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Meet Bronte.

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Meet our little puppy, Bronte.

I’ve wanted a dog forever, and this weekend we finally got her. We drove up to Brisbane to pick her up from a breeder and bring her home. She whimpered on the trip back south, and I worried that I was tearing her away from her mum and siblings. By the time we were home she was happy, and running about, just like an energy-filled puppy.

Lacey and her are best buddies, following each other everywhere they go.

We’ve placed all the important things up high {shoes!} and out of her way. She’s not sleeping through the night yet. But either is Lacey so that just makes for more fun when the sun is down. Or not.

As I type, she’s lying beside me snoring away. Bliss.

Are you a dog person? A cat person? Something else?