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One free day.

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We did the grocery shopping today. We usually do it on Sundays, not Mondays and I noticed something. The mamas were weary. The school holidays and hot weather must be getting to us. {For those not in Australia, our kidlets are on a 6-week break from school at the moment, some schools have more time off}.

This is my first foray into school holidays. When I was a nanny I was always given the 6 weeks off at Christmas time {and I didn’t take any other holidays through the year} so I missed that time. There was no entertaining kidlets, no noise, just me living it up enjoying my time off.

I don’t mind the school holidays. I do mind the constant noise. Little people are kinda loud, aren’t they? And I’ve only got one!

So I’m going to try some escapism. Join me?

Imagine I could give you free day tomorrow. You’ve got no obligations. You can spend it by yourself, with the kids, with your lover or someone else. You’ve got just 24 hours to do as you please. You could finally re-watch those Friends DVDs you’ve been meaning to for years. Or take a super long nap. Put together those photo albums you’ve neglected for-like-ever.

So, what do you do? How are you spending your free day?

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  • Exercise, sleep, computer, sleep, read, sleep…

  • I’d start with a clean house, because I can’t relax unless it’s clean. All my favourite trashy TV shows and more: Girls, Real Housewives, Top Chef… all day. And just time alone. I love my lovely people, but just time alone to potter and do as I please. BLISS!

    • Dom

      This would be my idea of heaven also! Plus an hour of lying on the couch listening to the sound of nothing πŸ™‚

  • Lilybett

    If it was on Thursday when it’s meant to be 39 degrees, I’d go sit in the cinema and see back to back movies. And eat popcorn. And frozen coke. And maybe Ben & Jerry’s, cause they rock an outlet at my local. Amen.

  • I would start with a sleep in, then some breakfast, salmon on toast, would be wonderful not to share my salmon!! Then I would go to the hairdressers, I only get to go once a year so I would have the works, then out to lunch with a glass of wine. Then perhaps some shopping, catch up with a girlfriend, then out to dinner with my husband, perhaps a movie then a nice relaxing bath and bed! That would be my perfect day without the kids, thanks Chantelle, now if only it were to become reality! xx

  • Janelle Heron

    A big sleep in. High tea some where flashy. A quiet dinner somewhere and then a concert – maybe an orchestra or a musical. And I would take my time with every single one. No rushing allowed.

  • sareque

    strangely, even though my child tires me with her tantrums and clinginess, i’d still spend the day with her, except i wouldn’t do anything else, but just lie aound the house and hang out and play with her.

  • Alison Smith

    This post physically hurts me πŸ˜‰ I am right where you are at and the thought of a day to do as I pleased is just too much of a cruel dream. Yes, I had a tough day with the kids today! I’m thinking movies, shopping, lunch & coffee, cups of tea and a good book, sleeping in. Actually with all those plans I think i may need 2 or 3 days away from the little lovies πŸ™‚

  • Peggy

    I would scrap all day and get caught up with all the shows I’ve recorded on the t.v. What a great idea.

  • A free day? I’ll go for a long run, weight train and then just sit and drink still warm coffee and not have to worry about my eggs starting to set before I eat them while I do some more design work on my new blog then write to my hearts content. Then I will get out my sewing machine and cut fabric and sew and sew and sew and then I might go to bed early and not have to tuck 4 children in a combined 17 times and then I will sleep for an entire 8 hours all in one go. It must be near a full moon perhaps? My kids were insane this afternoon…I was holding back tears and ever so close to rocking in the corner but I managed to keep it together πŸ™‚ However, if it had been a school day, things probably would have been that little bit worse…. xx

  • Well, it’s not break time here, but I love the thought of having a day to myself. All kids are back in school around here and normally I would say I’d spend the day wandering local parks and our historic Main Street with my camera, but since it is -8 C here I’m thinking I’d probably hunker down in bed and read and/or watch a favorite movie or two while snuggling with my doggies. πŸ˜€

  • Drinking coffee is the posh coffee house I dare not take my loud children with my book and no obligation to back home as soon as possible! Bliss

  • I’d book in to a nice Hotel …..24 hours of solitude time ..use the hotels pool…the restaurant… go for walks…. have a nice long…. uninterupted bath….enjoy the Minibar watch tv and enjoy room service …and wake up in the morning when I want to wake up and have a nice big breakfast in my room

  • Having just become empty nesters in the last six months I have had my fair share of school holiday crazy days but now I would give anything to have one more crack at it

  • I would tidy the house singing really loud to the songs I love. Have a nice lunch watching something a little trashy on TV then maybe a nice walk and perhaps a good cup of coffee somewhere. Then to finish it off a little bit of time making crafts! : ) Oh yes and If possible a meal out with my husband and Mr Merlot to really finish the day off properly!!

