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Shopping is a dangerous sport

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Yesterday I had to go to the shops to pick up some stuff for a story I had to write this weekend. I didn’t want to go. It was raining and I knew it would be busy. As I approached the shops the sign said there were 8 vacant car spots in the whole car park. That’s not many. At all.

I sighed. Took a deep breath and went on my way. I drove around and around and around until I spotted a girl walking from the gym to her car. That car spot was mine. I put on my blinker and waited. She took her time, had a drink, changed clothes and fussed about. I waited, patiently. Finally she started the engine and drove out of her car spot. I edged forward to give her room to get out. While I did that A LADY STOLE MY CAR SPOT.

I was furious. I honked my horn. She kept driving in. I got out of my car and approached hers.

“What are you doing? That’s my car spot!” I quizzed her.

“I didn’t see you,” she replied.

“Well, I’ve been waiting for that girl to drive off and I’ve been waiting a while with my blinker on. It’s my spot.”

“I’ve been driving around for a long time. I have no patience left. I need the spot.”

“No. That’s my spot. I waited. It’s my spot. You need to move.”

“No,” she said, “I need to park here.”

I pulled out the mum card. I told her I had my daughter in the car {the truth} and that she was crying {not the truth} and that I wanted my car spot back {the truth}.

“No,” she snapped.

“You’re moving your car,” I finally demanded and went back to my car.

At the point I was near tears. How could someone be so rude? A man had stopped to watch the spectator sport of car parking. “You OK?” he asked.

“She stole my spot,” I said running my hands through my hair, full to the brim with frustration.

I could tell that he wanted to help, but was undecided on whether to get involved or move on. He neared her car, shook his head at her and walked on.

She didn’t move her car. She got out. Came over and reminded me ever-so-kindly that, “I need this spot. I’m tired of driving around.” And she walked away.

I had no choice but to circle over and over again and find another spot. I was filled with crankiness. That’s probably an understatement. I was mad. Furious. Over a parking spot. Over a woman with no manners. I may have flipped her the bird behind her back. Mature? Yep.

I parked. Called my husband and complained. And then I called my sister and did the same. And then I took it to the Twitter.

There is a silver lining to this story. I got home and Hubby said, “You should have taken a photo and written a blog post.” I don’t have a photo, but I have this blog post.

And … I’m really ready to move. Surely country folk don’t fight over parking spots, do they?

What would you have done? Driven off and let it go? Or tried to make your point?

  • Ever seen Fried Green Tomatoes? Towandaaaaaaaaaaa! ( – watch it, trust me!)

    • I love that scene!! My fav!!

    • This brought me such joy! x

    • I thought of this immediately too =) I also would have swore at her loudly and possibly even threw an egg at her car (if I had one). I'm actually a laid-back person!

    • God that would be fun!

    • Rachel

      hahaha, towanda it should be πŸ™‚

    • Laura

      Love it!!! Don't we all wish we could do that sometimes!

  • Amy

    Hi Chantelle – I would have taken a photo of her car (with numberplate) and posted it. Nothing riles me more than carkparkery rudeness!

  • In the country town I live in, many people don't actually know parking etiquette because it isn't busy enough for it to be needed. And when it is busy (Saturday mornings), many of us just park on the verge across the road. Illegal in the city perhaps, but not here. I hope you come to love country living!

  • I would have held one of my keys up and said “you really feel comfortable leaving your car there now?” A blog post would have been awesome though with how many followers you have!

  • wotisunique

    Country people complain when they can't get a spot right outside the store.

  • Anonymous

    That happened to me once and the lady didn't wanted to go away so I looked at her and say ” ok go no worries I'll take care of your car while you shop ” with a big fake smile …. She started walking away looked back and she get back to her car on moved away πŸ˜‰

    • I love this. Keeping it in my back pocket for next time – which I hope there isn't one! x

    • If you have to use it ( i hope you wont have to ) let me know if it worked πŸ˜€

  • I have done that accidentally before, but as soon as I realise I have spot nabbed I move out of it again. So so rude, esp when you have kids. Hopefully there was actually a good reason to her needing it and not just an example of societies hopeless standards yet again falling.

  • Bloody Sydney – frustrating place isn't it! Certainly hope they are kinder up the coast – seemed much more civilised when I visited a few weeks ago – trouble is lots of Sydneysiders are moving that way so hope it is the nice ones for your sake!! time to breath and pack those boxes fast!!! Hope the packing is going well. Leanne xx

  • You contained yourself FAR better than I would have. I have ZERO tolerance for rudeness and unfortunately in those situations I let my anger get the better of me.

