46 thoughts on “The source of my smiles.”

  1. Right now my garden is making me really happy, I am pleased that it is springing to life and I don’t have so much weeding to do this year. I think I have used a better mulch in my rose garden which hasn’t broken down as quickly as the lucerne hay I have used in the past. I just wished that more of the plants I put in would have survived. But we learn!

    • We have a garden now, since moving, and I’m hoping that my gardenias flower… we don’t have green thumbs. I love that you enjoy it. x

      • Ahh love Gardenias! We grow them here, but I have to be constantly on the guard for mealy bugs, scale and some sort of black mouldy stuff. – they like an acidic soil too! I have a few around my pool, they are DIVINE and so worth the maintenance.

  2. I loved this post, as simple as it is.
    I love to see that people actually ENJOY life, that they find happiness in the little things, in everyday people.
    These kind of posts (among many many other things are the source of my smiles). Photo a day is also a source of my smiles.

    Thank you so so sooo much, Chantelle ♥

  3. LOVELY post
    I like quotes too I have a folder dedicated to ones Ive collected on my computer

    one thing thats making me happy right now is that Ive just taken my home schooler to a science road show and now hes on line looking at science sites 🙂

  4. These pictures of what’s making you happy and the fact mt 45 year daughter and I are having a pajama party minus our husbands. We are watching our dirty secret recorded tv shows and eating chocolate for dinner! Oh and this morning we ran through the sprinklers!!

    • OMG. Hubby has been on night shift and we’ve been doing the same thing. We watched Enchanted and ate pizza for dinner. So. Much. Fun.

  5. Beautiful post, and gorgeous pictures as always.

    I have spent a bit more time with my partner, after Miss 3 has gone to bed, than usual. Often massaging bits of his back because he damaged his shoulder recently.
    That time makes me smile.

    Washi tape makes me happy too – it is the little things right?

  6. This post is just lovely! I personally am also happily agonising over my 2013 diary LOL so I feel far less strange now! So much excitement! If you find a good one, let me know! X

      • After reading your post on Balance, I’m already looking for next years,,,,,
        I’m looking for the *a week to a page one*, but i have to ask, Why oh why are the weekend days so small?

        They are the busiest days for me, what with all we cram on the weekend its just not a big enough space to write:)

        Please let us know if you find something suitable…..and i shall do the same:)

  7. So many great things in the course of everyday life you have noticed! I think this is one of the keys of staying figuratively young, the old grumpy people are the ones that cannot see the forest for the trees!

  8. Everyone needs a reason to smile! These are great reasons! Thank you for sharing with us!!
    **The one thing that’s making me happy right now, is my little daughter cuddling up to me… I can’t believe they grow so fast!!

  9. Things like this, and life appreciations like this are just a couple of things that make me smile. PHOTO A DAY is source of many smiles of mine every single day.

    Thank you, Chantelle! 🙂

  10. Photo A Day is making me happy! I have a new iPhone and a schedule of things to capture on film (so to speak). What fun. I also bought coloured jeans, skinny ones! Bit mutton dressed as lamb but I love them. They make me smile.

  11. There is very little that makes me smile these days – a bad side-effect of severe depression. But, let me try to list a few… a good book with witty, funny characters, my 2 furkids – Chevy & Chocobo – as they beg food from me and try and convince me to play, the I Can Has Cheezburger website (yah, I Can Haz Hotdog too), some Pinterest stuff gets me… and lastly – a good pen. Yah, a really good, smooth, non-skipping, non-smearing pen – that makes for a pretty big grin (still looking for a good, high quality one!)

    • Ah, I’m sorry to hear that you’re suffering from depression. 🙁

      But a good pen makes me smile too. I have one right now. Love that guy!

  12. Aww, I love the “Do NOT take a photo of me” face! So cute :] You have so many reasons to smile, it’s great to see! I love quotes also, especially like the one that you posted up there.

    One thing that makes me smile every morning is coffee. And spending my day with two adorable Irish setters and a little chihuahua/poodle mixed pup! Oh and I guess I should include our 2-month old longhaired tabby also, even though I’m so NOT a cat person, but she has her moments, however few and far between.

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