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Random acts of kindness.

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In 1994 I was into Boyz 2 Men, Mariah Carey, writing letters to my friends {even though they were sitting right next to me in class}, shoes with really thick soles and random acts of kindness.

I joined a random acts of kindness group. I don’t remember much about it, just that I’d do acts of kindness, jot them down and send them to a organisation somewhere in Sydney. I loved it. There were special sheets to fill out, and at one point I ran out so I asked my Dad if he could take one to work with him to photocopy it a few times.

I think he thought I was a little mad. “What is this?” he asked.

I tried to explain, but I went bright red and got flustered. “Can I please just get 8 copies?” I requested and headed to my room.

I can’t remember what happened, but I think I turned 15, got interested in boys, shopping, starting my first job and the random acts of kindness fell to the wayside. Sure, I still helped little old ladies when I could but I didn’t have time to go out of my way for it.

I read in Cosmo once that the greatest act of kindness you can ever do is to do something that no one ever knows you did. Confused? Did you ever catch that episode of Friends when Phoebe wants to do something for someone but she wants it to be a completely selfless act of kindness. Everything she did made her feel good, so it wasn’t selfless. She was getting a high in return for the good act. Cosmo magazine suggested that we should one day pay for someone’s parking fine. We should take it from their car and pay it for them, without them ever knowing they had one.

I couldn’t do it. I like the high that comes with doing something good.

Last night I read about a woman that spent her birthday doing 38 acts of kindness. What an awesome way to spend your birthday. Read about it here.

Since moving to the Country I’ve been witness to many a miracle. Things like this never seem to happen in the City. When a car breaks down in Sydney, no one seems to stop. I’ve often asked Hubby, “Can we stop and help?” He’s not savvy with cars or mechanicals and always says, “What can we do? We don’t know how to do anything? We’d stop other people stopping.”

I think it would just be nice to have someone to talk to, really.

The other day the lights turned red and we were stopped at the traffic lights. In the middle lane one man’s car broke down. I wanted to stop and help, but I had Lacey in the back seat and no idea what to do… and he didn’t look like he wanted to talk. As the light turned green I slowly drove off and then the miracle happened. The cars behind me stopped. One lady with a car full of kids pulled her car up on the sidewalk and jumped out. All of the people got together and pushed that man’s car into a side street and out of the way. It was a modern day miracle.

Next time, I promised myself. It’s a promise I’ll keep.

Do you partake in random acts of kindness? Could you ever pay someone’s parking fine without letting them know? Have you ever had someone randomly help you? Do tell.