    Enjoy your 'sea change' hun <3 The fresh air will be amazing!!! xxx

  • I have the best story like this.. some rude woman did the same to me.. we had the full argument I also had two kids in car and they were both under 3 so I was furious and I seriously wanted to punch her soooo hard.

    I went off.. parked and walked around the shopping centre in search of the *bleep*.. I found her and casually walked past and very loudly said ” oh its such when cars get key scratched over all the panels in car parks”..

    OMG she nearly fainted and went running back to her car.. OK so I didn't get to punch her but her face made me smile all day and my anger was rested..

  • Oh Chantelle, how bloody annoying!! I can imagine how frustrated you must have been.
    What a cow!
    I don't see how you could have done anything else other than drive off, as it's obvious that selfish woman had no intention of moving.
    At least you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you are by far the better person.
    You can always find other parking spots, but she can never get a better personality.
    Just vent on the keyboard, which you do best πŸ™‚


  • Ugh, I am assuming you were at WBJ? It is the WORST for rude people and car spot thieves. Good on you for calling her up on her bad behaviour even if she didn't end up moving. I think there are rude people everywhere but WBJ does seem to have an inordinate concentration of them! I hope you day got better x

  • Madoir

    This made my blood boil. The absolute HEIGHT of rudeness. I'm sorry it happened to you X

  • That totally sucks! I hate confrontation though so I probably would have been a wuss and given up. I saw an altercation once around Xmas time…two women again and one stole the other's a spot and they got into a blue about it. I don't know who won as I was leaving…

  • Anonymous

    I would have been the one stealing your spot.

  • I completely understand how you feel. I drive around Sydney for my job, and I am on my green P's. This means I am very conscientious, as it doesn't take much for me to lose my license, therefore my job, but other drivers are so rude!!!

    At the end of the day, she saw you, but she was just being selfish. You did the right thing in standing up for yourself, but at the end of the day, it's probably better to just leave it.

    I was coming home last night in a taxi, and he was in a lane with parked cars, and he tried to merge into the next lane. No one would let him in for ages, and he had to wedge in. He was very angry, and said that people would learn their lessons! He then told us a story about how this had happened to him before, and that a car wouldn't let merge into their lane. In order to teach the car a lesson, he managed to get ahead of it, and then slammed the brakes, causing the car to rear-end him!!

    So you can never be too careful, better just be nice, there is always another spot, and you don't know who the crazies out there are!

  • That is so frustrating! The same has happened to me too, so you aren't alone. I pulled out into moving traffic with a space of about 2-3 car lengths (and the driver who ended up behind me went OFF HER NUT!) I then came to a car about to leave. I pulled over so others could go around me and waited patiently for them to leave. Just as I was about to pull into it, the Crazy lady zipped around me with such speed and stole it right out from under me. I had my 3 kids in the car and I almost completely lost it at her – she proceeded to yell at me saying I had barged in front of her (even though there was plenty of space for me to merge into the moving traffic. I have never been so angry at anyone in my life. To be honest, I was really shocked that I could even get that angry, so much so that the adrenalin was causing me to shake quite visibly. Some people have no manners whatsoever. I wanted to key her car. But I didn't.
    Hope your move to the country is a smooth one. I would love to do what you are doing πŸ™‚

    • I found it hard to get rid of the anger actually. I was still cranky when I got home. Did you find it hard?

    • Yeah I did. Took me the rest of the day to get over it. I was just really surprised at how angry it made me – I was shaking for quite a while after that. I have never been that mad before. And I totally understand the need to vent too. I rang my husband and told him and then my mum. And then on Facebook.

  • Nikki Ramtel

    Oooh, this happened to me a couple of weeks ago at Broadway! I had 2 screaming babies in the car, had been waiting for 5 mins with blinker on, some 25yo four wheel drive driving wanker drove straight in and ignored me while I honked and yelled at him! I had never been so mad! I wanted to key his car, but didn't.

  • That is extremely rude. What a bitch. (Also, I visited Sydney a couple of weeks ago and the car parking is a NIGHTMARE compared to Brisbane. I would want to move too.)

  • Tammy

    How RUDE!!!! And I love the suggestion above about taking a photo of her car & number plate & THEN taking it to Twitter!! Fire with fire I say πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    I went on a first date with a man who stole someones park . When i told him hey you're stealing her spot he went right ahead and did it anyway, we never had a second date

  • Anonymous

    Should have parked her in, put your hazards on and your bonnet up, and left a note on your dash saying you had called a tow truck. And then taken your sweet time to do your shopping. I decided a couple of weeks ago that nice guys DO finish last, and I can't beat 'em so I'm joining 'em!

