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October photo a day: a month in photos

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October photo a day is done and dusted, and what a fun month it was. Did you play along? Did you like it?

Here are my photos from the month:

1. Where you stood
These are my favourite sorts of photos. I don’t know why, I just love the perspective. I hate feet, but these make me smile. We were out shopping at Aldi and I loved the daggy floor, so I snapped a photo of where I was.

2. Lunchtime
I love breakfast, but for me lunchtime is just hard work. I never ever feel like anything in particular and would always rather be eating sushi. Hubby cooked up some of these spinach and ricotta triangles. Not particularly healthy but they hit the spot.

3. This happened today
I was quite annoyed on this day. I just trekked up the coast and had the most beautiful lunch with my cousin, her friend and our kids. It was at a surf club, right on the water {as most surf clubs are} and I forgot to take a photo. So I took it at the doctors instead. Yawn.

4. What you read
I don’t think I’ll ever fall out of love with magazines. Ever.

5. Shadow
On this day we made our way down the coast to my mother-in-law’s house. The sun was going down and I realised that I hadn’t taken a photo, so I took this.

6. I’m thankful for…
I love where I live, and this is what I’m thankful for.

7. Light
How much fun are sparklers? Even at 32 I think they’re pretty ace. So does Lacey at 4.

8. Angle
If I still lived in Sydney I would have loved to head into the City and photographed tall buildings and their strong angles. Alas, I’m in the country and there are lots of trees and softer lines. This car is really cool though. And the woman who drives it is all kinds of cool.

9. Red
I’m not a huge fan of red {it’s kind of an angry colour in my eyes} so it was a hard photo to take. These cute crayons did the job though.

10. Emotion
I did wonder if it might be cruel to make Lacey cry in order for me to shoot a truly emotional photo. All in the name of art right?

11. Something close-up
Every Thursday I sit by the pool and watch Lacey learn more and more nifty swimming tricks. This was a close-up of part of my view.

12. On the table
At the Problogger conference in Melbourne I took a photo of lunch, teeny little BLT sandwiches. Delicious. I thought about leaving the party until the end of the night at the cocktail party to see if people danced on the table, but these were too cute to pass up.

13. Landscape
I booked a window seat for the flight home so I could take a picture of the landscape from up in the ski. Once on the plane I noticed a family had been split up and couldn’t sit together. The son was in tears, so I gave up my seat and my beautiful landscape picture. This was on the drive home from the airport.

14. Makes you laugh
This is my beautiful friend Sarah and I on our trip to the USA last year. She makes me laugh, as do many loved ones in my life, particularly Hubby.

15. Dinnertime
This was our anniversary dinner. Hubby snuck out and got the ingredients to make my favourite dinner. It was very yummy.

16. Something you wrote
I like to doodle as I chat on the phone. Can you tell?

17. Fruit
We always have bananas in our fruit bowl. Usually overripe.

18. Made you smile today
This month Bronte got de-sexed {or whatever the technical term is} and she wore a cone for 10 days, couldn’t exercise and couldn’t go to the beach. On this day the cone came off and she was free. It was straight to the beach for us. Bliss.

19. Letters
This is my new bed linen that I’m in love with. You like?

20. 4 o’clock
After a big day out and about I came home to get things done. Boring things like the laundry.

21. Calm
I wished for calm on this day, but all I got was a girl that was loud and happy. Not a bad substitute.

22. In your town
I mentioned earlier that I love where I live. There’s lots of greenery and beautiful landscapes.

23. The view from here
I headed over to the 3 Annies headquarters to check out their new collections. What a lovely view to see!

24. Weather
It was so windy on this day, but so hard to capture in a photo.

25. People
I tried taking photos of strangers but none of them were great, so instead I took photos of my favourite people.

26. Listening to
Do you know I love the beach? I know, I know. Sorry, it’s obvious. This is what I listened to on this day, and loved it.

27. Morning
I cooked up a storm {loads of Christmas recipes for some future posts on here} and had to grab goodies from the supermarket. I shopped alone. Child-free. Such bliss!

28. Looking back
Little Miss Lacey was sick on this day, but she still played along for the looking back prompt.

29. Moon
I have to confess something. I felt so sick on this day. I looked through the window and couldn’t find the moon, so I covered my phone with my hand and took a photo of the dark. Tsk. Don’t tell anyone.

30. Clothes
Sometimes my clothes magically appear on the floor. I don’t know how. OK, I do. I’m a slob, sometimes.

31. Whatever you please
Today I jetted up to Brisbane to speak to a group about blogging and social media. It was in a beautiful place called Brisbane Powerhouse that had visual candy in every corner. I thought this would be a little bit spooky for Halloween.

Will you be playing along in November? I’d love to have you along. You can find the list here.

  • Manon

    I love your photos! I just posted mine on my blog ( and loved playing along. I think your lists are very inspiring and creative. Love that! Count me in for November!

  • Tracey

    I’m not sure I will be playing along this month, as I’m running an exercise challenge and not sure if I’ll have the time. But I have done it everyday since March, and love it, so I think it will feel like something is missing if I don’t. I guess I’ll just have to see how I go 🙂

  • I’m excited to play in November, this will be my first time joining in. What a fun idea.

  • Amanda Rose

    Here’s my SCI-FI themed October #FMSphotoaday compilation post:

    So fun!
    Happy & ready for November!

  • DaisyGia

    Loved playing along again this month Chantelle! Thanks for sharing your photos too…had to laugh at your confession for ‘Day 29’…I noticed that someone wrote in the comments of your instagram photo “there’s tiny stars”!! lol
    ig: @caesargia

  • Ok, I have seen your photos for the past few months. I really wanna do this… so tomorrow I start. Whew. I have announced it, therefore I think I have to follow thru. I will probably post them on my blog when I get thru the whole month, but I don’t know… I’ll have to think about that!!!! But, I will be going to bed thinking “C, what can I take a pic of that starts with C? Cake? Nope, no cake in the house. Maybe Chocolate gravy… that’s a delicacy here in Arkansas… Hmmm…” So, thanks Chantelle, I won’t be getting much sleep tonight!!!!!! But, I’m very excited to participate!!!

  • Tiia

    I love that you gather the whole month’s photos into a post like this, it makes me think back to my own month and I often realise, I don’t remember the beginning of the month anymore, even tho I have specified folders for each month to go back to.. So I think once I get my photography blog running (lots of brain work done, nothing concrete before xmas break I think), I’ll add a monthly round up of my photos as well, that way I can reflect on my day to day life a little more and be even more inspired by your awesome challenge!

  • Bia Hain

    Adorei a sequência de fotos, a vida de um mês registrada em cliques! Lindas e criativas. Também sou apaixonada pelo mar! Um abraço!

  • I love your lists, I’ve seen a few others, but yours is the one I like best! thanks alot for doing them. I just posted mine on my blog as well, in case you like to see 🙂

    oh btw, I’ve tried your egg/bread roll recipe, it’s a great idea and taste delightful

  • Dom

    You look so beautiful in that last photo, Chantelle!