  • Since the chance of me having 24 hours free would have to somehow involve magic, I am going to assume I also have the magical ability to be anywhere I want for those 24 hours. The first 12, I will spend somewhere on a beach, totally relaxing. The second 12, I will be in Ireland, living it up. (Since magic is involved, I will not get sunburned, and I won’t get tired.)

  • Holly

    Sleep in til 11am-ish, sip coffee in bed while watching the food network. Watch movies and eat pad thai and cookies STILL in bed. Sigh.

  • Jackie Brown

    I would spend it by myself to begin with, I would go and buy an outfit, get myself a makeover, then get hubby to take me out for dinner πŸ™‚

  • Laura

    I kinda got this before christmas when I was home recovering from some surgery and the kids were still at day care. I was able to stay on the lounge all day (guilt free!) and have a Once Upon A Time, Greys Anatomy and The Tudors marathon! Now though, as much as I love my kids, I would love a day just me and hubby… Relaxed breakfast, lunch out followed by a movie at the cinema that wasn’t rated G…. That would be just perfect right now!

  • Nicole

    I think I would do the same thing as you Chantelle. I would love to have a day where I don’t HAVE to do anything…..I will do the things I want to do. I would probably watch NipTuck again, eat and sleep.

  • Julie

    A free day for me would mean someone other than me has done the housework. Picked up all of the stuff around the house. Organised and cooked all of the meals. Washed and folded the clothes.A free day would be a day I get to go to the toilet without company. I would also love to shower, wash my hair, shave my legs and take my time doing it. But most important, a free day would be a day that I do not have to stress about money.

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    Every day is a kid free day for me [not by choice] and today is also a work free day due to not feeling great, so I’m off to have a nap.

    There is no greater feeling than getting up in the morning, having the whole day stretching out in front of you, with absolutely nothing planned and the freedom to do anything you please or nothing and yup, every weekend for us looks like this because every weekend day is a “free day”.

    A much harder question for me would be, what I’d do if I *had* to plan a day out – I’m not a planner.

  • I’d go for a long run, cool down with a mani and pedi, crash on the sofa and watch 2 series of Homeland back to back, and when I’m feeling fully refreshed, I might get around to putting my wedding album together (it’s only been six years!) I can but dream…


    clean cook read I very rarely get time without kids….but just to do those things..pottered is what I miss most..xD

  • linda

    sleep,long lunch with many cold cocktails & afternoon at the spa followed by an evening with hubby

  • I’m lucky that I get quite a few free days these days, but lately I’ve been trying to actually be productive. It’s easy for me to just sit down and READ all day, but then my photography, my other hobbies, my dogs, my husband get neglected. I think even on the free days I need to have good time management.

    BUT if we’re talking totally free, no obligations, I could definitely lay on the couch in front of the fire watching reruns of my favourite shows. πŸ™‚ That would be nice! Or, if it was summer (it’s cold and snowy out now), out on the deck, in the sunshine with my books. Perfection!

  • Mel

    I would go to a resort with my kids and partner in tow have a splash and enjoy the beach and have a quiet Picnic lunch but than I would say bye bye to my lovely boys and go get a massage, a wrap, a facial for a few hours, get my nails done and than catch up with my family for a gorgeous tea on the seaside with the sun setting… Arghh bliss… I too am assuming you have magic and can send me some where all bills paid!! Lol. Thanks for the day dream πŸ™‚

  • Henegilda Pil

    that will be great! i’ll go find a serene place and continue reading “10 Things I Want My Son To Know” (finished “10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know”)

  • I would sleep in, watch some shows I have been hanging to see, maybe go to the movies if there is a show I would like to see, I would however do some sewing and some of the things I have been putting off due to no time. Also at some point in this 24 hours I would go into shops that I cannot visit due to little fingers, this would allow me to look around and not have to yell, “What are you doing? Put that down!”.