    • I was thinking of parking behind her, but I like the addition of the note on the dash about the tow truck. Heck, you might just have run out of gas with all that driving around.

  • How rude!

    In my small country town we don't have parking wars 51 weeks of the year. The one week where parking is a nightmare is when the music folk come to town and make us all appreciate the lack of parking issues we have.

    I also would have named and shamed her on twitter. That's just how I roll.

  • musicoholic

    @Anonymous – either you're joking, or you're just as discourteous online as in real life. I really, truly hope it is the former.

    Chantelle – you did better than I would have! I am so gutless I would never have got out of my car. Kudos to you for even trying to stand up to her – and a big block of e-chocolate for the pain. xxx

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • musicoholic

    oh – and I meant Anonymous June 3, 2012 7:19 PM… didn't realise there'd been a couple more posts while I was typing… lol

  • Oh this happened to me downtown Brunswick heads last week,, I was waiting for a spot and some old guy just zoomed straight in before me. I waited and waited for him to open his door and then I let fly…he came back with this smart arsed sorry, but at least I let him know he couldn't get away withit. I also let him know karma will hunt him down…it will and it will with your lady too;)x

  • You are so ready to move bush with the rest of us Chantelle! I am so miffed when I have to PAY for parking! And if I don't get a park right outside the post office at 4.55pm I'm a monkeys uncle

  • In the country it is not even a factor — you will enjoy the change of pace – I went from Bondi to the country and it was little things like this that made the massive difference!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Here in the states, or at least where I'm from we have road rage. Once someone took a parking while we waited as well, words were exchanged. At the end the lady won, however my friend left a lovely note for her on her windshield. “Thanks for taking my parking, you idiot!” =)

  • Anonymous

    Annoying, yes but hey it happens. I've had more car spots stolen from me than I care to mention but that's life.

    What I find more concerning are the people who suggest you take a photograph of her number plate and post it online. Seriously? Yes what she did was rude but it's horrible how so many think it fine to combat rudeness with just more rudeness. And as for those on your Facebook page suggesting her car be keyed?!

    You stated your piece to her, you let her know how upset and angry you were with her – some people would have felt bad and moved, she obviously wasn't one of those but sometimes you just have to pick your battles, don't let her play on your mind anymore, that's giving her power she doesn't deserve.

    • You get the Mother Theresa award! Good guys finish last… Sometimes you need to play the game to win!

  • I live in REALLY rural area, and I could not imagine that happening! It's just weird to even think of! Good luck with your move- sounds like you need it!

  • I live in a city in a district where parking space is really rare. Sometimes, it takes about 30 Minutes to find a parking spot and I can remember myself driving around and around for a whole 60 minutes when I came back home late at night. So I can absolutely understand your reaction! I can total see me into your little story, I think, I would've acted exactly the same!
    I hope, you're feeling better now after telling your family and the world, how annoying these rude people are!!!

    higgledy-piggledy Wonderland

  • The country town I come from is never, EVER short of parking spaces! Even now, I live in Newcastle and parking here is usually pretty good too.

  • Nope, I have never seen that happen in this little country town, perhaps because we all know each other! Politeness is a standard. I do however whinge if I know that shopkeepers have parked in the prime parks at the front of their shops. I let them know that they can't expect customers if there is nowhere to park. And I always get a park at the front of the post office!
    I think if she swore at me and was really offensive I might have returned and let her tyres down, no real harm done there other than time stolen, as yours was. But really let's just hope that she was at the end of her tether and has a really big burden at the moment which has made her selfish and beligerant in this instance. You are going to love a change of pace!

  • AAAARGH! Just reading this post has me fuming!

  • Anonymous

    I recently told a man off for parking in the “parents with prams” car space at the local shopping centre. When I told him ” you know that space there is for parents with prams” he replied in a not so delightful manner, ” well I will go and buy me self a pram then!” and continued to park his car there!

  • What a bitch. I would have made her number plate the new photo of the day entry with the hashtag bitch next to it!

  • Anonymous

    Get over it and move on.. it's just a car spot. I'm sure if you would have just taken a few deep breaths instead of walking up to the woman and making a scene that there would be another person leaving in no time. It's happened to me a few times where I'm indicating and then someone comes and steals the spot. Is it rude? yes! But is it actually MY spot? No. It doesn't have my name on it. I don't own the car park. In my eyes, if someone is that desperate to get a spot, then they surely have a good reason to do so. I don't know there story. They could have someone sick at home and they needed to quickly get in and out for some medicine. who knows? I surely don't. And neither do you. My advice, take a deep breath, stay calm and move on. It isn't good behaviour to be doing that, especially in front of young children.

