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My Faves: The wallets I want to own

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My Faves: The wallets I want to own

OK, I’m going to say it from get-go… I get that you might think some of these are on the ‘interesting’ side. I know. But if I’m going to have to use my wallet everyday for such boring purchases such as milk, I want it to make me smile. It’s how I choose things I decorate my home with, my wallets, my husband… {Ha!} I like things that make me smile. These do!

A reader recently asked me to share some beautiful wallets. So I went searching and I picked my favourites. This is them.

TOP ROW: Arlington Milne {these come in every colour of the rainbow}, Cath Kidson, Lokoa.

MIDDLE ROW: Fairy Bread Purse {yes!}, Eat your heart out {only $4}, Kate Spade {my current purse of choice}.

BOTTOM ROW: Mimco, Bowery Bag, River Island purse with pom pom.

Which do you like best?

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  • Kel

    I’m torn between the Mimco and the Kate Spade……

  • Allison

    Great selection Chantelle! Thanks for including the Fairy Bread purse and Bowery bag from our store. I gotta say the Bowery is THE best wallet/bag I’ve ever owned, I’m inseparable from mine, and most of our customers say the same thing, once you’ve bought one you’ll never go back. Love the Cath Kidston and Kate Spade too though, I want them all actually x

    • Bri | eatmeetswest

      I’m purchasing the fairy bread right this very second! Your shop is beautiful. I bought a Kate Spade 18 months ago (spent $350, but the leather is beautiful), and it was worth every cent. It looks as good as the day I bought it, and hold heaps.

  • Tash Jay

    The fairy bread purse is amazing! My purse is a handmade (not by me) Wonder Woman purse with matching blue/red/yellow star fabric inside. I get compliments on it all the time and adore it. Interesting is good 🙂

  • Thanks so much Chantelle! That’s a great wishlist x