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Noosa with kids: Things to do, see and eat, and where to stay

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Last week I was fortunate enough to travel to Noosa for work. As you may {or may not} know I’m represented by an agency called The Remarkables which looks after a whole bunch of bloggers, and each year we get together to learn things, connect with each other and enjoy a tourism destination. This year that destination was Noosa, and the Sunshine Coast.

Luella was too little to leave behind, so I took her with me, and then when I was planning I thought I might as well take Hubby and Lacey too and make a trip of it {plus Hubby could help with Luella when I had to do more serious work stuff}.

I’ve been to Noosa before. Back in the olden days when I was 30 {4 years ago!} I wanted to spend a week there to celebrate my birthday, so we did. The sad thing was that Hubby and Lacey got struck down with a bug and the trip was part fun, and part I-just-want-to-go-home. So this trip was my make-up trip. And make-up it did.

Here’s what I suggest doing if you’re planning a trip north to the Sunshine Coast:

Where to stay

This trip and last trip we stayed at the Sheraton, which {I think} is the biggest hotel in Noosa. It’s close to the beach so you can just walk there, and it has it’s own pool. Since 2010 it’s been renovated and is really quite stylish, so I was really surprised at just how beautiful it is now. We’ve always visited in winter, and the temperatures are still really nice for hitting the beach and even swimming in the pool {one particular girl, who shall go unnamed, swam at least four times every day}.


Next time I’d like try renting a house on the beach {cheaper when you have a bigger group} plus we can take the dog to some of them {like this one}.

What to do

Noosa is just beautiful as is, so I suggest getting up early to see the sun rise and getting to the beach to see the sun set too. You can check out the walks along the paths too, which are beautiful.


There’s plenty of shopping to do in Noosa. I loved the shop Uncle George for knick knacks and cool bits. Wardrobe was great for clothing {Mrs Woog, BabyMac and I all picked up some cheap over-sized t-shirts for $25 each}, and you can stumble across other great shops as you potter along. This is the window of a shop called Lamington that is apparently very cool {it was closed when we walked past}.


About an hour drive from Noosa is Australia Zoo. While I was away doing some work, Lacey and Hubby headed there for the day and Lacey actually got to meet Bindi {it was a fluke, and she was the only kid to meet her}.

Back in 2010 when we visited we hired a boat and went exploring for a few hours, I’d highly recommend that. You can also try stand-up paddle boarding if you like. We also visited the Eumundi Markets in 2010, which I’d suggest doing too.

And if you can steal a sneaky hour you might want to get a massage at the day spa at the Sheraton. I got one for my birthday, and one again this year. I highly recommend Teresa. She’s just one of those people that soothes you {does that sound weird?}. This is the face of a very relaxed blogger post-massage.


Where to eat

One thing that Noosa isn’t lacking is places to eat. They smack you in the face as you walk around.

Season {on the beach} is great for fresh, flavoursome food. It’s worth checking their chalkboard for afternoon specials. We had breakfast on the beach catered by Season, and I also ate there a few times in 2010.


I wish I could remember all the other places we’ve eaten. There’s great pizza up the stairs above a couple of surf shops, and place with the faux grass out the front does some awesome desserts.

Noosa Beach House was where we ate breakfast most mornings {when we weren’t being all fancy on the beach} and they have a pretty awesome buffet. You can make your own juice and order an indulgent eggs benedict too.

Our favourite for family eating is the surf club. The meals come out quickly, the kids meals are good and the view is unbeatable.

But my favourite thing to do is absorb the chilled out vibe, and just hang at the beach. I’m not sure what Noosa is like at summer, but in winter the beach is not too busy and the light is just magic. Perfect for digging in the sand and enjoying the tranquility.


Have you been to Noosa? What’s your favourite things to do?

During my recent trip to Noosa, I stayed and played as a guest of Tourism Queensland.