    • I don't think being unable to spell simple words or use correct grammar is good behaviour in front of anyone. Do you agree? I also don't think being a coward and hiding behind an anonymous name is particularly good behaviour either. Everyone is entitled to a vent, who are you to make high and mighty comments on it.

  • That has happened to me before. It made me feel so angry and frustrated. The absolute cheek of some people. She knew you were there. Shes just a bitch. But thats where karma cames in – she'll get bitten on the ass and you'll be riding off into the sunset πŸ™‚

  • Oh, Chantelle, I feel for you! I had this happen to me with a “parents with prams” park while I had my baby in the car and a young man (no child or child seat) in a ute stole the park I had been waiting for. I went over to him and told him he had stolen my park and that it was for parents with babies, and he shrugged, said nothing, and walked into the shops. I was left to circle and find another, much less safe, park. I was fuming angry. Rude behaviour drives me nuts.

    I think in a country town they may have a little more space for parking, and less competition for the parks. Perhaps that will lead to better parking manners?

  • She's just a rude eastern suburbs wench I would of let the air down in her tyres oh and it bs she didn't see you

  • Having someone take your carpark is frustrating. I personally never had that to me before. Usually, I remember when I was younger, dad used to call me or my brother out and stand in the middle of the vacant carpark, or stand next to the carpark as the leaves.. it was a good tactic, haha.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, if all you have to get this angry over is a bloody car park you missed out on, then I feel really sorry for you all. Build a damn bridge and get over it.

    • Anonymous

      Bitch please, if you're getting this angry over a comment on a blog then I feel really sorry for you.

  • Jen

    I witnessed someone who double parked behind a rude spot stealer. He left his car there, so she had to call and wait for a tow truck just to get out. Sometimes the tow fee is soooo worth it. πŸ™‚

  • Wow, what a terrible lady! You had more guts than I would've. At least you let her know how rude she was!! I probably wouldn't have even said anything. Someone stole my spot at the grocery store (someone's child actually) and the mom didn't say anything to me, didn't even acknowledge that I was clearly next waiting patiently and politely and I was furious. But of course I didn't have he guts to say anything….

  • I've done both, so I get where you were at and I do know how you felt. This shit makes me want to move to the country too, and it can't happen fast enough! In my experience, no, they don't act like this! But I guess who knows til you live there. Karma will get her! It always does!

  • how rude!!

  • Good for you saying something! I'll bet that alone… even if it didn't result in the intended outcome… had to make you feel a little better… if not more furious first πŸ˜‰ I had a similar situation on a day when I had been out researching assisted living facilities for my father… I had already been to three of them back to back and they are very depressing places so I was already not in a good place, but after the last place I was on my way to the grocery store and for most of that drive, including into the parking lot and right up until I parked my car, there was a lady tailgating me… like I couldn't even see the front of her car kind of tailgating… on the roads and through the parking lot… I was furious! And she parked right across from me so I approached her and asked why she needed to drive her car so close to my car? She acted completely oblivious to what she'd done and asked me not to talk to her in front of her kids… and I said “If you care so much about your kids, then you should probably not be endangering their lives by tailgating people!” I was shaking with fury, but ultimately it felt good to finally be able to confront someone (not my usual thing). GOOD FOR YOU! Rude people suck.

    • Oh I HATE tailgaters! It makes me soooo nervous. I always worry that I'll have to slam on my brakes and they'll ram right into me. I really wish they'd give other cars proper space. It's just plain dangerous not to!

  • parking is never an issue in the country, it will be good for your soul. I'd rather spend hours on public transport in the city than deal with that kind of angst.

  • I would've just moved on. Not worth getting upset over, for me. I work in a customer service job and I know first hand how rude people are, and they rarely need a good reason or excuse. I doubt that giving someone a piece of my mind would actually change what they do or how they do it. I'd rather just move to another parking spot and still be in a good mood when I have to shop. And.. with small children, it's always better to remain calm and collected; at least for their sake. I want my girls to grow up knowing how to roll their eyes and move on when people are immature or rude. And the best way to do that… lead by example.

  • Totally Would of and have confronted this type of rudeness. I simply asked what in the world be so very important that they felt it was necessary to be so incredibly rude and self centered.

    While children should be modeled the behavior of a responsible and respectful citizen of the world – they also need to know that it is ok to stand up for oneself and that rudeness is unacceptable for any reason.

  • Lee

    Your story reminds me of a good friend, he would suggests, you keep a cordless drill in your car with a small drill bit and if this happens on the road again (anything related;), while nobody's watching, sneak alongside the vehicle and pretend you dropped something by the tire, and while you're at it, simply drill a small hole. It won't go flat right away nor get you your spot, but at least you'll feel better…..

