22 thoughts on “October photo a day challenge: Everything you need to know!”

  1. I’m a few days behind, I have to finish September first! I’ve come this far all year, and I’m finding myself waning, help. I’m determined to do this ALL year. You are going to have to make a button for me to put on my blog to brag when I do 😀

  2. I always wanted to do a photo a day challenge but always failed to come up with what to take photo’s of !!

    I am going to do this with you =D thanks for the inspiration !

  3. Even though I don’t have Instagram… this sounds like fun so I am giving this a try with just a plain old camera.

  4. Such a fantastic concept! I’m a day late (and I’ve JUST finished my lunch!), but I’m definitely going to give this a go, starting tomorrow!

  5. Hi, I hope you don’t mind me joining the fun. I’m on my almost half-way to finishing it and I tell you its a blast… I so much enjoying it, it helps develop my creativity and I’m sure challenge in it. Hope you will continue this. More Power!

  6. Hi there!!!

    I’m Vailie and I would like to participate!

    Actually I have left a comment from the first days of the contest but I cannot see it anywhere…

    Anyway…this is my blog vailie-in-escapeland.blogspot.com and you can find some photographs for your contest about October!

    Many kisses from Greece xxxx

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