36 thoughts on “November Photo A Day: Join the photo-taking fun! #FMSphotoaday”

  1. I will definitely be joining in again this month!
    Every now and again someone asks me why I do it, or how do I have time (I am a working mum with a Miss 3, and I am generally pretty busy). I tell them that it is the few minutes in a day that is every day, and just for me. I get to put a bit of thought into something creative, and I generally enjoy the result.
    Thank you Chantelle!
    IG @anneliesemac

  2. I agree with repeats! They are great! It gives us a chance to do something different with them. I wonder if this will carry on?

  3. Repeats are cool! It makes me stretch my imagination. I’ve been doing this since April and each month I think I’ll take a break, but then the promts come out and they are so fun. Instagram and android! 🙂

  4. I’m joining back in now that blogtoberfest is over.
    I also feel refreshed after the break and raring to go!
    I’ll be sharing on instagram as planettreasures facebook and flickr also as planettreasures – yay! let’s go…

  5. I’ll be playing on Facebook, Twitter (jaleya85), and Instagram (jaleya85). I love this photo a day, I think I spend most of my day thinking about the prompt and how I’m going to photograph it. Can’t wait to see some amazing photos! Thank you for organising these prompts!

  6. Do I just take a photo a day (using the prompts) and load it to Facebook? Is there anything I am missing/need to know? Thanks.

  7. It’s me again! Have just left a comment on your Fat Mum Slim Facebook page but will repeat it here. I am new to this and have posted Day I’s photo to my own FB page but don’t know how to get it onto your FB page list. I tried tagging but was informed that I don’t have your permission to do so. Help please :-)) Thank you, Sue

  8. Even though I am a longtime Instagram follower of yours, I am going to attempt this challenge for the first time this month. Thank you Doug for the calendar which I already added to both computer and phone! I will most likely be sharing via blog posts hopefully on a weekly basis. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  9. i did a photo a day for over 1000 days starting in 2008. been away from it for some time. this month’s of shooting hit me in just the right place. I’ll be playing and am really looking forward to it. the first five days have been a blast and have made me remember all that I loved about shooting every day!

  10. Hi Chantelle! I have taking part in November #fmsphotoaday but didn’t get a chance to introduce myself! I am Stef, aka The Purkinje Ninja aka PaddedPants on Instagram. I always take pics but I am new to Instagram so I am taking this as an opportunity to have a play with it, thanks!

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