  • Tia

    I totally get that it makes you cranky-I too, have had those experiences that throw off my whole day if I allow it, and my friends laugh because I am on a mission around our town to make people be more courteous.

    Our society has become far too self-centered, and as much as possible (hey, we all have our moments…), I do try to “take the high road” to teach my kids to be better than that. But, I always try to explain the situation, how it should have gone, and what I could have done differently.

    I do have a somewhat similar experience to share that you might appreciate, and hopefully get a laugh out of: I was out shopping with my family (husband and two kids under 4) and was backing out of a parking space when the man in the next row starting wildly honking his horn, afraid, apparently, that I might back into him. I let it go on until I was fully in the lane (yet still a good 4-5 feet from his bumper) and then I straightened up so I was blocking him in. I put the car in park, stormed up to his car, and said, “Sir, I appreciate your intense concern for my vehicle (ha!) but it is equipped with 3 mirrors, a back-up camera, and 3 back-seat drivers. I also drive ambulances, which are far bigger than your little truck here. So, I'm all set. Thank you.” I got a sheepish “sorry” in reply. I got back into my car and my husband said, “I was concerned for his safety.”

  • Anonymous

    What a bitch!!! I wouldn't do anything either, but I surely would've let her going shopping with a serious worries, like I did once. I told to a man who did it to me, with a half smile and staying there a litle by the side of his car: “I'm sure you will absolutly not be happy when you come back to this spot”!! I did nothing but I'm sure he took much less time shopping than he would've. πŸ˜‰


  • I hate when parking spot fights happen, but they do make for good blog material.

  • I'll lie and say I never said this but … you could have spit and slimed all over both her rear view side mirrors! What? Who said that?!?!?

  • You had every right to be furious! I can't believe how rude that woman was. At least we always have the blog and the Twitter to vent! πŸ™‚

  • Yes she was rude. Yes she was wrong and you were right. Let it go! Being angry about it doesn't make the other person suffer. It only makes you suffer. And taking revenge is wrong, too. Two wrongs do not make a right. Really. I like to thing that maybe she had some really good reason for doing what she did – like her husband is dying of cancer and she had to run in to get something really quickly before he passed away. OK, a stretch; but we really never know what other people are going through at any given moment. Use your energy for only positive things, like volunteering at your local school, or nursing home, or shelter. Try saying a prayer asking that she realize that what she did was wrong and that she would never do it again. Say a prayer that you are never that rude to someone, too.

  • That happened to me a while back.

    I was with my parents, who are both disabled, and I came upon someone about to exit a handicap spot. I had my tag hanging off the rear view mirror and was about to pull in when another car from the opposite direction (it was an isle end spot) and parked there.

    I was cheesed. They had no tag.

    I got out walked over and loudly shouted, “I was waiting for that spot. You have quite some nerve.”

    They replied, “She just needs to go in for five minutes.”

    I shouted back, “And my parents need that spot for longer than five minutes. I patiently waited, I have my tag up and then you have the nerve to park in a spot you don't even need. Get out or I'll have the cops solve it for you.”

    The lady called me rude and I said, “What is rude is someone stealing a spot, especially a spot that is clearly not marked for them. I hope that one day when you truly need this spot, some jerk parks in it making you have to go elsewhere.”

    They backed out and gave me the spot.

    I'm tired of rude people.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    • In Texas you can be shot for less. In Chicago they just toss you in a cement mixer. I was so angry for you. HOW rude. She needed the spot?? Really.

      I suppose it's not worth losing energy over and ruining your day on the other hand the powerlessness of the situation and the rudeness of the women would put anyone over the top…even a great Zen master–I feel certain.

  • It's good to get it out

  • Well, I would like to share with you a similar experience that i had a few years ago and tell you how i solve it. I had finished my job and my mother in law brought my 9 months doughter by the office i was working so i would take her and go home. When i went to my car i found out that i could not open non of the doors because two other cars had parked so close to mine from both sides. One of the two cars belonged to a man who had his shop a few meters away (i understood that because his name was written on the car). So with the child in my arms i asked him kindly to move it so i could leave but he was talking on the phone and he did not payed any attention to me. So i had to ask his wife who said rudely that he would move the car whenever he would finish with his phoncall. I waited for about 5 minutes and noone came to move the car. I went back to ask them to move it and found out that he was still on the phone. I was tired, hungry, with a child in my arms, it was hot and i had no patience at all to wait for another minute. So i demanded to close the phone and move his car. He closed the pnone and being very provocately said that he would not move the car because it was not his problem.You realize that my blood pressure went up!!! At that time, i called the police, explained the situation and so they came and forced him to move his car.
    Of course he did not said a word and stopped being a macho man.
    So i solved the problema and noone got hurt!

