Sculptures By The Sea 2012

{Skeleton goes fishing}

If you live in the Eastern Suburbs you may have woken to the sounds of helicopters hovering this morning, like we did. Well I did. Hubby left for work in the dark of night and Lacey sleeps best when she should be starting to wake.

Sometimes helicopters mean someone needs help after a swimming incident at the beach, but at this time of year it’s the news trying to get footage of the Sculptures By The Sea. Each November there are around 100 artworks placed along the coastline from Bondi to Tamarama. I think it officially opens today, so we took a sneak peek last night before the crowds came in droves.

{Heavens Kiss}

{Sunlight spiderweb}

{A sign!}

{This is take off of the tiny ‘Do Not Touch’ signs that are on most artworks}

{One of our favourites – taps for the ocean}

{Frame this!}

{This guy is stunning in person}

{Lacey took this photo! Love it!}

{The 18th hole}

{Nan & Pops}

{TV time – with a real, working TV inside}

{This is an interactive artwork, there’s an app you put on your phone to make a mermaid appear… or something}


{A turtle made of tyres. The legs in the middle are of a man. I said to Ma, that’s a little bit weird that the man is hanging out inside the turtle. We watched and got weirded out. Then we walked around and there is a whole house inside the turtle. Way cool. Sorry for judging man}

{Rudey-Nudey red man. As soon as Lacey saw this one she said “He’s got a doodle!” Sure to entertain all the kids this month}

{Two screws. PG rated}

{And then all the way at the end someone – a kid maybe – has made their own little artwork, placed a number next to it so they can be part of the show. Love it}

Have a great weekend! x

19 thoughts on “Sculptures By The Sea 2012”

  1. I love the sculptures, such good opportunities to get great photos with the kids…. We have them up our way every year and laugh at the 'do not touch' signs as the kids climb all over them….like a bull to a red flag! Have a good day.x

  2. We go every year to see the sculptures but there are quite a few that I really love this year particularly the sunshine spider web and the ocean taps

  3. Fantastic shots Chantelle! We are going this Sunday… along with thousands of other enthusiasts I would imagine. It's a bit of a tradition that we go along for a look-see each year and it never disappoints :o) xo

  4. I love the sculptures by the sea we have at Cott Beach here in WA each year. The photos are wonderful – we had a similar laughing red man sculpture last year and it got many giggles!

  5. That is stunning artwork! It certainly adds to the costline. Here in Belgium they do it too and although I didn't like ever peice, my favourites were ad huge turtle with a man on it

    and a couple of elephants made out of wreckwood

    (links are not mine, but just some clear pictures of them)

    I think some of the artwork you showed would also work really well here (espcially the first two)

  6. I used to love doing the walk along from Coogee to Bondi when we lived in Coogee. We'd do it on a weekend morning and a big breakfast with all the trimmings at one of the Bondi cafe's was the reward. Except for when the Sculptures were there and they were extra reward in itself, and would promote a much slower, lazier walk along (therefore probably not helping much towards working off the big breakfast at the end…)
    Since I'm back living in Tassie now, I miss out, so thanks for posting them 🙂 Lacey's photo is stunning! My favourite is the picture frame, very befitting of that tireless view!

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