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Saturday Mornings

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Lulu has just learned the days of the week, so each morning she’ll wake up and ask, “What’s today?” which means what actual day is it, but also what is it that gets done on that day. Some days are school days, others are swimming days, and then there’s the weekend.

I basically explain our weekend to her like this; Saturdays are for getting stuff done and Sundays are for chilling. Every weekend she asks, and every weekend I tell her the same. I thought I’d give you a little peek into one of our Saturdays… because I love to see how people live and what they do. I hope you’ll stick around and let me know in the comments how you spend your Saturdays too.

If you’re a follower on Facebook, you might have seen a little video that the girls and I did with American Express recently. We used our rewards to hire a car and take a little trip down in the Southern Highlands {such a beautiful area}.

I have the American Express Platinum Edge Card which has little perks like $200 to spend on travel each year, as well as points that I can accrue and use for shopping or holidays. So I try and shop smart and let the card work for me, and pay off the balance each month. I use the card to support small businesses, but also to buy groceries, petrol and shop at places like Big W too.

5:50am / I’m one of those crazy people who like to get up super early in the morning. Most morning I’m up around 4:30am, but always before 6am. During the week I’ll head to the gym, but on Saturdays I have netball so I get a little bit of work done, or chill out before the kids get up.

9:05AM / I’m one of those people that doesn’t really like crowds, so I’m that lady hanging out for the shop to open. I’m also that lady {which annoys my husband no end} that struggles to say no to the kids when they ask for something small. Yes, sucker. We popped into Big W to grab birthday presents for friends, and ended up with something small for the kids too… because sucker.

9:40am / We always need something from the grocery store. A lot of the time I’ll do a shop online on a Saturday for groceries to arrive on a Sunday morning, but on this day I needed a few things so did a quick shop at Woolworths while we were out, where I earn 3 points for every $1 spent #HelloHolidays! Obviously, we needed an urgent supply of loo paper.

11:15am / Saturdays are sporty in our house, as Lacey and I both play netball. So we head early to get a car park before it gets too crazy {are you sensing a theme here? I like to be painfully early}, and then we practice shooting and warm up before our real games. Most of the time we play at exactly the same time, so I juggle playing my game, watching Lulu and taking a quarter off to watch Lacey be a netball superstar.

2:32pm / They say that a stopped clock is still right twice a day, well an Ellem house is hopefully clean and tidy at least once a week. So I do the runaround and tidy the house. Then we head out so it can stay that way for more than five minutes.

3:14pm / On Saturday afternoons I like to do something fun, or see my Mum because she works Sundays and I like the kids to spend time with her. We grabbed my niece and headed to the art gallery, and then over to my mum’s place to hangout for a bit. Afterwards we head home.

Please don’t judge my very princess behaviour here. Alright, judge me. I don’t like getting petrol {I also don’t like putting the doona inside the cover, but that’s another story} so Hubby has taken on the role as chief-car-filler-upper. I don’t ask him to, but he knows it makes me happy so he’ll often pop out and fill the car up so I don’t have to during the week. {Bonus though, when he fills up at BP we get 2 points with ever $1 we spend so it’s a little less painful for me, even though I’m relaxing, and it means we have more points for holidays}. I think I need a crown.

Hubby works every other weekend, so we generally grab some takeaway for dinner or cook something super simple. I love that the kids are usually knackered so I can head to bed early too, and get a good night of sleep. Is it sad that I’d choose sleep over a nightclub any day? Times have changed!

How do you spend your Saturdays?

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