    • Oh wow! Talk about rude!! You definitely did the right thing. I'm glad the police sided with you – that guy was way out of line!

    • Laura

      Well done! When I was pregnant with my first I had someone park so close to the drivers side I could even get to the door let alone open it. I was forced to climb in the passenger side! Luckily I wasn't too far along at that stage!

  • Ooooh that would've made me so mad!! Some people have such nerve. It's commonly known that sitting there with a blinker on means that it's your spot. What is wrong with people???

    For the record, I've been living in the “country” for a few years now and it's terribly frustrating driving here compared to driving in the city — people drive so darn SLOW here! You just want to get out of your car and wake them up from their naps, they're driving so slow. People are idiots in big cities sometimes, but at least they generally get to where they're going pretty quickly.

  • I feel your pain. This is my local shopping centre as well. Those women are scary people. On a side note I think I parked in that exact park in the morning… R3 near the travelators? I remember as my husband (who I hate driving my car) jammed our supremely large car in there and then tried to squeeze my son out through the door and got his head stuck. Thank god it is Monday.

  • I wouldn't have been happy that someone took the place I'd been waiting for, but I wouldn't have gotten out and started a confrontation either. I don't need to allow a small irritant to become a stressor in my life. In the big picture, it's really just that…a small irritant…and I don't need to give it any more power than that in my life. I'd suck it up and find another spot to park. Honestly, at some point in the past I've probably inadvertently taken the space someone else was waiting for, because I didn't see they were waiting, and I'm sure glad the person didn't get out and start something with me. I have more than enough big, unavoidable sources of stress in my life, so I'm learning to shake the smaller things off and not allow them to have power over me.

  • I live in LA, the “car city” and this happens all the time. I'm sure fisticuffs sometimes ensue in my fair city. Perhaps even gunshots, depending upon location of the parking structure.

    I tend to be very passive/aggressive about this sort of situation and cave in, muttering curses and hexes under my breath. “I hope you get a flat tire” is one of my faves. But mostly, I try to avoid shopping altogether.

  • I live in New York City, all I can say is, she should thank her lucky stars you were just pissed and as far as I'm concerned, relatively calmer that what I've witnessed here in the city. I've seen fistfights, car jacks thrown through windows, tires slashed and the ever present verbal exchange in which people curse each other out with a few references to each other's mother…

    But I related to this post more than you know! ; )

    • Kazzie

      I agree with you … one has to be careful of falling into the trap of 'road/park rage' whether it's your fault or not. Never know whether it'll turn into the physical side of things.

      My husband and my brother-in-law gives rude people the silent stare and sometimes shaking their heads as well, and it works most of the time.

      One time, the traffic slowed down to a halt at an intersection due to an oncoming ambulance with sirens blaring but a woman driver kept on driving and the ambulance had to brake hard. *shaking head*
      Hubby caught up with her and shook his head at her and she was clearly mortified with her head averted! Hope she has learned her lesson!

      Just bite your tongue, hold tightly onto your patience and move on silently, as there will always be rude people around in this fast-paced world wherever you go.

  • Hahahaha I thought this story had a different end woops! Since you had a picture of a car spot with no car, as I was reading this I thought someone had stolen the lady's car at you were writing about how karma is a bitch! hahahahah but oh well!! πŸ˜›

  • Just reading this makes me livid. Lets just say that she would come back from her happy shopping trip to find 4 slashed tires. Or pour sugar in her gas tank, or scratch her car with my keys! Im pretty vengeful…

  • Laura

    I feel for you! A couple of christmases ago I was circling at the mall looking for a park with a screaming 6mth old in the car. I spied a wowan walking towards a parents with prams park and sighed with relief. She had no pram with her, loaded her stuff in the car and turned to walk away. I couldn't help myself and I wound down the window a politely asked “had you realised you are in a parents with prams park?” she said “yeah, so what” and went on her merry way. I reversed up beside her called her a few choice names and then continued on my way. At the time I considered going back and running my key along her car, but didn't. Some people are just so rude that there is no helping them!

