25 thoughts on “Photo a day challenge: See the September list”

  1. You read my mind! I just got on the computer to see if you had posted this yet! Thank You! You are awesome!


  2. Great challenge and even though I did not make it for the month of August, I hope to be able to make it for September. I shall upload them in recent blog http://myphotostrack.blogspot.com/. This is my photo gallery. Do come by from time to time. Appreciate that very much.

  3. I love this challenge and your providing the topics makes it easier. Thank for all the work and thought that goes into this project!

  4. Hi there. I’ve been away for a week and couldn’t wait to see the new prompts for September!! I can’t tell you how much I love this photo challenge. It’s so hard to believe I started in June and am still going strong. I have a week’s worth of photos to catch up on but am definitely looking forward to it!! I will be posting my photos on Flickr at wendy0112. I’m looking forward to seeing the gorgeous photography of all of my friends that I’ve made thru the Flickr group and, hopefully, seeing some new people join in. Thanks so much, Chantelle!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  5. This has been fun for me; I put down my DSLR and am using my phone for the photo’s and the challenges of that switch have taken a lot of thought. Thanks for putting this thing together and thanks for keeping it going.

  6. Now I noticed that #10 and #11 have swapped in pic and detail explanations. I did according to explanations as I copied it to my phone as a note.

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