September photo a day wrap-up: a month in photos

And that’s a wrap! September is just about over {in a few hours we’ll be putting the month to bed}. It was a good one, for me. The weather warmed up, friends came to visit, Bronte was old enough to be taken for walks so that meant many days at the beach.

Here’s my month in photos:

1. You, Now

I almost forgot to take this photo. After spending the day with friends {skating, lunching and shopping}, the sun was about to set and I hadn’t yet snapped my first pic for the month. I grabbed a moment at the traffic lights {naughty, I know} to take a quick photo {and uploaded it when I got home}.

2. Father

It was Father’s Day in Australia and Hubby had to work in the morning, so that afternoon we escaped to the beach and then had a yummy dinner at home.

3. Far Away

Another beach shot, after finishing our morning walk we met a fisherman. Bronte became friends with him by running up and trying to munch on his bait so I apologised and chatted for a while. Later we sat on the sand playing and I snapped this photo.

4. In my mailbox

I’m lucky enough to get interesting mail most days. I think it comes with being a blogger. People like to send ‘stuff’. On this day I got yummy chocolate, the happiest mail of all.

5. Bright

In September Hubby and I made a plan that every day Lacey was in care we’d make time to do stuff together – like lunching. On this day I did my work the day before and Hubby didn’t start work until after lunch so we went out and did errands, but it’s so much more fun with company. This Australian flag was so huge, this photo doesn’t show it. The flag itself would be as big as our house and land combined, I think.

6. Everyday

I don’t mind taking vitamins, but hate taking tablets – but it’s something I do every day. I’m trying a daily Krill Oil tablet. Ma tells me it’s the new ‘thing’. Every body is doing it.

7. Natural

At the beach. Again. I used to dislike the sand and the salt air, but now I love it. It grounds me and makes me happy.

8. At night

I took this just as the sun was setting and night was falling. I was exhausted on this day, I can’t remember why.

9. Something you do most weekends

Because I’ve worked from home since Lacey was super little, she sees my on my computer a lot. If you ask her what I do for work, she says, “She works on her computer.” So on the weekends I make an effort to switch off and play. This day we drove down to Nanna’s house for a roast dinner and played in her backyard.

10. Black + White

This is Bronte and I taking an early morning walk. She’s such a good, cute dog.

11. Hero

I struggled with this one. I have lots of inspirational people in my life but I didn’t know how to portray it in one photo. So I did this.

12. Together

I love sushi and this combination goes together perfectly. Tuna and avocado, with soy and Japanese mayo. Yum.

13. Table

I have an office that I like to work in, but sometimes {like now as I write this post} I like to be in the middle of the action so I write from my dining table.

14. Favourite

She’s my favourite child and daughter. Is it cheeky to say that?

15. First thing you see

At the beach, this is the first thing I see when I get out of the car.

16. Strange

It’s as if I made it happen by creating this prompt, but this day was strange. Horses rode past us on this day, and we haven’t seen them again since. And after our walk we stopped to get groceries. I ran in while Lacey, Hubby and Bronte waited in the car. As they were waiting a car lost it’s tyre and it rolled and hit our car. Strange.

17. In my fridge

Hubby is a creature of habit. He can have the same breakfast every morning and not get bored – toast with eggs and beans. This is the inside of our fridge. Fruit and vege are out of shot in the drawers.

18. Price

This was on another of our date days {Hubby and I} we tried out a new sushi joint and then stopped at another cafe for cake.

19. Underneath

Lacey and I played doctors with her toys. This teddy is the first gift she received after birth and she was feeling under the weather, so we wrapped her and placed her underneath a blanket. She’s recovering well. Please don’t send flowers.

20. Man-made

This is my breakfast of choice lately – yoghurt and fruit-free muesli.

21. Sometimes

Sometimes, as a treat, I take Lacey to Max Brenner {the chocolate shop} and splurge on a $2.50 chocolate lick. She thinks it’s the best thing ever.

22. Up

As we sat on the beach, the sun falling, I lied down and shot up at the skyline.

23. Before bedtime

We don’t have a real bedtime routine at home. On this day we’d had friends over for a BBQ, and it was a scorcher. The fan went on and we hit the hay.

24. 3 Things

Earlier this year I talked about this tiny good luck charms. I bought a few in the States and wanted more. I found them on eBay recently. They’re tiny and so cute. This is just 3 of them.

25. Frame

This is my favourite print. I haven’t put anything up on the walls since moving in, but this will be the first.

26. Near

Ma arrived in town this week, so went exploring for a new cafe. We found one down the coast and this was in the garden nearby.

27. Love/Hate

Tired of cooking dinner we decided to head out for some Chinese at a restaurant nearby. I love eating out and trying new things, but I’m always a little on edge wondering when my little person might get cranky or too noisy for other people. I need to learn how to chill out.

28. A good thing

When Hubby and I went shopping on this day we found strawberries at 39c a punnet {tub}. Fruit and vegetables are so cheap up here. It’s a good thing.

29. Errand

We just needed to grab some fresh bread and rolls for dinner, so I waited in the car while Ma ran in. Lucky me.

30. You, Then

This is me when I was 4 years old. My Ma and Dad got married and my Big Sis and I were flowergirls. I wasn’t cranky, just shy. My aunt took the photo.


And now it’s time to gear up for October. Find the challenge list here. Are you going to play along?

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  1. I love photoaday, September was my first attempt. Can’t wait to get going on October. Your photos were great, all interesting shots. Thanks for the organisation of this fun activity!

  2. This is really loveley! You have a nice style of photographing, nice colors, almost aquarel painting. I’m going to join the photoaday in October from the Netherlands 🙂 Great idea!

  3. Oooh, I am so trying this out for October! Hope to do a photo every day, it’s just to respect the little things in life with your list.

  4. I love the round up of all of your photos for the month, you should continue with this. I sometimes miss your daily photo on twitter/instagram, and so this is a great way to catch up.

  5. Love your photos! You’re so lucky to live in such a gorgeous town with the beach closeby and cheap strawberries!!!! 39c a punnet, that is crazy!! In melbourne we think 1.99 is cheap for strawberries, lol!

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