  • OMFG!!! WHAT A RUDE BITCH!!! I actually know how u feel Chantelle!! I have actually been in this same situation (without the kid) and because i am a P Plater people are even ruder towards me, because there are a few bad p plater drivers in the Newcastle (NSW) area, we all get labelled as a bad driver, which i think is bullshit… anyways, back to the story, i have had this happen to me, i was heading towards a car park when someone else just sped up and flew into the car park near missing the front of my car… i was furious… i shook my head, screamed at this guy and flipped him the bird, and u know what he did… laughed at me and flipped me the bird… i was soooo tempted to get out and have a go at his car with my keys, but i restrained myself!!! im more mature then that, but i couldnt stop thinkin about that guy all day… like how rude, hes like in his 40's and thinks hes all that coz he has an expensive car and a suit!! woopy doo mate, he needs a huge reality check on life!! some people just dont care!! makes me so angry!! πŸ™

  • So very rude, I think everyone who reads this post can relate to having a similar car parking incident. In a heated argument my husband had with a rude car park thief, my husband calmed down to politely ask her if she thought she'd find her car the way she left it when she got back to carry on then, and that was the end of it, she reversed back out and drove off – brilliant – it works for us every time! πŸ™‚

    • i will remember that line next time this happens to me. i deal with rude drivers all the time, whilst dropping my kids off at school. It's frustrating and hard to let go sometimes… you just think and expect people to be respectful of each other and when they aren't, it's hard to understand that mentality.
      eventually they will get theirs, eh?

  • Gold! I know you had your daughter in the car, and when this happened to me I didn't have any one in my car but myself. I was also driving a '78 Volvo, one of the station wagons that were and still are compared to tanks – loved that car!
    The conversation went something like your dialogue except that I called this woman's bluff and pointed out that my car wouldn't notice the sports car (MX-5) underneath it – move it or lose it. Now my car fortunately was also quite loud and misfiring at the time as I revved the engine up, preparing to play chicken. The woman dropped her handbag and raced back to her car – I'm sorry to say I was already having a bad day that day and her smugly smiling at me as she knowingly stole my car spot saw me see red πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    Hi Chantelle, we had a incident in a car park in Melbourne about 14 years ago. I had only had my car for 1 month when we went with some friends to an AFL game at the MCG. Afterwards we decided to go have a look at the Casino (we are in the country 2 hours away from melb). My hubby tried to go into a park but a car full of 18 year olds blocked the park, they were wanting to reverse into it. Hubby said a couple of things (nothing rude) and then we drove off to find another park. After returning to my car about 2 hours later we found it had been scratched all over the bonet, roof and boot with an obscene word sratched into the door. I was devastated!
    We contacted the carpark security but they could do nothing as you park at your on risk apparantely!
    Now if I'm in geelong, melbourne or another big town I just move on and and find another park. It's not worth the hassle or the money in our instance!

  • oh such a nuisance and so rude of that woman. I probably would have put up a fight about it too but I have a sad ending to a similar story. My UK boss's wife was murdered having an argument with someone in a parking lot. It was 30 years ago and the man was released from jail when I was working with him. It was all very sad and unneccesary.

    Lucky you to be moving. Not long to go now.

  • oh such a nuisance and so rude of that woman. I probably would have put up a fight about it too but I have a sad ending to a similar story. My UK boss's wife was murdered having an argument with someone in a parking lot. It was 30 years ago and the man was released from jail when I was working with him. It was all very sad and unneccesary.

    Lucky you to be moving. Not long to go now.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to be the one to give a reality check but you were also pretty rude in this scenario. Waiting for a spot does not give you a right to it or make it 'your' spot, nor does it give you the right to demand someone move their car because they got in before you. Maybe if you'd taken a deep breath and just driven on and found another one you wouldn't be so angry.

    • I have to agree here, although it's hugely frustrating in that situation, it is best to just move on. Even if you just need to poke out the tongue or raise the finger when you do the moving πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      I agree, and I worry that a child was in the car bearing witness to this response!

  • I don't recall fighting over carpark but this afternoon I just about lost my 'lolly' at the guy who parks his dump truck at the end of my street.

    Let me explain – I live in a newish estate with curvy main roads, I live in a cul-de-sac. The spot where this guy parks his truck blocks views of the cars coming down the hill. So if I want to turn into my street I have to either turn quickly hoping that there is nothing coming down the hill towards me, or pause and hope some idiot does run into the back of me. I've almost been wiped out twice. Grrrr!!!

  • Very kind of you to refer to her as 'lady'. I would have felt and reacted in the same way as you! At the end of the day though, people like that are not worth getting upset about. Remember, what goes around comes around. At some point in the future someone will steal her parking spot too and she'll get to feel the same way.

  • Anonymous

    That actually did happen to me in the mall parking lot a few years back. The lady did the same exact thing but before she got to pull in to the spot I did and before I could put my car in park she was at my window screaming and punching it! I got out and told her to back up that I was waiting there first, how dare her! She proceeded to push me back into my car at which that point I hit her and a fist fight ensued. Not my proudest moment but either she was going to beat me down or I was going to beat her down. People started to circle around and watch when I hit her on the brow and the blood started draw she panicked and drove off. I was embarrassed but had to hold my own and did! SN: she was at least 10 years older than me – weird!

