it due to having a family but we finally managed to get there last Feb/Mar to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary. You are right it won’t be the same place when you next return, they have reclaimed so much land since our first visit that the Merlion has been moved so that it is still in the main part of the harbour.
    We are intending to return again if not this year then definately next year.
    Hope it’s not too long before you post the details of your travel

  6. We are heading to Singapore in September as I bought my husband tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix for Xmas. Last September I went to China and Tibet. Tibet was amazing!

  7. I visited Singapore several times and was fortunate to have two opportunities to live there. I miss the food. I think if I was to go back I would take pictures of all my favourite dishes. I also love Little India … the colours, the smells, the gold. Thunderstorms, wet pavements, spice … must plan another trip. Would definitely do some shopping in Holland Village … have my nails done …

    • Oh gosh – so much stuff I didn’t see. We didn’t get to Little India or Holland Village.

      I would love to have access to that delicious food. Is it sad that I’ve thought about it almost every day since we’ve been there?

  8. The last place we went was New Zealand. Not a complete culture shock, but very pretty none the less. Never really had a desire to go to any of the Asias but am seeing alot of great pix/experiences from friends that are making me change my mind! Maybe one day…

    • New Zealand is on my bucket list.

      I have to be honest, if you’d asked me if Asia was on my list a year ago – I’d have said “No, not interested.” I’ve always wanted to go to the Maldives, but not interested in anything else.

      Malaysia opened up my eyes, and then Singapore made me fall in love. Now I’ve got a bug to see more.

  9. I’d say great photography, Chantelle. I used to stay in Singapore – Woodlands, to be precise, where my late father was based, ie the Royal Malaysian Navy, then. I grew up there since I was a baby until 12 years of age. I went back to Singapore for a short Inter-University sports for the company in the early ’80’s, and in 1992 for a short Training by the company. Then in 2009, I decided to take a bus trip to Singapore with hubby and daughter. That was daughter’s first ‘overseas’ trip and she was extremely excited. In 2010, we took the train to Singapore for a day to experience breaking of fast there. I may visit Singapore again and this time the Night Safari is on the agenda. I am now trying to scrape and safe money to take daughter and hubby to either Thailand or China so that daughter can experience her first plane ride.

  10. My first Christmas overseas was Japan. It snowed and it was magical. I fully intend to do a Christmas/New Year in New York soon, do all the touristy things and see the city all decorated. My last trip was Japan, again, so that should tell you how I rate it! Very kid-friendly, beautiful, clean, traditional, wacky, sweet, kawaii, and full of generous, kind, helpful people. I LOVE.

  11. The last place I’ve travelled to was Malta about a year ago. I am from Austria and my family used to drive to the south of Italy many for almost every summer when I was a kid. Malta is relatively close to Sicily where we went two times, and I’ve always wanted to go, but not in the summer because the heat is said to be unbearable. Two years ago I had a knee surgery and my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Malta once everything was supposed to be healed. We went in February and it was gorgeous. Windy, sunny, nice people, interesting food, and almost no tourists because it was outside of tourist season. The colors were gorgeous, the sand stone buildings, the ocean and the rust everywhere. We stayed at a hotel very close to the ferry to Gozo, the little island next to Malta. It was very very beautiful!

  12. I love your photos of the city. I have a very special relationship with Singapore. I am originally from Germany, but in 2011 I went on a trip to Bali. While there I got into a very serious bike accident where I literally broke my neck. I was flown to Singapore and had some serious surgery. Thanks to the wonderful doctors, nurses and physiotherapists at the hospital I am now able to walk (run even) and use my arms and hands almost as if nothing had happened. I will forever feel a connection with the city. All I ever saw of Singapore was part of a small park and a gigantic building site which was all I could see from the window in my hospital room. So when looking at your photos I love seeing more of the city that gave me back my life and I definitely want to go back some day!

  13. I went to Dublin, Ireland for a couple of days in December. I had my first Guinness beer & learned how Guinness is made, I met a girl who is half Zambian/Irish and she said she didn’t know she was Black until she was 15 which led to an eye opening discussion on race, I ate soup and homemade bread in a converted church with an amazing organ and met some really cool people. So for a two day trip I would say it was phenomenal, I learned a lot.

  14. Great blog and images Chantelle! It was a trip down memory lane for me, as we lived in Singapore for almost 5 years. Would I go back? For sure – tomorrow!!
    As for NZ – don’t miss it I’m a kiwi who’s been living overseas now for 12 years, and for me nothing beats it! I’m so excited to be going home in February to shoot a project there.

  15. God I admire your honesty, Chantelle. Don’t ever change! Your comment about Singapore Noodles made me laugh out loud (with you, of course) because I can just imagine you saying it. LOVE your yellow sandals too! Where are they from?

  16. Done. flights booked seriously. Wanted somewhere to go with the husband just done it. Thank you Cant wait. xD

      • May. Staying at the New Magestic. Just have to find a sitter for the kids for seven nights..its the most impulsive thing I have ever done..crap..didn’t think about the hope nana is all good for seven nights..we went when we on our way to Europe back in the day but I was so unwell with a migraine I never saw it for the entire three days..

  17. I love this!! Our last trip overseas was with our daughter to europe, she was only 9 months old (she is 3 in a month ) but our stopover was singapore and we loved the airport and the airline, and met a lovely singaporian and vowed we would go there. I would go in a heartbeat but my partner is a bit iffy as we have a 3 month old to now tow along as well!!

  18. hey! I am glad you loved your trip to Singapore. Please do come down more often when time permits! 🙂

    yours truly,
    a fellow singaporean. 🙂

  19. Hi nice to meet you from Japan.
    I like your “photo a day”. I am not join yet. I would.
    I have been to Singapore last Sep. for the first time. so my memory are still fresh, so I enjoyed your post. and I am looking forward to another post about singapore.

  20. The great thing about Singapore is that the people obey the laws and the police enforce them. Nobody seems to think this is a problem unlike Australians.

  21. Hi Chantelle, I’ve just moved back to Oz from Singapore after nearly 2 years living there and I miss it so much. The people are wonderful as is the food!! The diversity of cultures is amazing. I saw you went down to Arab St – it was one of my favourite areas, especially the little perfume shop!!! You really only scratched the surface which is hard to believe on such a little island. I really hope you get a chance to go back and discover more of Singapore.

  22. I wish we could have the time off from work to travel to that side of the world! It takes such a long time to travel from Europe, a week’s holiday just isn’t enough considering the time spent on planes and airports..
    We went to London last month, I always love it there but this time it was more special because of all the Christmas stuff that was all over.. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park was so lovely, and I finally got to visit the Notting Hill Saturday market! Note to next time: take more cash (cards don’t work at the market), there’s such a huge range of old cameras sold there! And we found our new all time favourite sushi bar! 🙂

  23. Oh when were you in Singas? We got there on 22nd… spent Christmas there with friends. Living in Darwin and now Dili, it’s only a comparatively short flight for us.

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