Point & Shoot: Nothing Much Doing.



How are you? The weekend whizzed by again at the speed of light. I don’t know why I expect any different, it seems to be the way now. Remember as kids how long it felt between Christmases? It felt like years and years… when it was really just one. Times do change, don’t they?
We had a child-free night on Friday night, and then {as it always seems to happen} Lacey slept very, very poorly on Saturday night. It’s as if she’s trying to say: “Don’t ever send me away again!” Although she has the very best time when she stays at her Gaga’s house.
My highlight of the weekend was having a facial, eating sushi with Hubby {on our child-free night} and then the phone call I had with Lacey on Saturday morning…
Me: Hello Lacey.
Lacey: Hello MumMum. I love you MumMum.
Me: I love you too. What have you been getting up to?
Lacey: Me farted. Bye!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I’d love to hear {or see} what you got up to… and hope that you have a lovely week ahead planned.
Share your Point & Shoot below if you like. I’d love to see part of your weekend. x

6 thoughts on “Point & Shoot: Nothing Much Doing.”

  1. I was having that exact conversation about Christmas yesterday. I hate to admit it but as you get older the hands on the clock seem to move faster!!!

    I also have to thank you SOOOO much as you inspired my point and shoot. I found Alexandrena Parker after you posted about her and was lucky to spend a couple of hours with her on Saturday afternoon.
    Amazing photographer – Amazing girl.


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