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Making food fun: Banana palm trees

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The thing about being a mum, is that it can all get rather same-same after a while. It’s hard to get excited about the same old snacks, breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I know Lacey ain’t buying it when I muster some enthusiasm over dinner, “Oh carrots, so delicious!”

If I take those same boring carrots and shape them into flowers, or drizzle a little honey and butter on them – presto! – she’s in love. No enthusiasm required. I should add a little disclaimer right now: sometimes she’ll eat those carrots/zucchini/peas as is. No creativeness required. Sometimes I do it for myself. I like pretty stuff. Enough said.

In order to get the mother of the year award {there is one, right?}, I’ve started to play a little more with food. Last week I made this banana palm tree snack. Lacey even tried those ‘weird hairy things’, known as kiwi fruits to you and me.

Here’s how to make this easy and yummy tropical snack:


1 banana
1 mandarin
2 kiwi fruits


♥ Peel your banana and cut it down the centre length-ways. On a chopping board cut each half into 1.5 cm slices. Slide your knife underneath and place them onto the plate. Arrange them as two trunks.
♥ Peel your mandarin, and separate the segments. Place the segments underneath the banana to create an island.
♥ Peel the skin off your kiwi fruit and cut into small segments. Place on top of the banana trunks to look like palm tree leaves.
♥ Place in front of your child and watch them go, “Wow!” Alternatively make it for yourself and pretend you’re on a remote island, away from it all.

What’s your favourite fruit? Are you a banana-fan like me?

P.S. This was originally spotted on Pinterest and I decided to give it a whirl myself. So, not my original concept. x