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Scatter Love 02: Spread love around the world

Fat Mum Slim /


Oh gosh I’m excited this morning. I have been all weekend actually. It feels like Christmas/Birthdays/Fridays all at once.

Scatter Love 02 is here, and ready to be yours.

I know that a lot of you know about Scatter Love already, but I know that a lot of you don’t. Let me tell you.

Last year sometime, I don’t remember exactly when or even how, a girl named Emma and I connected. We decided that we wanted to do something together. I love community, Emma loves creating and we both love snail mail and making people happy, so we decided to cook up something called Scatter Love.


Scatter Love is essentially a happy mail project. Emma and I created 10 postcards, beautifully designed with fun colours and words that we know you’re going to love. You get 10 postcards, and you send them on to 10 people in your life. Those 10 people feel joy, happiness, love, touched when receiving your card with your words written on it, and we create ripples around the world.

You can see it all unfolding on Instagram under the hashtag #scatterlove. You can read this story to see just what a difference one card can make.


When we launched the first round of Scatter Love {check out the designs and details of our first round here} we had no idea what would happen. What did happen was that we were totally blown away. Our first batch was sold out in hours. And when we released our second lot, it sold out again in a couple of hours. Our third batch did the same again. Together {you – Scatter Love card buyers, Emma and I} created ripples around the world. It was amazing to watch.

This time around the cards are a little bit cheeky, a whole lotta luxe {gold foil, hello!}, and so much fun. Last time around we so unprepared for the demand we had no time to focus on the smaller details like packaging and so forth. This time we’ve gone over the top. You’ll see what I mean when it hits your letterbox.


My Ma, Lacey and I have spent hours sorting, and packing, and wrapping the Scatter Love cards in love and laughter. I hope you feel it when they arrive in your hands. I hope you do.

The price is similar to last time, and includes postage. They’re $20 within Australia and $25 for everywhere else. If you want to send a little love out, just click here to get started. Like last time, they’re limited edition. We won’t be printing anymore batches. Once these have sold out, they’ve sold out for good. We think this is a fun way to do it, and gives us a chance to get creative and started on the next round of goodies.

Want to Scatter some Love? Head over here to grab a pack.