  • Anonymous

    oh, reading this story makes me want to cry. She stole your spot AND she stole your joy.

    Next time, let her steal your spot. But DON'T let her steal your joy.

    Speak a silent blessing upon her, “Your life is so lousy, you are reduced to stealing. Your heart is so cold, you cannot even behave honorably when you are confronted. And so I wish you the peace you do not know, I wish you the joy you do not have.”

    And then go in peace. And live your joy.

  • I've had that happen to me and yes I was pissed and mouthed off to the person and gave all sorts of hand gestures. Bash your steering wheel, swear under your breath but let it go.

    Did your mother and sister really want to hear about it?

    Life is too short to hang on to garbage from other people and at least with social media you can vent all in one post and send it off into the world. Who knows, the woman may even be a readr of yours or know someone who is.

    Pity you didn't take her plate number and tell the world, it more than likely would have gotten back to her.

  • I remember my family and two friends who are handicap (and so is my mom) went to the swap meet and waited for the one handicap spot left just as you did and had a face off with the other car, finally my mom got out of the driver seat and stood in the spot as the car pulled out! My sister then hopped in the driver seat and parked. As she drove up to us swearing up and down that she needed the spot, when we had THREE handicap people with us. So rude, and I doubt she was handicap

  • Anonymous

    Really ? Unbelievable ! Get over it and find another park

    • Anonymous

      Why are you even commenting? If you don't care don't comment.

  • Im on your side Chantelle! Totally understand the frustration.

    Heres my victory story:
    It was a few days after the boxing day sales and I drove around a big local shopping centre for 45 minutes trying to find a park and was so fed up so I decided to leave. But then as I was approaching the exit, this lady was walking to her car and I yelled out the window “are you leaving?!” and she nodded and I was so happy!
    So I sat there with my blinker on and then this lady in a 4WD was coming from the opposite direction and decided to turn her blinker on as well! I yelled out the window “I WAS HERE FIRST! IM GETTING THIS SPOT!” And she just gave me this look that said 'sure you are, sweetie.'

    Anyway the lady reversed out of the spot to block the woman in the 4WD and let me in! It was awesome. Win!

  • Anonymous

    I feel that everyone is entitled to a little petty behaviour every now and then, and this is a perfect example. May that woman end up with a flat tire in the very near future.

  • I would have stood there and argued all day long. I'm pretty stubborn that way. But kudos to you for controlling your anger but still fighting for the spot! πŸ˜‰

  • You've got guts and bravo for it. I had an older woman steal my spot like that once (my blinker was on and I had waited and she swung right in). I layed on the horn and then waited for her to get out of her car laid on the horn again and gave her the bird. It was immature but I felt a lot better πŸ™‚ haha I can't believe that woman was such a snot to you…I liked the keying idea in a previous comment as well.

  • not to be rude, but did you ever think of public transport?

  • well, maybe public transport doesn't work for you… but all these comments full of hate just because of a parking spot – that scares me somehow.

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  • you are very brave to confront her…maybe at the end, you should of wished her a pleasant day, with a big smile on your face…(people always tend to worry when you smile at them after something like this)

    or remind her gently that what goes around comes around…karma is a bitch and she does bite! usually when you least expect it.

  • you should of rammed her car up the arse! Fried Green Tomato style!! taawanda~! lol

  • Your tale reminds me of when the same thing happened to my aunties years ago, probably at least 15 years ago now. And the lady walked off saying “have a nice day”, now my auntie is one of the calmest and most gentle people you could ever meet, but this REALLY rubbed her up the wrong way.
    Picture it….. it was a very hot Sydney summers day and this parking lot was outside in the blazing sun. Now my auntie loves a milkshake, but not caramel ones, so she went inside and purchased a large caramel milkshake, went out to the parking lot and poured it all over the parking thief's windscreen, and after that she felt much better.
    Too funny, talk about karma, got to love my aunties style πŸ˜‰

    x manda

  • Your tale reminds me of when the same thing happened to my aunties years ago, probably at least 15 years ago now. And the lady walked off saying “have a nice day”, now my auntie is one of the calmest and most gentle people you could ever meet, but this REALLY rubbed her up the wrong way.
    Picture it….. it was a very hot Sydney summers day and this parking lot was outside in the blazing sun. Now my auntie loves a milkshake, but not caramel ones, so she went inside and purchased a large caramel milkshake, went out to the parking lot and poured it all over the parking thief's windscreen, and after that she felt much better.
    Too funny, talk about karma, got to love my aunties style πŸ˜‰

    x manda