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Review: Where to get a photo book printed

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Since creating this blog post each year on where to get photos printed, I’ve been getting a whole lot of emails asking me to recommend places for people to get photo books printed. So, I listened and I’ve tested out some of the most popular photo book companies and their products to show you what there is on offer – from premium products to the most cheap and cheerful options.

Where to get a photo book printed

Momento was my first experience into photo books, and I think that was way back when I got married a loooooong time ago. They’re an Australian owned company and they really care about what they do, which is create beautiful photo books. To create a book I needed to download the free software to my laptop and create my book that way, and then chose to either use their layouts or make my own. There was a lot of options for me, so that I could create the exact book of my choosing.

Momento is a premium product, which reflects in the slightly higher pricing {pricing starts from $60 for a photo book}. I wanted to make this book as a gift for my mum, so I went with a deluxe version, and it’s so beautiful. If you’re looking to create a keepsake or gift of a special moment, I like Momento {a lot}. You can visit the Momento website here.

This is such a beautiful book. This was so easy to create and the design options are really beautiful. I opted for one photo to a page, and just a simple square photo. You can add photos from where ever you have them; Dropbox, on your computer or even Facebook.

The paper inside is so stunning {I’m a tactile person}. It’s matte and just so, so beautiful and so stunning in person. This book cost just over $60 to create, and is an affordable way to create a keepsake of your favourite moments. You can check out Papier here.

Most of us are probably familiar with Snapfish. It’s a cheap, cheerful and easy to use photo-printing company. This was super easy to use, because I went with one of their pre-made templates and let them add the photos in. I went with a softcover, and am pretty happy with this one. It’s one that the kids love looking over because it’s filled with so many photos of happy memories {where the books I spent more time planning out – i.e. not using the pre-designed templates – are cleaner and have less photos}.

This cost just $17.95 to make, and from the time I ordered to the time it arrived at my house was less than two weeks. You can check out the Snapfish photobook offerings here.

When it comes to choosing a favourite, I’m really stuck between MILK, Momento and Papier. This MILK book that I created using our cruise photos it’s just so beautifully put together. With that photo on the cover, and the pink linen, it’s just so ‘me’.

With this MILK photo book, I kept the design simple, but I was also able to add captions where I chose to tell the story of the trip and make it more of a keepsake for the girls. I loved that option. The books start from around the $60 mark, and you’ll be able to choose from a range of templates.

I’ve used Social Print Studio a lot of the years, and have been a big fan. I love that you pull straight from your social media accounts {where most of us share our photos, right?} and create a beautiful keepsake photo book. While I’ve loved their products in the past, I wasn’t as impressed with the photos this time. A good handful of photos ended up being really grainy, including the cover photo, which you can see below {Lulu is actually really blurry close up}.

Most of the photos inside turned out well though, and I loved that I could stretch them out to a full page. This one was just $30, and really easy to create. You can check out Social Print Studio here.

When it comes to cheap and cheerful options for photobooks, I am stoked with how this Big W turned out. The cover is really thick and lush {I went for the padded option}, and the photos are crisp and how I like them to be. I just selected the photos I wanted and the program added them into a pre-made template.

They also often have great promotions. I was able to grab this one on sale for a little over $20, so make sure you check out what they have on offer before you start creating! You can check out the photobooks at Big W here.

So, which company would I recommend? Keeping in mind price, quality and design, I am having to go with Papier. I think they make the most design photo books, but also affordable too. If you’re making a REALLY special book and happy to spend a little bit more for a luxe product, then Momento or MILK are for you. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again too.

If you want to make something on the cheaper side, I recommend Big W. I think they make beautiful photo books too.

Have you made a photo book before? Which company did you use? And would you recommend it?


*All of the opinion above are my own, and are honest and truthful. I was gifted some of the products for review, but paid for the Big W and Snapfish options.