My favourite black and white filters

I have loved black and white photography since I was printing my own photos in photography class. There’s something about how simple and beautiful a photo in black and white is. Now it’s so easy to turn a photo from colour to black and white with all the Apps we have available to us, but it’s amazing how much the filters can differ.

Today I wanted to share five of my favourite filters that I use to edit on my phone. My tip is that once you’ve run the filter on your photo, be sure to play around with exposure and contrast to finish up your photo.

My favourite black and white filters

Processed with VSCOcam with 3 preset

App: VSCO // Filter: 03

App: Camera+ // Filter: Black and white


App: Little Moments // Filter: Devine

IMG_0210App: Afterlight // Filter: Olympus


Filter: Rhonna Designs Magic // Filter: B+W1

What’s your favourite App to edit photos with?

11 thoughts on “My favourite black and white filters”

  1. I’ve done my whole month of December in black & white. The filter I used most was Photo Toaster’s Newsprint filter.

  2. Oh gosh, I love black and white. It looks so cool, but also hides a multitude of sins haha.
    Now I think I’m going to fill my phone up with even MORE apps – thanks a lot! Luckily I finally started listening to you and moving photos from my phone more regularly!!!

  3. Lately I was wondering: with all those filters and tweaks available – does it make sense to actually shoot in black and white? And what’s the difference?

    And, just before the new year arrives: Chantelle, I wanted to thank you. For Christmas I made some photo presents: a calendar for my mother and sister, framed photos for my sister and gran. Not all photos were mine, but I finally have the feeling that I more or less know what I’m doing when playing around with them. It makes me eager for even more photography. I’m always happy to read about anything on your blog, but it’s my camera that brought me here and your way of talking about it is one of the things that gave me enormous confidence to actually use it…

  4. Hi Chantelle and very sincere best wishes for all good things to come your way in 2016! Thank you for a wonderful year of inspiration and continuing FMDPAD. As far as apps go I have been using ‘Be Funky’ which is quick to use and has lots of features. (Oh dear — it’s early morning and my fumbly fingers typed Be Gunky originally!) Wishing your family all the best this year and a non-Gunky start to the year!!
    Kim xx

  5. .. Happy New Year Chantelle…… I use the ‘high contrast black and white’ setting on my camera for soft black and white pics and the ‘polarisation: black and white’ setting for dramatic pics.
    To post edit I stick with Ashampoo Photo Commander. I do have Photoshop Elements but hardly use it….
    I’m a slow learner.. hehehe….
    Hugs… Barb xxx

  6. Happy New Year!
    I haven’t really thought about using a particular filter – I just change the filter on Instagram. You’ve given me something to think about now…

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