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Free download and printable inspiration: You got this

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One of my new favourite sayings in all the world is: You got this.

Try it. Struggling to do the 20-billionth resettle of your baby at night? You got this Mama. Wondering if you can actually finish that last 1km of your morning run? You got this. Anxious about the super, dooper important work presentation? You totally got this.

Something new that I wanted to introduce to my blog is a free monthly printable and download, so you can spruce up your work place, laptop or phone. I love to change up my spaces regularly, so I thought I could help you do the same.

This month’s inspiration is brought to you by the talented Mye De Leon, who is a mum of 3 and a graphic designer who resides in Singapore. You can read more about her life on her blog here, or check out her store here {get 20% off til June 30 by using the code FMS20}.

To grab the printable versions, just click the links supplied. It will take you to Google Drive where you can grab it easily. I printed mine at 50% so it was smaller, but you can do whatever size you like. Click HERE for the black and white version. And HERE for the coloured version.

wallpaper-blogGet the black and white desktop download HERE. Or the colour version HERE.

iphone-colourGet the colour iPhone wallpaper HERE. Or black and white version HERE.

If you’re an artist or designer and would like your work featured as a free monthly download/printable, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for sharing Mye. xx

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  • ajira

    both links are to the b&w desktop version fyi

  • Laura Jay

    This looks suspiciously like Kal Barteski’s original brushscript?

    • I think a lot of artists use brushes to create artwork/quotes?

    • Ali Johnson

      A lot of people know how to do brushscript, just because she teaches a class she can’t claim everything is hers I think. And what for is she teaching a class if she tries to ruin everyone who wants to make their own brushscript and profit from it. It kinda defeats the purpose of teaching now doesn’t it?

  • Claire Lenton-Cater

    I need this quote. Thank you will be putting it on my wall!
    A nice reminder

  • Belinda Docwra

    Love love love this. Will be putting this everywhere xx